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  1. Technology development is the factor which affects it.
  2. Outside walls are dome sort waste as you could just break through them in 30 seconds without seige and outposts do better job than them. well but outpost walls are good but it will be a problem if the go to gaia's by decay as you can't garrison walls.
  3. So when will alpha 24 be released before March next year?
  4. There are stuff in deference in heroes in each Civ as for example in Ptolemies we can have a variety of uses in all three heroes for example Ptolemy IV is good for defense as triangle 20 pikemen with him and hold a ground and something and if celophatra VII for attack and Ptolemy I Sorter for using in home defense as after attack easy to rebuild and form a new army to attack and he is a good seige. But in some Civ like Britons we mostly take Boudicca as its the only one with decent attacks and speed as if we send 5-10 more carrtios it would make a decent army but the second and third are useless as for seige in Britons no one needs it garrisoned as we use Britons only for rush and most games never train an hero waste of time and in Athenian we never mostly pick ( expect naval battles) and only pick any one for the three as mostly the three of them as useless in land. So, it would be better to give all heroes decent boosts or attack to make it balanced.
  5. Well reforestation might happen but in some cases we use trees as a buffer zone on battles but there when trees grows we will get irritated.
  6. No, well it will if luckily to find a website on Thracian history and stuff where we could find more about them and their special military units and stuff and mainly their building names and the reaction they give when we assign them to a work.
  7. I would recommend that we could build some lights like making fire on wood for light etc. Weather simulator would be cool I think that camera fixing is needing the map duelling cliff (3v3) because when we zoom in on the middle cliff it's too high and camera location is bad there.
  8. @Yani tell @user1 about it I think he would ban him for some time.
  9. Ww2 mod would be uncomfortable because there already a lot of games in it for example I will name a few Hoi ( Hearts of Iron), Sudden strike series, Company of heroes, Brothers in Arms etc. I suppose Napoleonic Wars might be the easiest of the three but it would be hard to make.
  10. Not in touch but by surfing in internet I could find some if you'll want.
  11. @Jofursloft sometimes the situations might change mobility isn't enough catapult making would be easy with ptolemies in naval map due to their vision with lighthouse from p2 . So you'll get advantage to win in p2 if island jumping as you can do some. Motor Skills with medium war ship with some mercenary skirmishers in it and could control route between sea and could get some Merchandise and start trading in sea which would be latter easy from ambushed due to vision it could earn some wood and gold to make Catapult and load them and then offcource when your ready attack. But Britons I think the the second best in Island Jumping because of their Island base I think ( Dunno name) they are dead useful in island jumping. For expansion.
  12. Well but names are to be accurate and the troops name must also be accurate so I think a translator on words would be better.
  13. Clear sight in Naval battles won't be enough @Vulnux because there is a chance to win without sight in naval maps well Ptolemies are the best in naval battles due to their heavy battleship + lighthouse but you would need to garrison your ships for better attack and repair them regularly.
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