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  1. For two months I've joined the lobby in a daily manner but from now on I will never return. Certainly, no one will care but I’m writing this as a tribute to whom were very kind and welcoming and also to share my experience and thoughts. I’m leaving over a single incident but I believe lack of proper rules and also inconstancy on applying them from mods side are issues that should be addressed in general. I used to criticize moderators for banning, kicking, muting or blacklisting users before letting them know that what they have violated. And as a principle I think if we could not communicate the rules in a proper way, we should let that person get away with it with a warning. It is not a slippery slope, cherry picking written rules or make them as you go on top of your head and enforcing them arbitrarily might lead to a much more serious problem which is lack of accountability of the mods to players. I know this is an opensource community but I think revealing private information of users without their consent is one example that should not be taken lightly in any case. I have never shared my geographical location with anyone at any time and consider extracting it based on the IP Address and mentioning it by @elexis in a chat that others were present was a violation of privacy and should not be tolerated. This is not a rage quit (not that anyone cares!). I’m not angry with @elexis either, who does not know that apart from the fact that we all are indebted for the contributions on the source, elexis is extremely helpful on lobby. He is very polite and friendly to new players and never leaves questions answerless regardless of how nub was the question, this happened to me couple of times btw. He is also a good player and a perfect host for team games. This is his world after all Anyways I will not enter the lobby after being there every single day for two months. I might have missed a day or two but you should count Christmas eve and new year’s eve doubly It was a great experience and an honour to play with great players. I’m grateful for all the help and support and I want to thank some of the players that I have played withand learned from. @Hannibal_Barca played the role of master Shifu for me somehow during my first days. Putting into practice chapter VII and X of “the art of war” and having layered walls, with his unique style he is a genius for his own good @nani is very nice beside of being a very good politician and strategist. I used to call him Chancellor Cao Cao @BoBah_Kiev is both a perfect in war and trade. I think he let me win after losing against him for like more 20 times. @PhyZic and the cav supremacy PhyZic is very good at fighting against multiple opponents simultaneously. very caring and patient with nubs like me @ValihrAnt is one of the best players obviously, I’m grateful to him for bearing with my stupid nub questions about game play and answering them patiently. @snelius was very quick and also a very polite person. Always a good experience playing with him @Stockfish knows very good songs from old times and of course very well how to play. He is one of the best. @thankforpie killed my entire army with just three siege towers ingenious! i've placed Stockfish and thankforpie next to each other though i know they are not very fond of one another, hope they'll get along better in future I have played with darkcity, D_D_T_, Cesar, randomid, Issh, shookees, Lefo, Lord_Comander, Ricsand, Ivaylo_Uzunov, Karmel and many other regular players and learned much so I’m thankful to them also. I've played once with @borg in a team game, I was so scared that he left before I die from heart attack. and even once with @DoctorOrgans, he was not famous for his nice attitudes but definitely it was very nice to play with him. I don't remember seeing him after that, what happened to him? @fpre your fgod mod is perfect for mid-level and pro users though it might be a little confusing for new players. Thanks for that. @Lefo, you have created scripts to design your base. I think letting players to design the order and location of buildings before the game begins is a very smart and creative way of playing. Anyway, farewell and thanks for the fish
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