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  1. lel, thx I was like 'that can't be a problem..srsly' thx again
  2. Hello guys! Im planning to start contributing to 0AD dev. I've got an error while compiling the code: I'm following the guide, but can't find solution for this problem. PLs help
  3. as soon as I finish my exams(this Thursday ) thank you, be sure I will
  4. Hello there! I am a student of EE who just learned a basics of C programming and since this game is based on C(more or less) I would love to keep developing my programming skills. I know that game dev. is big step for person such as me, but I would really love to have some bigger goals to achive while I'm learning. Since I am really into RTS games, I was introduced with 0.A.D. 2 years ago, and I remembered that this was open source game where anyone can contribute. I would like to know, where should I start, how can I learn some basics, and later on start to develop some advanced problems? Pleas give me some advice Thanks in advance CHeers
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