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  1. Hi @LordGood, OMG.... I've just played this mod briefly, and it's fricken amazing... BRILLIANT WORK my friend !!! 0AD in itself, a brilliant game... But I love the graphical mod, nice touches throughout and very very funny... Do you have any other projects in the pipe line, such as maybe a Star Wars themed one?? That would be cool... Cheers, Lister
  2. Hi @stanislas69, Apologies for the delay again, had to actually get back and do some work!!! How inconsiderate, there is a WAR ON !!! ;-) lol Anyway, thanks again for all your help today... much appreciated. Pleased to say all is working fine again now, sorry didn't get chance to update this thread, only just got in from work, then straight round a mates house. Yeah it was odd, as we had planned network maintenance at work today. As you say, all our Apps default to saving their files to a mapped network location. We all have a N: drive mapped, where our Docs sit. Even though this was technically not down at the time, I'm guessing 0AD couldnt see/access it, hence the crashing. Was wondering if there was a method/work around, to repath it times of woe... when one simply must 0AD !! The Kushites won't save themselves!! Anyway, brilliant game, love it... keep up the great work ALL those involved !!!
  3. Hi @stanislas69 I am indeed running it on Windows, Windows 10.... Which of the files do you need, there appears to be 6x files here?? Do you need them all? Is there any sensitive data I need to remove in advance before sending these files for public viewing? Thanks, Lister
  4. Hi All, Whilst this isn't a bug with the game itself, as we know it works just fine everywhere else.... at home, and at work (over the network, when it is up). However today, part of our network is down for maintenance and the game won't open/run. We get the following error... Our home area's (network area, where our Doc's map too) is down, so dare say it's trying to write something to that area. However, I was wondering is there a file ( ini ) or something we can edit, to point it somewhere else... Or is there a "SafeMode" switch / version of the game, that will get us up and running until the network is back please... ;-) Cheers, Lister
  5. Hi Causative, That's a good call, I didn't know you could select "Only" soldiers via that method. May try that later today when I get back... As I do see and experienced your point, when raising the alert and the women jump in the defence towers before the soldiers, which then means the towers are not as effective... So yeah, shall give that a try... thanks Lister
  6. Hi @Stanislas69, How would one go about that?? Is this the file that I am after... C:\Games\0 A.D. alpha\binaries\data\mods\public\public.zip\simulation\components And replace the file inside called "AlertRaiser.js" with the one from A22 ? Would that work?? And for this Raise Alert issue, would only be used / played locally between myself and my brother.... or myself and work mates. Won't be using the Lobby feature.... Although only just discovered and joined that today... which is rather cool !! thanks, Lister
  7. Hi Temple, Thank you for the feedback, regarding how it works now. And let's hope there are similar behaviour to how it was in A22, if not exactly the same... but as similar close to how it was. Did prefer the A22 Alert Bell, as to the A23.... So lets hope A24 can restore some of the behaviour... Any guys in the know, or have the skills to try knock up a mod-patch, to attempt to restore the functionality of the Town Bell to that of A22 for this current build please?? Thanks, Lister
  8. Hi @Stanislas69, Thanks for quoting those links... I can certainly see the efforts and vast work that goes into such features within the game. And the commits and changes that are made, on what seems like such a small and tiny aspect of the game.... However, there is way to much info in there for me, and not sure what I am following... Obviously there are changes. 1) Could the above 2x tracks / changes be explained in layman's terms please. 2) Are the changes, permanent, or can/will they change back. ie: Just being tested to see how people feel? 3) Personally, I felt the way the "Raise The Alert" feature worked much better in A22 and previous releases. (although I've only been playing since last 2 or 3 builds). 4) Now this game supports mods, could this be a patch / mod, that could be installed (back to how it was) on a user basis? Thanks for an amazing free game... lots of enjoyment from it !!! Play it frequently at home.... and AT WORK !!! lol Thanks, Lister
  9. Hi Lion.Kanzen, Thank you for replying so promptly. Forgive me, as I'm still kinda new to this game. What's a "rally point" ? Do you mean, when building/spawning your characters... You click on [source] building, then select [destination] building. So when they are deployed, they run straight to that building? If so, this is what what I meant/was after. When you raised the Alert to max, all characters in that building closest to Civic Center, would stay in THEIR building, until you told them otherwise. This was useful if under attack, you can quickly build players to stay in and protect/guard that building from take-over. This feature appears to be missing, or altered?? in this latest A23 release... Thanks, Lister
  10. Hi Guys, Sorry to dig up an old thread, I've tried to have a look to see if its been mentioned / answered anywhere else first, and up until now couldn't see anywhere appropriate other than here. Love the new update Alpha 23, love the new maps and civilisation... Even if the game is MUCH HARDER now!! lol However one thing I can't work out since this update, is how the "Raise The Alert" system works now? Under the older Alpha's, you had 1x Bell... and depending how many times you rang it, as to what level of protection you got. And then a 3rd ring of the bell to cancel it... However under Alpha 23, there seems to be 2x bells. One to start, and one to turn off. And it only seems to work with the ladies now. When I play the game, I like to start with the bell on (alert) on. So that all new women / warriors that were created, would spawn inside their respected buildings. Now, even after setting this.. They all leave the buildings and wait outside, till their deaths... on many occasions. Am I doing something wrong? Has this setting changed, and if so, how?? Or is this just the way it is now?? Thanks, Lister
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