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  1. I just had a first success, turning all graphical options except Opengl 2.0 shaders of helped. I just had a game over 1 hour without a crash. Maybe it´s a faction related problem, all games that crashed i choose Carthaginians, for the working one i had Ptolemies. Next step for me is to try and figure out if i can play with high graphics and ptolemies without crashes. When i know this i try the older versions to see wich one is the first with crashes. Of course, i havent done hundreds of games for testing this, so all testing results may be affected by coincidence.
  2. Here i have the complete logfolder, including the crashlogs. Thank you for your help with the vocabulary, i really should have known that. Is this error only occuring on Win10? If yes i could work around using a dualboot Linux. For now i test all graphic settings to lowest/off, if it is a memory leak thats caused by a graphical effect this might help. EDIT: Since i used an older 0 A.D. version on my old PC i cant tell if this problem is older or just new with Ken Wood. Do you see any chance that switching back to an older 0 A.D. version could help? I also try some diffrent races, maybe the Memleak is limited to some graphics effect that onnly (or mostly) occures on certain races. 0AD_logs.zip
  3. Hi, thank you for your great work so far! I used to play 0 A.D. with an old PC (I7 950, 6GB DDR3 GTX970 Win7) very well, except for some slowdowns in very big games. Since i changed to my new PC i cant finish a game because it crashs. New PC: I7 9700k 16GB DDR4 RTX 2080 Crucial MX500 1TB Win10 Resolution: 1440x2560, 144FPS, GSync Compatible ON Grafiktreiber: 419.35 See the "0AD.txt" for the complete text of the error window. Because it says "not enough Memory" i made a Screenshot of the Memory used at the time the crash occured. As you can see there is plenty of Memory left. The Games are not that big, i hardly get over 300 Supply (i hope supply is the right word for "Bevölkerungslimit", i only know the german version of the game) in a game with only me and 3 KI on a Giant map. The old PC used to be fine - besides of some performace isues - with me, 7 KI even with 1800 used Supply (from my units alone). All together i´m pretty sure that it is not caused by too big games. If i hit the "continue" button in the error window i can continue to play for a few minutes before the game finally crashes, this time without any error windows. If i save the game after the first error and load it new (restarting 0 A.D.) it runs just like i started a new game (this means 10 - 30 Minutes time before the error window shows up). To me it seems as if the Savegame was healthy, but i decided to upload it anyway, maybe you can see more then i. i also found some graphical issues, but those were easy to fix, i just need to torn off Fog in the graphics menu. Once it was turned of, i can turn it on and everything is fine. I can also fix that by turning OpenGL2.0 shaders of. While this helped me perfectly with the graphical issue it had no effect on the crashes. I know some errors are not fixed over night and you have also other stuff on your todo-list, so take your time. Just tell me if, and wich aditional information you need. 0AD.txt savegame-0003.0adsave
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