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  1. https://pinterest.com/tulukutan/xiongnu-hun/ I think there might be some visual source
  2. * xiongnu - Hiung-nu - Two important heroes" Chenyu (touman, Turkish: Teoman, tümen: onbin) Bagatur (Mao-tun,metehan, batur, bahadir: kahraman) The process that catalyzes their formation according to the newly emerging research is that the horse feeders in the gansu and the army region were expelled by qing and han-chinese and that these new immigrants who had observed the settled and developed civilization began to organize the horsemen walks of the north
  3. "Kim derdi ki KürŞad,kemikle etti O bir kişi değil,O bir devletti Bayraktı,vatandı, Bir candı tepeden tırnağa,kıpkızıl kandı." Date and place of death: AD 19 May 639 Get to know this great man Kür-sad or Ashina Jiesheshuai (Chinese: Chinese: 阿史那結社率 / Chinese: 阿史那结社率,[1][2][3][4]Pinyin: Ashǐnà Jiēshèshuai, Wade-Giles: Ashihna Chieh-she-shuai, Middle Chinese (Guangyun) [ʔɑʃi̯ə˥nɑ˩ kiet.ʑi̯a˥ʃi̯ue̯t], b: ? – d. 19 May 639) was a member of the Ashina clan of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate and general (Zhonglangjiang) of the Tang dynasty.[ By summer 639, as Ashina Jiesheshuai had not been favored by Emperor Taizong (because he had falsely accused his brother Ashina Shibobi of treason, which Emperor Taizong found despicable), he formed a conspiracy with Ashina Shibobi's son Ashina Hexiangu (Chinese: 阿史那賀暹鶻) to assassinate Emperor Taizong at his summer palace, Jiucheng Palace (九成宮, in modern Linyou County, Shaanxi). They had planned to wait for Li Zhi, the Prince of Jin, to depart from the palace in the morning and use that opportunity to attack the palace. On the day they planned, May 19,[7] Li Zhi did not leave the palace due to a storm. Ashina Jiesheshuai attacked the palace anyway, engaging the palace guards, but the guards were supported by troops who came outside. Ashina Jiesheshuai and his comrades stole some 20 horses from the stable. They fled to the north, but were caught by pursuers near the Wei River and killed. Ashina Hexiangu was exiled to Lingbiao.[2] After this incident, officials began advocating for the sending of Turks (or Tujue, as they were known to the Chinese) away from the heart of the state. In fall 639, Emperor Taizong created a Tujue prince who had served him faithfully, Li Simo (né Ashina Simo) as the khan of a newly recreated Eastern Tujue state as Qilibi Khan, giving him all of the Tujue and Hu who had surrendered as his subordinates, to be settled north of the Great Wall and the Yellow River. The Tujue people were fearful of Xueyantuo and initially refused to go to their new location. Emperor Taizong issued an edict to Xueyantuo's khan Yi'nan that he and Li Simo keep their peace and not attack each other, and after receiving from Yi'nan the assurance that he would not attack, the Tujue people moved to the new location Kur-sad (Chieh-she-shuai ) according to Turkish elders; The great Göktürk state was destroyed, the Turks were dispersed, the rest of them were completely taken into the captivity of China. The Chinese were gradually infusing Chinese customs to the Turks under their auspices, dressing Chinese clothes, making them speak Chinese, and trying to make them forget their Turkishness ... the only person in the family was a prisoner of the prince of Gokturk in China Chieh-she-shuai , the chief guard of the Tang Empire, and his 40 friends took the prince of Göktürk held captive in China and took action to reestablish the Turkish Union. first the king of china would be captured, then the prince of heaven would be swapped. the king of china some nights to walk around the city. Chieh-she-shuai and 40 Turks raided the Chinese Palace. The purposes were to escape by taking the Chinese ruler. However, all the guards and guards in the palace were piled up in front of them. but these 40 folk spread this courage from language to language, from the province and riots started ... and these rebellions gave results and fially the second state (kutluk) was established. kur sad was dead, dead but never defeated The Turks say; And one day we will hit the knees in the presence of God
  4. According to this; 1- "Tengrism" is not a religion but a belief. 2- The Turks would not beg anyone, even if it was a god 3- There is no worship in tengrism, but respect for nature is seen as a kind of worship. Therefore, water, seas, mountains, forests, all plants and animals are considered sacred. 4- Respect for the memory of ancestors is essential in tengrism. For this reason, everyone who touches the great goodness of people and humanity is remembered with respect when they live or die. 5- "9" number is sacred. • Kara Han, who created the world in Turkish mythology, planted nine branched pine trees in the center of the world. • There are nine pictures of the daughter of God Ulgen in the shaman's drum and three pictures in one narration. • According to the rubies, the sky gods are nine. • For the treatment of the disease, two fish representing water ions on the shaman drum are depicted. It is believed that fish heal internal diseases. If the cam is stronger than the evil spirits, it can drive them to the end of the nine seas where the mountain spirits' inn lives. If the cam is weak, it turns halfway and the fish overcomes the patient again. • The Nation mentioned in the Book of Dede Korkut is the largest of the gifts of the cross.
  5. "Kam" says "Turk" with orkhon alphabet on it. Tengri Symbol;
  6. The first belief of the Turks Tengrism: "Öd tengri aysar, kişi oglı kop ölgeli törimiş" In tenrism, "God" is nature itself. The wolf is a symbolic and sacred animal in the Turks. In most Turkish motifs and mythologies, the Wolf figure is dominant. When the Turks wanted something, they would hang their wishes on the trees they considered sacred. Today, there are still such houses around Mongolia. I will continue to provide resource support as much as I can.
  7. yeah, but doing that in every game is a waste of time. Is there a solution for this?
  8. Hi all, How do I save my groupings with shortcut keys such as CTRL + 1 [2, 3, 4] for multiplayer? When I enter another game, these groupings disappear. Thank you in advance for your help
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