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  1. techblogger911

    Got Millenium AD to work

    Love to agree on this
  2. Ahh it's a sticky situation to be in.
  3. techblogger911

    undefined discussion subject

    73 years ago today were the bombings in Nagasaki.
  4. techblogger911

    Funny Relevant Videos

    What did I just watch, I need to clean my eyes XD
  5. techblogger911

    Rome 2 Total War gameplay

    Finally I'll be in then, hopefully.
  6. techblogger911

    look similiar or...?, lol.

    There are usually some heights of plagiarism but I guess someone just crossed it lol!! Clickbaits these days I tell you.
  7. techblogger911

    Open source free minecraft

    I haven't tried this game yet but will get to it as soon as I get hold of my PC. Looks good and interesting that too for a free game.
  8. techblogger911

    Free Games and Offers

    No issues I can understand.
  9. Oh no! I was playing Kerbal Space Program and a few more from the list, I am glad to know that the games I played have removed the spyware software. Why do they this though, if someone can explain this in simple terms.
  10. techblogger911

    Free Games and Offers

    I am sorry, can you explain how was this spammy? I am trying to fit in slowly slowly. Sorry if I offended any rules.
  11. techblogger911

    Free Games and Offers

    Steam sale is near the corner. Grab the goodies while you can, there will be freebies as well Source
  12. techblogger911

    Why are you wasting your life away?

    Thanks for sharing this, saved the video!
  13. There doesn't seem to be a pre-existing thread for this; it was released on, 3 May 2018.It's the first entry in a new sub-series for Total War. Steam page is here!Anyone planning on picking it up? To be honest, I don't feel I've quite had my money out of TW:W2 at this point (and definitely not out of the ME campaign yet), so may hold off for now, but the return to a historical setting is certainly appealing.
  14. techblogger911

    0 A.D. on YouTube

    Looks perfect, i'll definitely watch this if i have open time
  15. techblogger911

    audio issue

    The game doesn't have any sounds. i have checked on my audio card and it was placed ok