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  1. Woah, I did think about this but it was a long shot.
  2. Same, I also want to see them involved.
  3. There are usually some heights of plagiarism but I guess someone just crossed it lol!! Clickbaits these days I tell you.
  4. I haven't tried this game yet but will get to it as soon as I get hold of my PC. Looks good and interesting that too for a free game.
  5. Oh no! I was playing Kerbal Space Program and a few more from the list, I am glad to know that the games I played have removed the spyware software. Why do they this though, if someone can explain this in simple terms.
  6. I am sorry, can you explain how was this spammy? I am trying to fit in slowly slowly. Sorry if I offended any rules.
  7. Steam sale is near the corner. Grab the goodies while you can, there will be freebies as well Source
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