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  1. Imperator Ferrum Princeps I

    Open source free minecraft

    I have been playing a game called minetest for some time now, it is similar to minecraft but open source and free. It is also moddable in luascript and has texturepack support, the game even has it's own servers, it also has a much taller height limit then MC. Just wanted to let anyone browsing this forum about minetest before they dish out all that money on minecraft, as minetest is a viable alternative to minecraft unlike some of the lower quality clones out there. https://www.minetest.net/#features https://github.com/minetest/ https://discord.gg/d2kXzWC
  2. Imperator Ferrum Princeps I

    How would I modify minimum zoom without having to recompile

    Thank you, I will try when I get the chance. Looked up on that hotkey and it might be useful in modding. EDIT: YESSS! This looks so epic, it worked!
  3. I have recently gotten good at city planning in 0 A.D. and I think it would be cool to see my cities in "first person" with the great graphics in this game. How could I make it to where I can zoom in farther then in default, similar to how you can zoom in the map editor, and to where I can adjust the FOV to be almost first personlike. Also how could I make it to where your pan speed is lower. I tried editing the local conf file but it seems that the minimum zoom is still in place.
  4. Imperator Ferrum Princeps I

    Game rewards turtling too much

    I personally enjoy turtling against an overwhelming enemy oftentimes because of the epic last stand kind of feel, but I am starting to think that turtling is kind of OP in most situations (aka when you are getting attacked by a normal army, not 100 very hard ais). I think what makes it so OP is that it is practically impossible to capture town centers unless you have a monstrous amount of soldiers if there are soldiers garrisoned in there. Which means that if you get everyone to hide inside of the town center, then your enemy's push going to be defeated unless they either have a laggily big army or siege engines (which might get killed by the arrows before they can unpack), good luck getting any capture points on a town center with units in it to regenerate capture points really fast and shoot arrows everywhere killing your units before they can even get close to capturing it. This may be because I do not use a lot of siege engines, but even then the above example is *without walls*. I suggest some kind of better siege mechanic, where the player can turtle but their units could get starved out like in real ancient sieges. A way to fix this could be adding in where units consume food (which I think would be good for much more then fixing this, as it just makes sense and means you need to have good farming infrastructure to keep your army fed), and do like delenda est does where farms can be constructed outside of your city borders with a debuff to gathering from them if they are built inside.
  5. Imperator Ferrum Princeps I

    Small multi game modding team looking for modders

    Salve conservis Camertem, I am the leader of a small multi game modding team tied to our main gaming clan that has decided to come to 0 AD. Our vision is to create an organized modding team that teaches newer players how to mod and then offers for them to join the ~~mongol horde~~ modding team when they finish learning. We have decided to make full use of the principles of division of labor and divide our modding team into "jobs" (texture artist, modeler, coder) and games (minecraft, 0 AD, minetest) as to ensure that each modder can focus on their side of the project and we can get more done at once. How it is planned to work: There is a player who is new to 0 AD who wants to learn how to mod, they are then asked if they want to join this team and learn how, they get given the invite link and brought to the discord and taught how to mod using guides and questions to more experienced modders, once they learn how to mod they become a full modder for the team, the team votes on what mod they want to make next, say they want to make a new walls mod that adds new reinforced palisades, the texture makers work on making great art for the mod, while the textures are being made the 3d modelers would work on making the 3d models and meshes, the sound artists would use programs to make good sounds and music for the mod, and the modders would code the mod itself, everyone would closely work together on github and be organized, everyone would have their job and help work on the same mod to ensure quality and speed, the mod will then be beta tested, then if it passes beta testing and is found to be bug-free the quality testers would test and rate the mod, if the mod passes it will be released on these forums and on our gaming clan forums, if it does not pass then the quality testers will share feedback on how to improve the mod, and the team will work on fixing the mod based on the feedback, then they will take it back to the quality testers, if it passes see above, if it does not then the cycle repeats until the mod reaches quality standards
  6. Imperator Ferrum Princeps I

    Delenda Est is dead? [No, it's not]

    My small modding team has begun a fork of this mod that aims more for hardcore realism and lots of fun content and civs. https://discord.gg/hpdWE4H https://github.com/Ferrumian-modding-team/rerum_aestimatione_magni