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  1. It might interfere with other development projects on foreigen compuers.
  2. Hi there, thanks for the really quick answers. I did not expected to ones so fast. @stanislas69 The portable version will fullfill my needs. :-) Backdraw: I need to be patient. @Imakok Cause I want to be able to double check / test the result of the uninstaller. Cheers, Catweazle
  3. Hi there, I follow the development of 0 A.D. for years now. Great effort! Each time I get a new computer I automatically copy (! not install !) a version of AOE by MS without any copy protection I once got officially with a magazine years ago. Means by sipmply deleting AOE´s directory it is totally removed. What will the 0 A.D. installer (Win10) do exactly? Will 0 A.D. be anchored deeply into Win10 into several directories and registry? Will it exchange (update) libraries, etc. Or ist it just extracted and copied into a single directory? Same question but other way round: How to un-install 0 A.D. (100% cleanly) from Win10? If I don´t wanna rely on the 0 A.D. uninstaller or Win10 ´Software and Features´-Removal. Which directories and files need to be deletete or restored? Certainly there is a way to get this information (in form of a list) out of the installer. But is that managable for someone (like me) who is not into sowftware distribution? Thank you for reading. Any information will be appreciated. Kind regards, Catweazle :-)
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