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  1. Angen

    Damaged Towers

    To delete position which is no longer attached to wall and to draw them with opacity instead green color
  2. Angen

    Damaged Towers

    @gameboy if you want you can try this one and post some feedback https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1190
  3. Angen

    Damaged Towers

    repaired or rebuild?
  4. There have been discussion on irc about some strings in game. Acording to author (irc nick: nad) they have not clear meaning. full log: http://irclogs.wildfiregames.com/2019-04/2019-04-30-QuakeNet-%230ad-dev.log 18:06 < nad> But the word can be translated into many different ways. 18:06 < nad> In other words, there is a lot of meaning. 18:06 < nad> It is necessary to specify. 18:16 < nad> "Cost" -> "Production Cost" 18:16 < nad> "Speed" -> "Moving Speed" 18:16 < nad> "Health" -> "Health Points" 18:16 < nad> "Gather Rates" -> "Gathering Speed" 18:16 < nad> "Loot:" -> "reward for the enemy when This unit is killed:" 18:16 < nad> "Trained by:" -> "Production Building:" 18:16 < nad> "Builds:" -> "the structure that this unit can build:" 18:16 < nad> "Counters:" -> "Counters Ability:" or"Most skilled:" and "Counters: 3x vs. Cavalry." -> "Counters Ability: It's 3x stronger in battle with the great cavalry."
  5. Maybe he reinstalled with windows 10 and had XP before ?
  6. Do you mean this message: This is often caused by UDP port 20595 ? That can be because host has not opened internet ports or does not forward packets, firewall is blocking connection, ... (maybe forgot some reason). If it is another UDP error, please tell us what exactly is the error message.
  7. well if you can not join only SOME games, there is nothing we or you can do about it. It is issue of the player who host that game. Difference would be if you was not able to join at all.
  8. Hello @Radek, There are more information needed to find a reason why you have this problem. By hosting a game do you mean, that another people actually can connect to your match and play? Could you locate log files and attach them ? They can have useful information. Be aware they get rewrite every time you start application, so to be usefull, you would need to reproduce this problem and then attach them here. If you do not know where to find them, take look here please: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths Have a nice day
  9. Then make it the same look always, not only when window resolution is narrow to display it in first row ?
  10. hi @Weber K., you do not have to be dev to leave comment on trac tickets, just register account there And if you want to, you can submit differential on phabricator for review. https://code.wildfiregames.com/ process of submiting patch for review is descriped here trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Phabricator Have a nice day
  11. When you (someone, anyone) make browser narrow enough or you use android or something similar, when you browse topics you can notice that last button page gets to the second row and dramatically changes its boundaries. (I think it is not desired, but might be wrong )
  12. Angen


    I think this verdict is at least strange. So it looks like one can use white characters to split the word or do not write certain characters of the word to escape punishment for using bad language. Or another alternative is to use wrong spelling of the word or second meaning on purpouse. As I agree that aksing players to join some match even if match name is insulting someone is no breaking of the rules, however the person which have created that match name should be punished somehow (I dont think it is in terms of use but definitly should be)
  13. hello @jampa2003, if you get segmentation fault, please upload crashlog files. Please keep in mind that log files are overwritten each time you start application.
  14. Hi @Alexandermb, sadly I do not have now time to make big/complex changes.
  15. Hello @faction02, did you have some mods enabled? Or did you modife some files?
  16. Angen


    Hi @camel do you have last version of the game?
  17. I am affraid that is not possible. As far as I know WFG does not store passwords as plaintext but their hashes. What does it say if you try to log in?
  18. Angen

    Help Pls! Bug.

    Hello @iSouly, could you tell us when did it happen? If it was during starting the match, disable postprocessing in graphic options of the game. (in case does not help disable glsl) Have a nice day
  19. Then let allow only positive feedback on players after match and add option to not give any. This way they cannot harm reputation of players on purpouse. And allow this only if game ends by victory of some player ( player who loose early can leave feedback too)
  20. You could create new topic with pool but you would probably have to add all possible answers.
  21. Well I did it several times with another animations. I imported them, changed and exported back. They worked perfectly. So why I cant import and then export? Or something changed in blender or I totally forgot how I did that :/
  22. Hey, I changed one animation and cannot get export right. Anytime I import it back and start animation it is totally deformed. I am using the same exporting settings like for another exports and they are fine. Can someone take a look please ? Thnx jav_loose_a.blend jav_loose_a.dae jav_loose_a.blend1
  23. @thankforpie Here you go https://khaganat.net/wikhan/start?id=en:start
  24. One could make strange technology pair where one technology needs phase 1 and another phase 2. I originally thought about giving it to middle, but I liked it this way on the left. To fill empty space (no but really, I did not like that empty space there so I put it there) Structure tree also shows one technology across all buildings and one could think it is not the same technology and can be researched more than one time. However I may remove building from requirement section and put all buildings to can be researched from section (less confusing) In that case I can make whole new window connecting all things together, but I need some new design. From my perspective yes. Because you are choosing between these two strictly. It is option 1 or option 2. I wanted to avoid changing structree at all but that is good idea.
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