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  1. Angen

    0abc mod

    Did you try to remove generic one?
  2. Angen

    0abc mod

    @Nescio what 100% means for damage type? Does it mean it has number 100 or it there is only that damage type used? btw, that post about to remove any from phase json and to use specific phase file for civ for which you need different requirments was fix for the bug in tech tree in case I was not clear about that
  3. Angen

    0abc mod

    @Nescio remove from technology any [ civ : ... ] if you want specific phase requirements for some civilisation use phase_metropolis_ptol, if you use _generic it is meant for all civs which does not have special file. Second one, icon name is wrong for that phase.
  4. Angen

    0abc mod

    @Nescio I found out that something is wrong with requirments of that phase. The phase is loaded in techtree but then removed by one function because thechs[0] is not defined. Could you try to simplify tech requirments for that phase and try then? And yes replaces has to exists else it is removed too.
  5. Angen

    0abc mod

    adding 4th phase is no big deal as ai is supporting it allready. All you have to do is to create new technology one for athen as they seems to have they own one and one generic for others.
  6. The same way you can starve well defended city But starving is not in game. Back to the point. Maybe limit fortresses to 1 per civil centre and give them territory root, also force minimum distance from each other. On the other hand I think if cc is taken one will not have enough sources to defend fort. But aside from that forts are conquest critical buildings. I think that for Conquest Structure (or whatever is the name of victory condition) should not be enough to destroy cc and all critical buildings are lost because no territory.
  7. hey @Servo you might want to download this mod again as blood on units have been fixed and soldiers do not build anymore. Soldiers have been removed from CCs. Btw to train some unit it is needed to build blacksmith, then you can build barracks and range, to build stables you need also corral. And for every unit to unlock you need research forging and specific weapon, for cavalry you need also cavalry tech and horsed unit with specific weapon as well, so early raiding is delayed as you need to unlock almost everything to proceed to wanted unit. Also every you get hero with bodyguards (mainly champions) so I think even if some player is able to rush to get some soldiers earlier, you still have some units able to fight. About athen sword cav, they can be trained. Yes, I agree and realise that Petra gameplay and single-player is important .
  8. Should work with both, but svn tested last time. @Rolf Dew
  9. capturing fixed every civ now has ram ( to have at least melee way to destroy buildings ) ram is "pushed" by garrisoned force ram provides some protection from ranged attacks gauls and britons got sword units ( they have sword cav so sure they can have them on foot ) persians got axe infantry ( they can be upgraded only once )
  10. @Imperator Ferrum Princeps I I want let you know that problem has been solved and will be fixed in next update.
  11. no my mod is still in github phase as still has flaws I need to figure out.
  12. Actually batalion can garrison into your buildings. But units refuse to garrison into enemys buildings. Unfortunately I was not able to figure out why it happens.
  13. I did it generally, from json parameter, but used for that resource
  14. @Rolf Dew quiver on back or side ? (oh, it is done, ok)
  15. Hi @BigJuan39, when you start application, click on settings -> options -> graphics Have a nice day
  16. I found this video recently where it is stated that onagers were used mainly against soldiers and not walls and that size of the projectile fired from onager is not able to damage the walls. So my question is do you agree with this video or there is some evidence they were used against walls and buildings mainly.
  17. range of query range is recalculated whenever unit changes stance, so no problem with that i think it allready makes some different settings based on stance
  18. the problem is with range of range query and actual attack range. unit looks for targets in these cases: entered idle state some unit has entered into its range query (here I think it responds just to the ones who entered) unit is attacking and cureent target is not more valid (out of range, dead) but unit will look for targets just once. If choosen target cannot be attacked, it will not try attack it later nor look for another possible one this is what happened here: target entere s d their range query but due standground state and shorter attack range could not attack you might tweak attack range and query range to be identical
  19. redone charge anytime cavalry is running and contacts unit which is not prepared and steady, it deals mount damage to it charging against spear, pike formation from front destroys your cavalry elephants can charge too (now a bit unstoppable while running around) elephants deals death damage (for friendly units too) errors caused by archers should be fixed towers now have max range about 30 (same as max range for infantry archers) arrow addition to towers just from archers, javelin, sling visible garrison for rams is rolled back because rams would not attack rams are now impossible to kill with infantry (as it will be visible) - use other ram or anything with crush // technically you can still repair building faster than ram is destroying it morale of unit increases by killing enemy and decreases by every killed member in battalion if it reaches 0, unit starts flee and will not respond to attack orders anymore
  20. Oh, thanks I had not updated svn.
  21. currently there exists bugs with both versions (with infantry archers, javelins, ...), I have fixes locally but i need to recheck actors before posting, but it is not restricted to a23b
  22. Charge tests https://drive.google.com/file/d/10HEvMdNy7--ZaOcTd29l1nKq8s1TEhdn/view?usp=sharing
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