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  1. the thing is b4 the server changes there was a friend i cn join the game, but after the server change it wasnt possible any more. and my ports are still open, thats what i dont understand
  2. hello, I have a group of friends and we like to play multiplayer. we cant join the same game because there is a message of .... conecting to server..... the thing is i did open the 20595 port in my ruter and sometimes we all can join and sometimes not. can someone help me? thank you very much in advance
  3. hi all, ive created a new 2 vs 2 map with balanced sources and would like to ask the comunity to add it to the game., If other players can download it and play. i cant play online because the other players need to have it downloaded first to join. tank you 2vs2 elderius final version.pmp 2vs2 elderius final version.xml
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