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  1. @gaius, I am affraid I do not know help you from this state. Did you changed Formation.js ? because now I dont see it there, probably you deleted changes there too?
  2. Unicorn rams are back in fortress with champion halberdiers, also in earth pony fortress are available champion macemen. Roads can be build by all earth pony citizen soldiers.
  3. Did you remove roads? kind I cannot build them with earth ponies anymore.
  4. The second bar is something what can be called as territory bar, or loyalty as you prefer.. The colour shows you which player can make actions with this building. Some buildings, like Civic centre provides territory influence with certain radius. And a lot of buildings you can build only inside this radius. If player loose civic centre, buildings decays to territory owner (if none, then to gaia) and under some amount of points you cannot do actions anymore. You can take them back with building civic centre nearby, or spreading your existing territory building buildings on its edges. Next thing is, that you can capture the building with soldiers. You get points of loyalty of the building for yourself by the time since your soldiers are capturing the building. Capturing and decaying is slower, or prevented if there is certain number of units garrisoned in the building. I hope it helped someway.
  5. What is your OS? and please attach log files after you run game and it crashes. Look here where to find them: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths
  6. Hello, We are sorry you experienced this. if you are using fullscreen on windows, try to use window mode. It can be found in settings, or press alt+enter. If it does not help, open settings, click on graphic tab and disable post processing. Then you should be able to use fullscreen mode too. If everything fails, disable glsl and postprocessing. Sure you can do this at first place, but you might lose some visual experience. Please let me know if it helps. Have a nice day
  7. @stanislas69, sorry for noise , I made fix for bones to remove conflicts, nice side effect, ram for unicorns is available again
  8. @gaius I just saw the files you uploaded in another post about formation fighting mod. The formation file has to starts like this, if you want to aura be applied: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Entity parent="template_formation"> <Auras datatype="tokens"> formations/formation_phalanx </Auras> <Formation> <Icon>formations/phalanx.png</Icon>
  9. @gaius hello, D1218 should work, but in any case I look into it today, its older code so something relevant elsewhere could change and therefore doesnt work for you. Meanwhile could you please check if you have the aura token in formation file and the file for formation aura correctly created? Thank you
  10. @stanislas69 pull request: fixing unicorn onager skeleton What happend to these bones, that they are not working? Some months ago they did
  11. well, I just noticed and sorry for this, that new units are not in fortresses
  12. I am not sure if it is problem in original game, but here it is more noticeable, unit changes body and tail colour on promotion. I dont know if there can be anything done about it, but it is at least strange
  13. Retextured earth pony market for pegasus. Want it?
  14. @stanislas69 there are meshes allready, you need only to create actors and other, https://github.com/0ADMods/ponies_ascendant/blob/master/art/meshes/structural/pega_wall_medium.dae I had it but it was removed by accident
  15. If you really strongly want it, take a look here D1218. You have to implement these changes in Formation.js and then edit desired formation file as shown in link. But as long as there is no propper formation fight, I personaly dont recommend to give formation bonus. Anyway it is up to you if modding.
  16. Hi, I tried current version and there are some problems with finding files (i attach logs). I like roads, but, they have wrong description, in brackets there is (city wall) and other related stuff to walls. I do not know if it was wanted, but different levels of one type of soldier in earth pony barracks cost the same amount of resources. Starting unicorns I got unrecognised music type. Please enable pega walls, they are pretty. Yes, gate model might missing, but you could retexture one from unicorns. And could you also retexture and replace props for pega market from earth ponies e.g. ? It is killing cloudy scenario. And walking sound for Catapract is out of sync. Thank youuuu And here are errors: ERROR: Actor pony_shuttle_wood: required texture sampler specTex not found (material art/materials/basic_trans_spec.xml) WARNING: Music.storeTracks(): Unrecognized music type: war -------- as unicorns ERROR: [SetWallPlacementPreview] No WallPiece component found for wall set template 'structures/uni_fortress' ERROR: [SetWallPlacementPreview] No WallPiece component found for wall set template 'structures/earth_fortress' ERROR: CCacheLoader failed to find archived or source file for: "art/actors/structures/fndn_wall.xml" ERROR: CObjectManager::FindObjectBase(): Cannot find object 'structures/fndn_wall.xml' ERROR: CCacheLoader failed to find archived or source file for: "art/actors/structures/fndn_wall.xml" ERROR: CObjectManager::FindObjectBase(): Cannot find object 'structures/fndn_wall.xml' ERROR: CCacheLoader failed to find archived or source file for: "audio/interface/complete/building/sel_wall.xml" ERROR: error loading file: pathname=audio/interface/complete/building/sel_wall.xml, error=Function failed (no details available) ERROR: Failed to load sound group 'interface/complete/building/sel_wall.xml' And whole log mainlog.html
  17. Is not consensus defined as majority of opinion?
  18. Offtopic, but there could be in main page FAQ section about possible solutions for frequent problems.
  19. @stanislas69 did you guys lower walking sound for pega champions? ( the gold ones) it is terribly high thnx
  20. Maybe I am wrong but actually as I remember it does not matter what type of resource it is ( except you have to choose from current ones as display type for minimap) , I mean everything what makes difference for current minimap is color. So setting minimap acording stone resource but changing color should be everything you can now do.
  21. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Phabricator
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