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  1. Hostile neutral units

    I think you should add a NPC named Caligula and he just randomly goes around attacking civilians. :-P this is a joke by the way (not a bad idea for a future Campaign map though lol)
  2. Celts Boat and civilisation

  3. Iberian Navy

  4. alpha 9 name suggestions thread

    Add the Holy Grail to the game somebody lol. what about "Imperial Destiny: The Rise of Rome" ?? ppl love that #$@! ;-P
  5. alpha 9 name suggestions thread

    How about " 0 A.D.: "In the age of gods and blood" ? or something along those lines
  6. Mind over matter, I dont mind and you dont matter. ;-P

  7. 0 A.D.

    Can't wait to see the next build. When I have free time I am going to make a map of the ancient world with the map editor but ill prob wait til the Romans come out, or try to make a script where the Romans randomly invade other countries from Rome and the only way to stop them is to conquer the city, but that will take me a few weeks to script and I don't know the source codes you guys use or anything but it should be fun. I loved the Rome mod you guys did for Age of Empires.
  8. 0 A.D.

    One last thing, someone should make enemies of Rome on Crusifix's or something as "Gaia World Art" ..ya know in case someone wants to make campaigns or what not.
  9. 0 A.D.

    Wow, I check this site every 3 to 4 years and I am impressed. I downloaded the 2011 Alpha version, nice game..bugs aside it is very well done. Too bad Romans are not a playable faction. ;-P great job guys, keep up the work!!!
  10. 0 A.D. Release or fail?

    I have been following this game since the Rome at War mods, it has been years in the making and it looks almost complete... I also understand that people can't spend every waking moment on a game... but is the vision of 0 A.D. really not going to be released now? after all these years?! DADDY NOOOO!!!
  11. Been awhile since I checked up on this game and its progress. Guys have been around forever. Hope all is well? -MJM182
  12. Majicman182

    Hola all I am Majicman182 and I have been a Oad fan since Rome at War came out for AoK. I havnt really posted alot on your forums if I had posted anything but the love is still there. I am 21 years old and I do a lot of side projects such as artwork and graphic designs. I look forward to see where this project will be at in a year or so, and I am willing to help if asked for my views on historical "jargen". In conclusion, I lurk the forums and read your post(s) comrades, but I really don't involve myself in your topics or discussions. ~*~M a J i C m A n 1 8 2~*~