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  1. Same as title. If the data is stored, is it public facing? ie. could I just download a given player's ratings info with curl (not just their current rank, but their previous ones as well)? thanks
  2. I'm struggling to make instant noodles don't tell me I need to acquire a whole friend now
  3. I have a suspicion that this is my big issue. I either don't do this, or when I do I set goals too ambiguous and vague [1]. It's not always cut and dry is my big problem. In your specific case, you break up your goal by making at least one texture a day. I'm trying to make a website for myself (I've done webdev and have started at least 7 personal websites over the past 5 years), but I'm completely lost on how to break it into manageable parts. When I decide "I only really want a very simple single-page site so I might as well just start working away!", I become overwhelmed with stress and lack of direction, as an example. It's crazy how something so simple becomes so... heavy Thanks for the insight lots to consider [1] https://youtu.be/LO1mTELoj6o
  4. be sure to get back to me when you've got it all figured out!
  5. I work, but not too long, come home tired, and want to do something. Programming, art, anything. I get stuck, hit a roadblock. And I just don't commit to much at all. As such, I haven't improved my skills much in years. I have a hundred abandoned projects. I can't get out of bed, what the heck How do y'all stay p r o d u c t i v e ?
  6. do you have any commands.txt files for the matches? I like seeing cheaters get justice lol (it's kinda annoying to search through the files individually, I'm making an external tool that'll make it easier. should be out soonish)
  7. I created the masterthread for that reason, I'd be interested if you guys made it an entire forum for sure. The string in-game makes it seem like there is a subforum for that. "report to RULE-BREAKERS" or something to that effect
  8. so you guys are gonna finally get around to removing the graphics engine? I've been waiting for text prompt based 0 A.D. for years!
  9. @gator303, @KORN don't forget to tag the mods so they can see (I'll tag them below). you also don't need to upload the metadata.json fwiw @Hannibal_Barca @user1 (three untagged reports above)
  10. @Hannibal_Barca @user1 (you need to tag the mods so they can see)
  11. The Ptolemies must have known about North America thousands of years early on account of their lighthouses EDIT: Ptolemaic World Map, 300 BC, Colorized
  12. Hey man if you need cover art just take a look at my profile cover (only $100 / picture + sales tax, colouring not included) EDIT: FOR EVERY LAUGH REACTION I'M ADDING $25 TO MY PRICE D:<
  13. @Hannibal_Barca @user1 @Felipe_Chile, you'll need to upload the replay file, there's a guide [here], although going through the list, it looks like you've done this before with this very guy. Mativen1983 has been popping up in 'cheater' threads since 2018, see: - 2019-04-13 (your comment) ✖ - 2019-04-07 [original link] ✔️ - 2019-02-20 ❓ ↳ 2019-02-20 ✖ ↳ 2019-03-19 [separate post] ✖ - 2019-03-18 ❓ - 2018-12-02 ✖ ↳ 2018-12-04 ✖ - 2018-09-10 ✔️ - 2018-05-01 ✔️ ✖ = no replay given, ✔️ = acknowledged by mod, ❓= no mod acknowledgment (people mostly aren't tagging) (ps. I'm writing a tool to make reporting much easier, it should be posted soon)
  14. I'm probably missing it but I can't figure out how the game tracks the winners / losers of a match. Can this be deduced from those files?
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