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  1. I didn't. I will look into this again tomorrow. I have early start tomorrow morning and better go to sleep. I have checked my keyboard for ethnic sounds and I am amazed how many is there and I have never really bothered with them. Now I will sound like Dead Can Dance on vacations in Persia, drinking Chinese beer (not bad by the way). This should be good.
  2. This same thing, animals no blood, but when fighting enemy there is blood. There is still something wrong with this mod.
  3. No probs Stanislas, everybody needs to pay their bills. I will try to implement this one tonight!
  4. I have bought today a few "entry level ethnic instruments" to make it sound real. I have done some research and real e.g. Old Greek instruments cost a lot of money, but I don't want to use only electronic music in my demos. My existing demos however are only rock and I don't think this will be suitable. Give me some time and I will try to come up with something interesting. Thanks!
  5. Hi there, I have installed stanislas69's mod and it removed blood only when fighting animals, but not other enemy. Can you please improve this mode? Thanks!
  6. I am sorry to hear that there is only one person at the moment, I can record something suitable for you if you want to, however I am not sure if this will meet current high standard. I guess a little variety would be a good thing, you could use this as soon as you would add my name to the Credits ;-) I have sent an email to omrilahav. We will see..
  7. I really like your enthusiasm and appreciate your efforts stanislas69 to make this mod available. I will try to activate this mod as soon as possible, but definitely before my son's next game! I have done some research and it looks like low violence modes are as much popular as uncensored versions, so ideally I think 0 A.D would have a password protected parents zone, where user can enable this feature and change the game the way they want to please everybody. Default could be set on Neutral, but Child Friendly and Hardcore versions could be available for those, who will let kids play it, or those, who like very graphic scenes full of gore, just like fabio said for B movies and games (and I should add) lovers. Just don't let this to join something called in the 80's Video Nasties ;-). There was once a game called MDK (1997 third-person shooter video game), where the producer has changed its mind as it was so much violence out there and didn't print its full name on the front cover (Murder Death Kill) and invited everybody to give it their name, so the fun was on, all gamers out there were calling this funny names in different languages, so that was fun. This is a bit off topic, but I think 0 A.D should have a music player, where you can choose the soundtrack, as every time my sons plays one song is being played (actually very beautiful piece of music) but it is playing in the loop... why not play the full album, or enable people to choose what they want to hear, or enable people to play their music by dragging their own music into some folder in mp3 ogg, flac etc file formats. I am sure there is many musicians out there already involved in the music production for 0A.D, but I don't get to listen to any of their music, so small music player would help me to put the music volume bar back on again. Just a thought. I remember in old games music was midi and if you didn't have something called a wave table, you could only get FM synthesized sounds :) which were very difficult to enjoy. Thanks again.
  8. That was a quote from this what elexis would want to see in the game (see his post above), not what I have seen in the game. He said: "My personal opinion is that I want to see a more realistic depcition of what happened in history and that ultimately requires depcition of decapitated, halved bodies, gore and intestines, the worst things a human could possibly see". That's a bit too much don't you think?
  9. Thanks for your your post. I will look at the Capture the Relic and Wonder victory. I hope this will help with my needs. I really hope however we don't have to see "views of decapitated, halved bodies, gore and intestines" in this game ever, as those times are long gone now, where life expectancy was 37 for most of the people and looking at things like this should be regulated and should not be advertised in games like this. I don't speak old Greek, Greek people don't know old greek well either. Latin, which is only used by students, who study it is a good guess. Latin is no longer used as a native language by anybody and especially not by any speech community. Some people would say it's a dead language, even if some parts is being used by other languages and your local pharmacy staff would know a few words. What I would call good learning is ability to play the game in Scottish Gaelic, German, Italian, Polish and all other languages and be able to hear the speech, not just to read the text of the screen, then I could learn other languages, this would be very helpful. Let me know if you need a volunteer, I am happy to help.
  10. Hi, Thank you for taking your time for reading this. First of all thank you for creating 0 A.D which I think is absolutely fantastic. I was always playing PC strategy games, starting with Warcraft2, however now as a father I need to look at the violence aspect in them. 0 A.D is a fantastic strategy, which triggers an imagination of many ...including children. Can you create a mode, where all blood will disappear and e.g. hunting will be more like farming, and feeding animals, rather than killing them all, farming will expand, but hunting will be more about keeping animals, bringing wild animals to the farm and keeping them locked, milking a cow, feeding a dear and keeping all animals ALIVE, so they can "produce" resource=food? My son and I am sure many children out there are under strong influence of gaming. As a parent I try to minimise an impact, however his interest in history is amazing, all the tribes and weapons. 0 A.D. however it doesn't only have to be about killing everything and everybody on the screen, KIDS mode could turn this game into much less violent strategy, where you can actually grow wildlife population, rather than annihilating it, make friends and still fight enemies, but without all this blood marks on the ground everywhere. You could also add some english sounds to the game, not just unspeakable words during battles, or some actions, so kids could learn something in the process. This game stands a chance to become a epic Open Source including all history behind the armies. I can help and add polish and english voice over for free. Just a suggestion. However... Can you add in 0 A.D a Low Violence Mode ? Regards, Dad, speaking for all parents out there!
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