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  1. No, Ai does not care when attacking if building is producing or researching something. It cares mainly if building has defensive fire or is in range of some of that building. But it does it only for some attack plan types.
  2. You would need to edit blacksmith actor file for specific civilisation like it is done here https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2459?id=10550
  3. @gameboy, patch now does not have visual effect in actors
  4. Hi @ironbar, you would need to provide replays of these matches, else moderators do not have the proof that happen. Look here where you can find replays https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths. To answer the question, it is mainly because games are not hosted by wildfire games servers, only multiplayer lobby. That means during the match all network transition is only among players and observers in that match. So bot taking care about rating does not know someone wins, looses until game is won and result send to servers. Bigger problem connected with this is that there is no way currently to punish if host of the game leaves without resigning as he is the one sending results to the servers. If he exists (without resign), closes application, kills process, shutdowns computer, disconnects from internet on purpose, there is no way how to send that results to servers. Have a nice day and enjoy the game
  5. If we had weapon switching it would not be using upgrade system as that creates new entity every time. And you can see how much problems there are connected with packing and promotion just because entity is changed.
  6. @BeanBoy in folder with all replays, you need to have for every replay one folder with any name and command.txt inside. You cannot have more folders inside like ...replays/0.0.23/somefolder/somefolder/commands.txt but you need to have ..replays/0.0.23/somefolder/commands.txt Also be careful. You need to have the exact version of the game replay was recorded else it will not work.
  7. Hi @cassius, disable restrict camera. Ctrl + W or Ctrl + ↑ (Up) – Rotate camera to look upward Ctrl + S or Ctrl + ↓ (Down) – Rotate camera to look downward Ctrl + A or Ctrl + ← (Left) – Rotate camera clockwise around terrain Ctrl + D or Ctrl + → (Right) – Rotate camera counter-clockwise around terrain
  8. @Narxes thank you for report. Issue have been addressed. Enjoy the game
  9. @tuk0z would you be willing to get development version and try if you have the same problems with that?
  10. can you upload both of them ? That happens when you save the game at some point and there is issue that you cannot currently fully replay it as second replay is generated from the point you made save.
  11. hello @Narxes, Could you please upload replay of that match? (https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths) I will look to it. Thank you and have a nice day
  12. Angen

    Cheats Error!

    Fix have been commited. Thank you for report and testing.
  13. Lets suppose game is in one machine with multiple user accounts. local.cfg would probably be to set options for all users and user.cfg for every user itself as that would be in user specific path.
  14. Angen

    Cheats Error!

    @gameboy hi, I have updated diff, can you test it again?
  15. Angen

    Cheats Error!

    Here it is. https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2450, to test you need to rebuild game
  16. Problem with this map is that it is generated by script, so it is a bit hard to reproduce same conditions but I managed to get something similar. As you can see at next picture, there is not enough deep water for big ship like warships are to spawn from the dock. And making ships to just skip that place and spawn more far away from dock may result ship spawning to look just odd. Also that are pretty shallow waters for such big ships
  17. @LordGood top picture right dock looks like has more than 90 degree available. Especially that corner.
  18. Yes I see there should be enough space around right dock but that may be problem of water depth. Maybe there is not enough continues water space with certain depth. What is the name of the map ? And replay would help if you could upload it please.
  19. Hello @tuk0z, that message you see means that around building is not enough space to create given unit. War ships generally have larger footprits so that is probably why you can train smaller ships. also units are placed around given building that is training them, if they cannot fit that place and given area is not blocked by other units, they are not trying to spawn further from building (but even the range to spawn further from building has limits too, so one cannot spawn units from one building and never move initial ones) Try to place dock somewhere where has a lot of space around at water. If problem persist, please upload a replay. Here you can find correct path to replays based on your operating system in this page https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Have a nice day and enjoy the game
  20. no, i cannot reproduce that, what graphic card do you have?
  21. sorry, cannot reproduce that, would you have replay ?
  22. Angen

    Cheats Error!

    hello @gameboy, thank you for reports, I ll fix them in few days.
  23. Angen

    Program Error

    hello @cassius, When did error occur ?
  24. Hi @Ooypunk, what you see in game, is text which have been translated to the day release version was created, therefore some text may be translated already or changed entirely on transifex.
  25. Depends how many errors will be discovered in them. And also @Alexandermb is doing some improvements what requires variant changes. Well there are 7 release blockers that need to be fixed (patch) or confirmed they are fixed.
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