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    Help Pls! Bug.

    Hello @iSouly, could you tell us when did it happen? If it was during starting the match, disable postprocessing in graphic options of the game. (in case does not help disable glsl) Have a nice day
  2. Then let allow only positive feedback on players after match and add option to not give any. This way they cannot harm reputation of players on purpouse. And allow this only if game ends by victory of some player ( player who loose early can leave feedback too)
  3. You could create new topic with pool but you would probably have to add all possible answers.
  4. Well I did it several times with another animations. I imported them, changed and exported back. They worked perfectly. So why I cant import and then export? Or something changed in blender or I totally forgot how I did that :/
  5. Hey, I changed one animation and cannot get export right. Anytime I import it back and start animation it is totally deformed. I am using the same exporting settings like for another exports and they are fine. Can someone take a look please ? Thnx jav_loose_a.blend jav_loose_a.dae jav_loose_a.blend1
  6. @thankforpie Here you go https://khaganat.net/wikhan/start?id=en:start
  7. One could make strange technology pair where one technology needs phase 1 and another phase 2. I originally thought about giving it to middle, but I liked it this way on the left. To fill empty space (no but really, I did not like that empty space there so I put it there) Structure tree also shows one technology across all buildings and one could think it is not the same technology and can be researched more than one time. However I may remove building from requirement section and put all buildings to can be researched from section (less confusing) In that case I can make whole new window connecting all things together, but I need some new design. From my perspective yes. Because you are choosing between these two strictly. It is option 1 or option 2. I wanted to avoid changing structree at all but that is good idea.
  8. Actually it is kind of hardcoded in mainmenu.xml for every new subwindow opened so I gues not such wrong as you need to change that file for adding new item to submenu. And I fixed it :). Well it is structure tree thats why second window. Maybe it could be merged somehow to one page if someone feels it would be good. However design of structure tree does not fit in this exploring tree idea and vice versa. For me purpouse of structure tree is to show all possible structures and for what purpouse they are in game. The reason I thought this would be nice to have (at least like mod) is that you can see which technologies do you need to unlock one selected and you also see what needs this one to be able to research. And you can compare (see) difference between paired technologies without need to look for the second one. Reason why buildings are in this is just to keep graph (kind of) as small as possible to prevent scroling from left side to right and to kind of organise different technologies. Another reason to display just one technology requirments and unlocks is to avoid connecting lines which would at some point go from one end of screen to the opposite and it could be hard to find out which things are really connected.
  9. Update: added phases to details and icons are now squares and not rectangles
  10. @nani honestly I did not think about smaller resolution Second version now has icon size 35x35 with 4 pixels space between them, it fits 26 icons with 1024 perfectly and possibly all 30 (in case some civ has so many buildings with some research in them)
  11. @wowgetoffyourcellphone Re-upload. Should be fixed. Thank you for noticing
  12. Sorry, I just got the logic of req = false, it means civ cannot research it. Oh man so confusing wft.
  13. Well, you inherit them from template_structure_civic_house ( I do not check for civ requirements, maybe I should ) so they are there because can be researched from that building. But I try to fix it. @wowgetoffyourcellphone but looks like ushites/unlock_citizens_house does not have requirements. kushites/unlock_citizens_house : ({name:{generic:"Civic Festival", internal:"kushites/unlock_citizens_house"}, icon:"technologies/wives_festival_nubian.png", description:"A festival attended by women-only, to celebrate female fertility. For example, the Thesmophoria was a festival held in Greek cities, in honor of the goddess Demeter and her daughter Persephone. The name derives from thesmoi, or laws by which men must work the land. The Thesmophoria were the most widespread festivals and the main expression of the cult of Demeter, aside from the Eleusinian Mysteries. The Thesmophoria commemorated the third of the year when Demeter abstained from her role of goddess of the harvest and growth; spending the harsh summer months of Greece, when vegetation dies and lacks rain, in mourning for her daughter who was in the realm of the Underworld. Their distinctive feature was the sacrifice of pigs. Whereas Bona Dea (or The Good Goddess) was a divinity in ancient Roman religion. She was associated with chastity and fertility in women, healing, and the protection of the Roman state and people. Her rites allowed women the use of strong wine and blood-sacrifice, things otherwise forbidden them by Roman tradition. Men were barred from her mysteries and the possession of her true name. The goddess had two annual festivals. One was held at her Aventine temple and the other was hosted by the wife of Rome's senior annual magistrate, for an invited group of elite matrons and female attendants.", reqs:false, modifications:(void 0), affects:(void 0), replaces:(void 0), cost:{time:60, food:300, wood:0, stone:0, metal:0, glory:200}, tooltip:"Unlock the ability to train Citizens from houses.", requirementsTooltip:"Requires 4 houses to be built.", supersedes:(void 0)})
  14. I am releasing Technology Tree. Anyone who wants can integrate it to his mod, or use this mod as dependency if files are not conflicting. Compatible with all mods not changing gui/reference/common/load, helper and mainmenu.xml. (should be all mods which are out, not sure about fgod) With DE works if this mod is the last one, but you loose something from mainmenu (not sure what). You can explore all technology trees, which are researched from structures. If you select technology, which is paired, the second choice will be displayed on the right. Supersedes are considered as requirements. Phase is set as minimum from all buildings that can research it and then max from needed technologies and phase given by buildings. By clicking on structure, the row with starting technologies (they have no requirement which is from this building) is refreshed based on that structure. You can choose any technology by clicking on it. You move in tree by clicking on requirements, paired technologies or unlocks. If some unit has some technology as requirement, it will be displayed under that technology ( you can click on that unit to open traditional viewer). techTree35icon.zip techTree.zip
  15. He was last seen January 4th so this does not help to get his attention
  16. Hello @Silvestres, check this side to find replays https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths To post them, juat attach to your post. Have a nice day
  17. Hello, Could you please locate game replays and post these 2 relevant replays https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths as proof? @Hannibal_Barca
  18. Small simple mod which enables stables as living space for animals. So now you cannot just build one stables and spam cavalry, at the start you have 5 free place for horses and every Stable adds space for 10 more. Limited units to buildings: cavalry and elephants @nani Life space.zip
  19. You first need to download the mod and then activate it in game. Take a look here: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Modding_Guide
  20. Directional attack damage does not need battalions strictly. This mod has it https://0ad.mod.io/balancing-mod.
  21. Change spread in templates of range units and you will have no clue where arrow will land Detecting missile collision on fly is a bit harder to implement but there have been some discussion about it so maybe in some future. But I do not remember who was the one talking about it.
  22. 8. Not undermine the intended gameplay or purposefully gain unfair advantages in multiplayer matches (for example cheating, using exploits or bugs). I think dancing on purpose is in categories of bugs, exploits which gives advantage to player, so no. Moving units from left to right constantly just to avoid arrow hits is cheating. Running your troops at some path or even changing their direction is fine but there has to be significant distance between that change. No one would move two steps left, right, forward, back just to avoid every arrow. Maybe one soldier to dodge one arrow but not group of soldiers to avoid tens of arrows. They had shields for that.
  23. Hello again @Jedsua1715 and @Mikaroslav. If you are still following this and are willing to help with small test , you might be interested in this thread
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