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  1. Great new match commentary on Youtube from @badosu. And check out that mod. What do you think, would that be a useful addition to my match commentaries?
  2. I like your posts, dude. It doesn't matter whether you write a lot or a little, none of it ever makes any sense whatsoever. Delightfully cryptic.
  3. It's Sunday - and this week 0AD Newbie Rush actually contains a game between two newbies, and funnily enough it does involve a newbie rushing! . While perhaps not a game for the purist, those with a little more experience will probably be shouting at the screen for the players not to do what they're blatantly about to do, while newer players might just pick up a tip or two upon witnessing these two new players slugging it out
  4. And the 0AD World Cup goes on!
  5. And the games will be coming thick and fast now;
  6. In special commemoration of the first broadcast game from the tournament, 0AD Newbie Rush have produced a special one-off collectible T-Shirt
  7. First game of a very rapid series from Derek O's 0AD 1 v 1 World Cup July 2020 Tournament
  8. It's Sunday, so that must mean...
  9. Thanks for posting that, dude. interesting insight, and actually, very interesting channel overall. And if anyone is curious, the theme music from my Youtube vids is a chiptune rendition of the finale of the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky. I found a free midi file of an arrangement of it, checked that it had no licensing conditions attached to it and replaced all the instruments with arcade synths. Well, it was either that or hire an orchestra
  10. Bit of bonus content today, bit of a teaser before this Sunday's new episode
  11. Hello, This is a message to the creator of the fantastically brilliant FGOD mod - it's both a huge thank you for creating this uber-usual addition to the game, and a Youtubers cheeky wishlist of features I'd love to see added or adjusted slightly to make it even more brilliant and useful for me when I'm doing replays and analysis videos of 0AD matches and for my viewers when they're watching them to help them keep track of whats going on. So, long before I started doing 0AD videos, I first saw the FGOD mod in action in videos on the Tom0AD Youtube channel, where the use of the onscreen overlay has become pretty much ubiquitous, so it was a no-brainer for me to use it. It allows me to easily keep track of populations, breakdown of the types of troops each player has and which phase they're in without having to change views or click on any menus, etc. There isn't anything else out there that does this as far as I'm aware. And while it is great, I'd be really struggling without it, and I doubt it was ever conceived with this use case in mind, but there are a few things that would really take it to the next level; 1) The Overlay - Text Size, Readability and Overall Size The font is so tiny! I'm very short-sited so I do need to get quite close to the screen to make out the writing, so larger text would be awesome. I'd love it if there were more character space for the players names - I reckon 15 to 20 characters would be enough space to display their names in full. In fact, the whole overlay could be be considerably bigger without getting in the way of the action on screen. When I'm doing a replay commentary I'm generally focusing the action right in the middle of the screen, so the overlay on the periphery could be larger without covering key developments in the game. This would also useful for anyone watching the replay on a small screen. I don't think there is much you could for someone trying to watch it on a mobile phone, but for an Ipad or something similar, a slightly larger overlay would make the difference between being able to read the text or not. I think the background behind the overlay could be a fraction darker to help the readability of the text. 2) The Stats Once the game is over, there is nothing better than pouring over the stats to see where it was won and lost. The FGOD mod has a few additional charts that the base game doesn't have, but the following would be, for me, an absolute game changer. Population Count. I've mentioned this in the 0Ad feature request forum, but hadn't previously considered a mod providing this functionality. At the moment we can only see a chart of troops created and a matching chart of troops lost/killed. A chart tracking the actual populations over time would effectively show the fluctuations of both. You could see when someones population boomed or stagnated, or dropped dramatically after an attack, etc. It's such a simple thing to see and understand, it's brilliant for analysis - I find it hard to understand why it isn't actually there in among the charts built into the game, it would great to have it. Anyways, many thanks again for creating the mod. I'm sure you'll continue to improve it how you feel is most beneficial, but thought I'd throw my thoughts in there. Appreciate it's a bit of a niche requirement - but if you ever do produce the official Youtubers version, I'd be first in the queue to download it!!!!! Keep up the great work, it's massively appreciated. Many thanks Jim
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