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  1. https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP15713#change-Lq067lSlj5FG
  2. btw you said f*** its not allowed word in lobby, be careful what you type
  3. how did you come to conclusion that fpre did it?
  4. But you need to first get development version of the game if you want to test the changes that are going to be in next version. And doing balancing changes requires testing from players and you want to have feedback from as most players as possible. If team would make the balance changes in dev version instead borg doing them in mod, you would need to have dev vsersion of the game and then apply his patch, because untested changes does not go into the game itself. Now you had to download only his mod. Tell me what is easier? If you do not like his changes and you think it would be better to go directly for patch feel free to do it: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions#Acquiringthecode https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/SubmittingPatches
  5. Because there are more people willing to play mod and give feedback that way than download 10gb of dev version and run tests there.
  6. while game is running open some template file, add space somewhere best the way you dont break any string, save it
  7. See this comment: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/25281-borg-expansion-pack-mod-release-v-105/&do=findComment&comment=379842 You can join irc channel: https://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=0ad-dev Or visit related topics: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/18003-suggestions-for-0-ad/ https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16746-planned-features/
  8. hi @plautus, game is not patched between releases. Releaese is done after selected bugs are fixed and selected features implemented. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/timeline https://trac.wildfiregames.com/roadmap https://code.wildfiregames.com/home/menu/view/2/
  9. mythology was not updated to current svn version compatibility
  10. For ranged : if has lower than 20 percent spread for attack is 30 percent larger if has 0 energy, spread is 50 percent larger For melee: Chance to miss target is 30 or 50 percent higher than normally Need to find way to display resources, what is with minimap? its has too many files but yet has to add some missing textures Easier and faster for new fearures to have one civ to mod. No ai, I need to rewrite it completle for economic part. Thats why I added scenario.
  11. Bug with fleeing was fixed. Thank you. Sure it is my todo, if I manage to find out how. Taken in mind. I plan that one cannot train more units at once than has couples of female + male but might be complicated to do There are some gathering rate differences now. Anyway it is just preference of player.
  12. Oh that is bug Set citizens to something else than passive. Will fix soon.
  13. @wowgetoffyourcellphone enable detailed tooltip, anything should be there Check structure tree and resource tree as well.
  14. What map? Get market as fast as possible. Coins are best to buy food ( meat ). Second thing you need to get fast are fields for grain so you can train animals for food.
  15. I needed that because I used a24 horses and they have new meshes, animations and variants. At some point I needed eyecandy for farmsted foundation. There are some (maybe a lot) not needed files I will clean later.
  16. Hi its me again (As you know I have been working at battalion mod. It is sad to said but I might to break something I cannot fix now and have no idea what and at what point I broke it. Anyway here we are.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ git: https://github.com/SlavomirSlovenkai/Survival basic overview: https://github.com/SlavomirSlovenkai/Survival/blob/master/Research.xlsx Basics: Every living entity (sure, there are some exceptions) consumes some kind of food. If it cannot consume, hp is lowered. If can consume, will be healed. It does not have to eat from every type of food (visible in tooltip), just one. (Cavalry is exception as grain is must for horse). No formations No promotion No healing by healers and temples No expand of territory with phase or other bonuses Low resource capacity for units Soldiers gets experiences (except champions) 4 Types of soldiers (Light, Medium, Heavy, Champion) Attack and Armour: Dealing of damage is directional Shield size defines how much damage unit blocks from front Friendly fire for all units Attacks consume energy, if unit is low on energy, will fight terrible Soldiers can be trained to get experiences in barracks, ranges by garrisoning inside. Citizens: can build any type of building work unit limited per house and cc pays you coins Slaves : can be bought from civic centre cannot attack (even slaughter) cannot place foundations are limited per citizen does not have to eat Soldiers: limited per barracks Cavalry: limited per stables Ranged: limited ammo (will refill after all used) Mercenaries: do not eat hire them with coins need to pay them else they turn to gaia Rams: cannot destroy by attack provides radius of protection from arrows need to be garrisoned to be able to attack can be captured Healer -> Priest: Provides auras for faster work and better fighting (based on priest category) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FUN PART BEGINS----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Research points: You need them for most of the research. You can get them by collection resources (repeated action) , training some units first time, building some buildings first time and so on. Feed your pigs: If you do not slaughter pig and you will feed it, it will grow over time and will provide additional resources. When will be ready to slaughter, small meat icon appears over it. (need to hover or select) Berries: If you collect all berries, they will grow back after some time ( so it is not good to collect all bushes at once else your workers will be idle and do not collect automatically when they regrow) Fields: Fields starts with growing session and applies for them the same as for berries. You can shorter regrowing time and you can double resources you get from them with research. Metal and Stone: Techs for these resources have been merged. You can research Shaft mining and after you exhaust mines and quarries (the 50k ones) there will spawn additional resource. Wagons: You can research and construct wagon with horse. Then you specify resource with upgrade (can change any time for free). Units will drop resources into it and when full, wagon goes to dropsite and then back to last position. Trade and Barter: Too many resources so that is moved to dialog window ( just in case you wonder why market is empty ) Damage is deadly Mainly from ranged attacks and animals AnimalAI Collective behaviour based on https://trac.wildfiregames.com/attachment/ticket/1724/collectiveBehavior-v4.diff Enlarged vision for wolfs Animals will run when they are going to attack UnitAI Collective behaviour for passive units to flee Animations and Art Horse update from a24 Units will hold tools their are going to use Combat / relax animation variants for soldiers Ranged units will not display ammo when they have none Ranged units will hold daggers when no ammo or only melee allowed Displaying real attack range of buildings even when in preview Buildings Grouped by category Will take resources only if actually build (Queue stalled message if not enough resources) Will give resources back when demolished Fortress Territory root Trees Lowers vision and walkspeed ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------IMPORTANT NOTES--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Only Athenians AI broken -> so none Every victory condition has survival script (you loose if you have 0 citizens) Maps Some maps might give errors when you try to play I left them so you can play multiplayer. SURVIVAL SCENARIO I have created single player Scenario map with scripted enemy to attack in waves. Cool thing it is actually player not gaia so victory condition applies Your can stop attacks if you manage to destroy its fortress. ( Has one ) Then to win you need to kill citizens of that player. (They are in city and countryside. Some are garrisoned inside CCs, because currently has no active defence reaction.) // Side note: Took me 3h to finish that map (to win) Have fun, enjoy report.
  17. @gameboy it is part of svn now
  18. @gameboy kind of, see https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2074 Edit: Fixed
  19. @gameboy game is no more compiled with vs2013 but with vs2015 Reproduced with vs2013 build but cannot with vs2015
  20. @happyconcepts can you stop that nonsense please ? You should think about what you posted at first place. Did really ? I cannot find single word by Imarok. It was you tagging ticket with keyword beginner. (https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/4669#no2) btw all that Imarok did was he moved your ticket to the correct groups. Do you get emails ? Or did you stop following your own patch after 5 days from last update? Even if that change would be rejected, it is not end of the world. I changed hundreds of code, spend hours by testing and implementing and feature was not accepted. And now what. And there is always room for newcomers. But they should take in mind or they work on something they know is wanted, or they have to be prepared it will be rejected. Do you mean this repo your patch or this forum thread. In both cases it insults me. In which way ? Because we corrected you that your patch have been commited ? You could just check status of your patch you know. Did you bother to read post before asking that question?
  21. Hello @Wardoctor, I guess you are at windows. Do you have graphic card by intel? In any case. Please disable postprocessing in graphic settings of the game. If you crash again, disable glsl. Then it should work. In case it will still crash please locate crashlog files and post them here with you system inforamtions. ( If you do not know where to find crashlog files take a look here: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths ) Have a nice day
  22. How does he know it is noob player if player will have no rating ? I do not agree. If I play against someone and I see he is advancing fast and destroying me, I will remember and avoid to play with him again if I am avoiding pro players in general.
  23. It could not. They can still play singleplayer
  24. Swimming is not in game. I remember someone saying something about pathfinder would have performance problems for it.
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