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  1. I said play with angle ( and hard to tell, your image is edited)
  2. I still can, you need to play with distance and angle
  3. mythology mod has rage stance for units, you cant controll it and unit attacks as long there is enemy unit in its los
  4. @gameboy after I build game I cannot reproduce sorry btw @wraitii there are still red squares
  5. Actually my first post But he said he tried it and does not work.
  6. You should not create another account, it is allowed one account per person I pinged Stan, he maybe will know what is wrong. What was name of your first account?
  7. hi @Marius.rv, go to settings and disable tls option. By this you allow not encrypted comunication with server. There is problem with handshake, devs are working on it to fix it to the next release. (they may have fix ready for a24)
  8. Formation.prototype.Run = function() { let maxSpeed = 0; for (let ent of this.members) { let cmpUnitMotion = Engine.QueryInterface(ent, IID_UnitMotion); if (cmpUnitMotion) { if (maxSpeed == 0) maxSpeed = cmpUnitMotion.GetRunMultiplier(); else maxSpeed = Math.min(maxSpeed, cmpUnitMotion.GetRunMultiplier()); } } maxSpeed *= this.GetSpeedMultiplier(); <- apply formation speed multiplier this.speed = maxSpeed * this.minSpeed; <- this.minSpeed is minimal walking speed of formation this.running = true; let cmpUnitMotion = Engine.QueryInterface(this.entity, IID_UnitMotion); cmpUnitMotion.SetSpeedMultiplier(this.speed); } I use something like this
  9. @Adeimantos I think we need now to set up Runmultiplier and Projectile changes from svn to get compatible if you are interested but feel free to work on which part do you want, link to discord in first post have been fixed, you can join now
  10. @Freagarach what is your code to set formation to run speed?
  11. @Freagarach sry I am fighting with unit test anyway I replied on phabricator
  12. @Freagarach There is not currently such function in IcmpRangeManager. But CmpRangeManager has tools to pretty fast say if given position is explored by given player. You need to add this into ccmprangemanager and bind it with interface call in icmprangemanager Should do the trick virtual bool isTileExplored(CVector2D pos, player_id_t player) { int i = (pos.X / (int)TERRAIN_TILE_SIZE).ToInt_RoundToNearest(); int j = (pos.Y / (int)TERRAIN_TILE_SIZE).ToInt_RoundToNearest(); CLosQuerier los(GetSharedLosMask(player), m_LosState, m_TerrainVerticesPerSide); return los.IsExplored(i, j); }
  13. Update: Fixed behaviour of vision in water and improved detection of hills. Now unit will see up to the top of hill. So you will have not black holes unless hill is flat. Sometimes side of hill will not be detected if there is smaller hill before it and blocks vision of unit but I am afraid further improvement would need more complex computation and checking. Compiled version in first post.
  14. thnx excelent material for testing problem solved @wowgetoffyourcellphone I am sorry but I cannot reproduce your problem at all. What OS do you have?
  15. @nani could you send me replay with bug? In svn los is computed in stripes from bottom of vision range to top. I changed computation to squares going from position to vision range borders. Although I had to remove incremental update of that stripes and replace it with total remove and add as it were before it was optimised. To the current blocking I have boolean map matching los map strucute. As I said I go from entity position out. So In every iteration I check first height and if still visible then I check related tiles which could block vision from position and when I have d result I update related boolean map for next iteration and show hide tile for player.
  16. (here was firts compiled version - > moved to first post)
  17. For start I plan only depending on terrain height and entity height. For example: towers will have bonus and will see over hills that are lower then their height. It could work with structures if their height would be added / substracted to terrain height in some cache to avoid obstruction checking when updating visibility.
  18. Step 1: Entity does not see terrain higher than its position. [done] Step 2: Entity does not see terrain behind hills [done] Step 3: Entity height influences how high can see (height from outpost's footprint allows to see what is on the hill) [maybe better to use some new parameter than footprint ? ] Step 4: Performance [maybe will not be needed] Last build version Windows: pyrogenesis.exe (outdated version) Related diff: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1905
  19. @Alexandermb hi, there are two animation files in biped/rider/cavalry/generic: attack_shield_b_cut attack_shield_cut_b is there some difference in animation?
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