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  1. This listicle should be translated in other languages! I guess this helps beginners from all around the world. Unfortunately I do not understand every piece of information in this post, so I cannot translate it fully to German.
  2. Think I managed to do it in the past, but it cost me tons of resources as bribes.
  3. _please move this to bug reports, if it seems to be one_ _unsure if it is a feature_ On the weekend, I was playing the Release Candidate 3 of 0 A.D. Alpha 23 and was wondering: What triggers the AI to declare other players war? I started games with three players (me plus two AIs) who were all in one team. In the options I set 'Last Man Standing' true. In the first game, Player 2 declared war to Player 3 after one of them set the first trading route. In game two, one declared war to another without any obvious trigger. Do you have any tips for me to understand its behaviour?
  4. Why should hacker use conspicuous user names, do you have any other hint for this suspicion?
  5. Have a look at the Release Process Draft. Feels like I am also pressing F5 too often, cause I cannot wait anymore. ;-) Already thought about testing the Release Candidate (RC) from releases.wildfire.com.
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