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  1. Position: Illustrator and Concept Artist Do you understand that Wildfire Games is a non-commercial project, work for 0 A.D. is volunteer, and work is done for free? Yes Do you agree to distribute all your work for Wildfire Games under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license? Yes Name: Victor Augusto Rossi Valério Email: victoraugustorossi@gmail.com Location: City: Santos, State of São Paulo, Brazil - South-west Coast (UTC-3) Availability: At least 6 hours a week. It's hard to set an average. I intend to maintain this for at least 6 months (I provided a more detailed explanation in the occupation question). Age: 21 Occupation: I've just graduated last year (Graphic Design). At the moment, I'm not officially working for any studio or anyone (just an euphemism for unemployed lol). I'm currently working on personal projects to build a solid portfolio on concept art and illustration, and collaborating with a mobile game from a local studio. I'm almost sure I can work more than 6 hours a week, but I'd like to give a safe number, which I'm 100% sure I can deliver. Things could change a bit if I get hired by an studio here in Brazil, but it's not likely in the near future. Skills and Experience:What qualifies you for this position? What experience have you had in the past? My professional experience in the area is close to 0. However, my graduation project was based on Brazilian history (XVI century), and I've developed some concepts, illustrations and a parallax teaser for it, that I've linked in the spoiler below. This type of animation is something I'm willing to refine, study and do more too I'm fairly comfortable with digital painting (basically what I do every day) and basic skills on the following softwares, from higher to lower (3DS Max, DAZ Studio, Keyshot, SketchUp, Marvelous Designer, and a tiny bit of ZBrush). Inside the 2D art area, I also like study cinematic shots and compositions / keyframes. Because I graduated from Graphic Design, I also have some knowledge in layout (Adobe InDesign), vector illustrations and icons (Adobe Illustrator), video editing (Adobe Premiere and After Effects). Motivation: Age of Empires 2 was one of the first and most important games I've played. It introduced me to computer games, history (in an exciting way, as opposed to school classes) and the art amazed me, specially the campaign sketch-like illustrations. Since I've decided to work as a concept artist and illustrator, history was a theme that appeared naturally in a lot of personal projects. As soon as I noticed it, I've decided to consciously work on history related projects and study a little of it every day. There's even a project of mine in its early stages of a fictitious civilization that emerged from Etruscans that fled from Populonia and some Carthaginians that joined them later, in (also fictitious archipelago). There's a lot to research to do, but I think it shows how excited I am to work on a game like 0 A.D. Personality:Creatively describe the way you see yourself in one sentence. That's a little hard to do, but I'll try. I'm Short Essay: How and when did you find out about Wildfire Games? What motivates you to be a part of the project? What do you seek to gain in being a part of Wildfire Games? I've played 0 A.D. about a year ago, so I already knew about the game. Yesterday, I felt like playing it again, and then I realized it is an open-source project, and well, here I am. Probably the best start I could wish in this career. No, seriously, I've always wondered when would I be able to work on a history related game like Age of Empires. With that said, I'm determined to do my best, since everything I'll be doing here will count as experience and portfolio work. I'm also eager to work in a game project pipeline, meet people from different areas and make some friends My main focus at the moment is building my portfolio, so this project fits it perfectly. Interests and Hobbies:Tell us briefly about some of the other things you enjoy doing your free time. We ask this to get to know your background a bit better Gaming in general, studying art and exploring new ideas through projects and compulsively watching and reading about history: arms and armors, medieval manuscripts, ancient civilizations, clothing, architecture, culture and language. I'm also a bit of a language enthusiast/geek, but I'm too lazy in that area to go past my rusty intermediate German though. Staff: No, but I'm looking forward to knowing other members of this community Community: I launch Steam about 4 or 5 times a week to play some games, but I usually take from 10 to 30 minutes a week to browse Steam games. Artstation is an awesome place to discover games by 2D or 3D artists, and I always have at least 4 tabs of this website open There are also some youtube channels related to history that post some gaming content from time to time. Favorite Game: I don't usually have a favorite game, because it changes like every week, but here's a list of my favorites: Age of Empires 1, 2, 3, and let's hope I can add 4 to this list in the future Command & Conquer (mainly Red Alert 2) Skyrim CS:GO Total War (Rome 2 and Medieval 2) Mount & Blade: Warband (waiting for Bannerlord) Life is Strange Work Examples:If applicable to the position you're applying to, please include a few examples of your past experience. This is my main portfolio, I always keep it updated https://www.artstation.com/victorrossi
  2. Victor Rossi

    Portraits for Heroes

    Ok, I'll follow that reference as a guide then Is there a specific topic or way to do it (following a set of questions or a form)?
  3. I am the copyright holder of original works I post in the Wildfire Games 0 A.D. Art Development forum. I hereby release all original works I uploaded to this forum in the past, and those I will upload in the future, under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
  4. Victor Rossi

    Portraits for Heroes

    Hey guys, I've talked to @Lion.Kanzen yesterday and I'm going to collaborate with new portraits for the heroes, starting with the Romans. Before sketching anything, I tested a few ways of portraying the characters ingame. I'm aware that there are portraits made from different artists, but I wanted to create/follow a pattern or rule to make it more consistent. I've tested different framing and camera angles, taking portraits from other games and pasting on top of a screenshot from 0 A.D. I'm including the full size screenshot to get a better sense of scale. Please, let me know if you like any of them The first one is my favorite, where the camera is slightly tilted upwards / looking up, giving a sense of greatness to the Hero. I'm also aware that the portrait will get really small when multiple units are selected, so it would be a good idea to use a different background color to differentiate them from regular units. I.e.: all heroes have golden a background. From Age of Empires 3 Zoom: From Total War: Rome 2 Zoom: From Total War: Arena Zoom: From Age of Empires 2 Zoom: