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  1. This is weird apparently turning shadows from very high to just high fixed the problem but why? I mean shadows on high uses less than 2gb of vram and very high apparently uses more than double the amount of vram? Btw there's still the framepacing issues that can be seen from the graph (2nd screenshot) even with high fps the game doesn't really feel that smooth
  2. When playing at 2560x1440 I get this visual glitch along with an error on the top left side of the screen (can be seen on the screenshot) If I run the game at any other resolution by changing the desktop resolution the game works fine with no glitches but my monitor's native resolution is 1440p so I'd like to play at that resolution anyone knows a fix? My monitor is 1440p 144hz and my GPU is a gtx 960 4gb updated to the latest driver (411.70) every other game I have works fine. Things I've tried that didn't work: 1. reinstalling the driver 2. running as admin 3. starting the game windowed Since the error says "out of memory" I thought the problem might be the videocard memory or the ram but I have 13gb of ram and 4gb of Vram and as you can see below with the Msi Afterburner overlay there's plenty of free memory
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