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  1. Yes, I was trying to say this, fixed teams in the diplomacy settings and this suggestion would work, but only with fixed diplomacy of course.
  2. How come this alliance can collapse? As from my understanding of the game, when you set the teams whilst being in the lobby & setting it up, the alliance can not collapse during the game. Please tell me if I'm wrong with this assumption. Now given the alliance would collapse there are two options I thought of: Gaia captures it This "link" would be destroyed/collapsed
  3. I have played 0 AD for quite some time now. I want to raise a small suggestion: Links between walls of teammates Why? More or less every time I and my cousin fend of the first attacks of our opponents, we will start building some "basic" walls. We use these walls to channel further attacks and gain an advantage over the enemy. But there will always be this one gap open, just in the middle of our walls. The only way to close this gap is either: station units (& healers) build the walls along our border to close it up So I suggest adding the ability to link said walls. However, this should only be possible between teammates set on the same team in the lobby. It would allow teammates to close this very gap with just a wall. Maybe this wall part can cost 2x to 5x the stone for a normal wall + it should be only available in the "City phase". (bonus: it would look fantastic) Please let me know what you think, and maybe a developer could elaborate on whether it's a feature that can be added to the game in the future? Kr, GenDufour
  4. Thank you both, In the end, I could fix the issue by changing the number of the batchtrain to 1 and then back up to 5. However, I have to be clear on this when this problem occurred mid-game I checked the batchtrain immediately and it was still "resting" on 5 (since I installed 0 AD).
  5. I can stack the units up as far as my resources go, however, I can not train them in stacks of 5 ( meaning that I must click the unit 5 times while holding shift now whereas before I hit shift + click -> 5 units training). In addition, I just noticed that the "option" which normally pops up under the unit when I hit shift, it doesn't show up now. Is there any key-combination I could've pressed that "deactivated" the "one-click-stack-training-of-5" Let me know if you need further insight into my issue
  6. Hello fellow players of 0 AD, I have the issue that I can not train units in stacks of 5 any longer. No matter how many times I check the settings, keybinds etc. it won't work. Is there any fix for this? It's really handy to hit shift + unit to have a stack of 5 trained. I would appreciate a fast response with (hopefully) a fix. Kr, GenDufour
  7. Well, as the title specifies I forgot my password for my multiplayer IG accounts. Is there any way I can retrieve or/and change it?
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