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  1. thank you Stanislas69 it's the alpha22 for linux debian ( i'm very happy there are such nice games for linux ! ) so if i click it will decrease the capture bar (the bar below the other bar) the villagers and soldiers will capture the building once again thank you Stanislas for the explanation
  2. Hi, I have experience with age of mythology and I begin to play with 0ad on Linux This game is very nice However I don't know how to capture buildings, how does it work? thank you !
  3. alright thank you for the advice it's strange because debian stretch is debian 9 and debian jessie is debian 8 so with debian stretch i should have the most recent software
  4. HI thanks for your replies I have already followed the instructions on this page I have added Jessie Backports then updated my apt but I seems like the version alpha 22 is not available on the backports ! ? Can someone confirm alpha 22 is available on Debian ? Has someone succeeded with installing it on Debian Stretch ?
  5. 0ad is already the newest version (0.0.21-2). I added the backports in my source list then apt update then apt upgrade 0ad Where can I find the alpha 22 version for linux debian ? Thank you !it's such a nice game i'm can't wait to play online !
  6. Hi Feldfled, I have install the default version in the repositories Version 0.0.21-2 I to upgrade to see if the issue persists
  7. Hello I have just installed 0AD on linux I love this game I learned how to play in "single mode" against the computer Now would like to play against real human players so I tried the "multiplayer lobby" However the multiplayer lobby is always empty: there is only me and 3 robots... Is this normal ? or is it my configuration ? Thank you !
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