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  1. do you mean logical vs physical? I have 4 cores but 8 logical, runnig 7 threads + main gives me 100% usage. with 4 total its only about half.
  2. A bit off topic but i think optimal is exactly number of cores - 1 so every thread gets its own core
  3. I might be mistaken but is not CPU computation more precise than GPU? Could not be there some problems with it? And would it not be needed to use specific graphic card family, like for example just NVIDIA?
  4. @gameboy @Rolf Dew It has been released. Just not last update. https://www.moddb.com/mods/hyrule-conquest
  5. @gameboy it has to be from 0 to 1
  6. template_structure_defence_wallset
  7. There is no gap, because we need to allow them to overlap. Else you would not to be able to build walls of certain lengths if we will require some minimal gaps between wall segments. Remember there are only 3 wall types in game with fixed lengths. So do not allow this and you will have big troubles with building walls trying to fetch everything with these 3 lengths. The problem could be solved if we had just one fixed length of the wall, the best the same length as tower, but I can imagine it would end up with a lot of entities. I think somewhere is patch that does something about it to allow to rebuild lost tower, but I never tested it really.
  8. Right clicks does not work over disabled buttons because well they are disabled.
  9. Life city update part 1 for Sparta is alive What it does ? If you are training some unit in barracks, stables, range, corral, you see there certain number of units training. For simplicity ( and for now ) unit classes does not really match, but in barracks it is melee, in range ranged and in stables, cavalry. Corral matches perfectly due to just one type of unit is available to train. Also some props was added to market to fake a life. ( Probably I ll make some better animation for them )
  10. @Servo , @Imperator Ferrum Princeps I or @asterix could some of you please confirm this error? I am not able to reproduce it. @sarcoma could you please tell me how and where did you installed this mod ?
  11. @sarcoma I am sorry for that and thank you for report I have tested the mode whole day with every civ so I am a bit suprised this happend. Also I ran it with svn so I do not know what could happen. Anyway I ll investigate it tonight.
  12. Hi and welcome. AI is a bit hard for newcomers even as normal. Try to start with very easy AI and Balanced or Defensive. Also you can look into matches recorded from championship https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTTBK04liGQ&list=PLa048WBrsGokdLvWWAKNmwRoBnixlv5EO. It is PvP but basics are the same. For start you can even set ceasefire for your match to prevent AI attacking you too soon. Have fun
  13. Update. Speed and cost penalties for equipping units+ some capes fixes.
  14. Actually I do not know how to imagine this. Do you think for every soldier individually? Actually this was my last option. But without adding new gui. (yes, I should add more description) Btw. Have you played Northland ? There you have citizen and you can change and combine equipment as you want. But creating equipment takes time (especially plate armor)
  15. I would like to know which model of unit tree is prefered among comunity.
  16. Shields up! New animation for testudo. Fixed relic mode, ships and one error from guiinterface. And yeah, slingers have their lock too. I moved garrison action to lower priority so order should be drop resources (if you have some) / repair (if is damaged) and then garrison (if you can)
  17. @stanislas69 I mean, that I changed battle system a bit in a first place. Every unit must first be prepared to battle. Draw sword, pick arrow, change the way of holding spear. It takes prepare time. And after the time passes, unit is prepared and the fighting animation is selected and then it is only repeat time. While unit see enemy unit in his/her range, stay in prepared stage and can fight immediately. If there is no enemy unit, it goes to relax state and gives back sword, arrow to sheet, changes the way of holding spear and so on. If unit sees enemy and wants to fight, he/she has to go through preparation time again ( or when switching weapons). And in this stage I messed up synchronisation for range attacks and for another as well. So after that updated I corrected it. As I added to animation variants (relax and ready) almost for everything what has something with combat, it blocked somehow building animation to be picked so I had to move it in actors to another animation group.
  18. @Servo actually, leveling of unit is as followed: level 0.1 -> 0.2 -> 0.3 = no rank (bronze icons 1^, 2^, 3^) -> 1.1 -> 1.2 -> 1.3 = Basic ranks (iron icons, 1^, 2^, 3^) -> 2.* = advanced -> 3.* = elite With adding equipment to the unit (what is promotion mechanic in vanila) experiences and level of unit falls back to 0.1 Could it not be one of these cases ?
  19. Actually, no one of you ran out of ammo? @Servo @Imperator Ferrum Princeps I @wowgetoffyourcellphone
  20. thnx for testing this, I forgot about animals and some ships I do not think about it right now I get it. I try to restrict it for soldiers or change priorities ( or get it back, if will not work)
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