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  1. https://code.wildfiregames.com/source/0ad/browse/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/art/actors/props/special/common/waypoint_flag.xml variant is set based on civ, I think somewhere in cpp
  2. hmm, no crashlog generated or record in logs. It reminds me infinite loop somewhere. Can I ask you when did you play last time svn version ?
  3. Hi, when you open the project in visual studio, does it says (Visual Studio 2015 - Windows XP) next to the projects in solution explorer ? When you right click on project -> properties -> what do you have in platform toolset ? @feneur hi, could you unlock @LeineX ? @LeineX would you consider to come to irc ? https://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=0ad-dev
  4. some people just like to play singleplayer and build empire for hours before finishing game so they may welcome this as the part of "roleplaying". being able to name cc could be useful in the future for campaigns. If there will be consensus it is something we want to implement we will. But even then it would have low priority I think. ping @bb_ @wraitii @Stan` @Freagarach some opinion?
  5. Hi, do you have any custom maps or active mods ? By the search on git repo there is none usage of snow_forest in the codebase.
  6. @feneur could you please unlock posts for @kokomaestro ?
  7. Hello, could you please provide log files? https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths What operation system do you have?
  8. Hello Arch Bot. I looked into the changes you made. First you should remove rate array and just use the equation you introduced. Multiplying 0,42 with 0,05 is 0,021 and not handicap player picked. Now I am going to present my current opinion if your mod should be merged with codebase. In most RTS Ais get cheats because they cannot match human thinking and decision making. Else they would be wiped out by any player and there would be no fun at all. Issue is that, with more complex games, Ai needs to think about more aspects and put them into equation. Also it needs to plan for future and to know when top stop current plan because it has to do something else. Also making Ai more complex could be bad trade off with performance. (fun story: I tried to mimic attacking code in defense manager to improve defense, it lagged so hard it was unplayable). Also there is issue what AI actually knows about. As player you move game camera and you can see enemy moving towards you and you know what units it has and how to counter them. That is not case for AI. It can at best check enemy units in some proximity of its structures but doing so for all visible structures and comparing enemy units if they are in the proximity is very resource heavy computation, so mostly it reacts only if gets attacked what is most of the time too late. I can agree rate bonus could be separate variable and difficulties could just influence what decision ai takes. But I am not sure if allowing for example hard ai going under rate of 1 is good idea. That would make it even worse then current medium ai. Also the same for allowing medium ai to go to bonus 100% would make it insane. It would mass units too fast. Current very hard ai has only 56% bonus and few players can beat and they count for ai wasting units with useless attacks and chases their units under their turrets. So generally speaking, ai is terrible in defense and sometimes lets units die stupidly or it tries to place structures at places it is constantly destroyed, also it wastes resources from time to time. Taking rate advantage from ai at this state would in my opinion make ai more boring to play against as it is right now. If you are interested in improving current ai: For the ai development and comparison it is preferable to remove that bonuses from initgame.js and let current ai fight against the new one with highest mutual difficulty level in various maps, settings and mainly I would suggest to pick for both of them the same civilization. Team would be more than happy to merge new ai if it turns out being better then current one, without destroying performance. P.S. : Ai should not be unbeatable. Regards Angen
  9. No, towers need to be there. You would need to edit simulation/templates/template_structure_defensive_wall_tower.xml and remove GarrisonHolder tag from the file and also from any *_wall_tower.xml inside structures folder. But that will apply to any map you would play with this mod.
  10. (I moved it to bug reports)
  11. It could help to lower the lag but it will not help if units where obstructing themselves from movement. That case would need unit pushing (there is differential somewhere) could you tell at which revision did you play and provide replay? Thank you Edit: and no, it was game's fault, not gamer's
  12. Angen


    most likely revision 23722
  13. Hi, nice work, looking at your last picture, please note that without wall towers, players will not be able to rebuild lost wall section. So after every wall section should follow one wall tower, but it is on you
  14. @Mr.lie hi, could you share replay from that game? https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths
  15. Number of bones is not an issue. Please look here https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths to locate your log files with errors. And please if you have issue with specific file, upload that as well. It is easier to investigate what is the issue.
  16. can you upload mainlog with error, they are very helpful when finding out what is the issue
  17. Hi, In formation templates, Animation was renamed to AnimationVariants because that is what it holds.
  18. Hi, possibly fix is proposed in https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2101 in meantime cppformat was renamed to fmt
  19. Hi, All you need to do is save map using menu in atlas and you can choose in which category Scenario/Random/Skirmish when choosing file name try to avoid spaces something like my_map.xml '.xml' part is very important as without it it will not work. Before saving map itself, in atlas pay attention to the map name and if you have ticked Demo checkbox as that will set further category and will not be visible until you choose Demo maps when selecting in game. That should be all.
  20. Network turnmanager runs on the same thread as simulation. There is plan to move network turnmanager to another thread but nobody worked on it recently. For match dissapearing from list, that happens when host disconnects (there is patch for that somewhere). To improve performance so network code has more time, try to lower shadow quality, water settings, disable post processing... in game settings.
  21. Hi @jonbaer, most recent document i could find is https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/PetraBot#DiplomacyManager.x @wraitii you probably know more
  22. Did you install some mods recently ?
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