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  1. ddb_brutus

    spectator optional?

    HI elexis, maybe I was too technical when hinting all of the possibilities. In reality, it doesn't take more than 10x enter press to install windows 7 in the box and probably require no more skill than setting up the game itself. I don't think you can do much about it except maybe add a "disable spectators" radio button next to the rated game option in the match setup. have a nice one, B
  2. ddb_brutus

    spectator optional?

    Thank you Hannibal_Barca I found it now, I was expecting it match setup options.
  3. ddb_brutus

    spectator optional?

    hi elexis: I have no problems running two instances with all of the shadings using GPU pass through to cupa driver on Ubuntu.I run and VMware or Virtualbox on win10 I could even assign two different mouses and keyboard to each instance if I used Hackintosh or Linux as VirtualBox host. I run one instance as a virtual machine and one full screen. I can join the game with both. In the spectator instance in can select opponents from drop-down list and spy on his resources and population and in another instance I play the game. The nat config gets a bit trickier when I host with one of the instances, I have the "de-confuse" stun client path or use the proxy to forward the port since all instances run on the same computer but are doable even when I host and spectate. I won't share the details here for obvious reasons. It is probably too complicated for most of the players, but I am sure there are quite a few who bother to pull it off. I find it pathetic, just wanted to share my experience.
  4. Hi. some people manage to log in twice as spectators and players at the same time using virtual box. I played with AI to test it and it is really easy. I wish there was an option that doesn't allow spectators. I know it could hurt the game but double login cause a lot of lag, no need to mention the fact that double logins allow cheating.
  5. ddb_brutus

    how to improve?

    Thank you! I think I kinda figured out the eco build. I follow the AI build advice, by alekusu, but mix in more skirmishers for 1v1 versus good player. I place them around the cc after the 4th farm. I carefully watched the inspiration circles and I think 2, 3 mixes work. I am still clumsy farm swapping 2V for 2S but getting there. I usually have Females on 90-degree cross farms and Skirmishers on corner farms. then I take two females off and fill the empty space with next two farmers and finally put females on 2 empty on last skirmisher farm on 8-circle. It still takes too much time away, but ill get better. after 4th farms i usually have some extra wood i am able to spare. I group those around cc to fight off the first phase wave of c if necessary. if there is wood to collect in front of the base that kinda allows me to put more females around cc because skirmishers cant make it to the front of time if the back relative to threat. if there is no wood upfront I have to mix them in around cc. Also, if the farmstead is not parallel or diagonal with cc, the farmers take the longer path to drop site as they would otherwise for some reason prefer/gravitate to farmstead as the drop. farms have to snug in tightly between cc and farmstead in case villagers decide to use farmstead drop site to avoid long walks. one week more and ill have it down. then I have to figure the blacksmith upgrades. many thanks, guys!
  6. ddb_brutus

    how to improve?

    thank you that really helped!
  7. ddb_brutus

    how to improve?

    Thank you again, Hannibal Barca and Grugnas! I am getting better by the day. I figured every map is different and there is no definite plan. initially l, I dare to spawn about 30 females out of the first phase 90 pop. I continue with Miele and range citizens. The ratio depends on how advanced the opponent. I place females and Miele away from cc, so they don't scramble to CC if I have to hit the panic button, I place range skirmisher around the CC so they provide range cover if I have to whack the intruders with Miele. Since Miele cannot hides in houses, they are easy to group and sent to defend whatever building is in danger. If the attack is bogus (5 1st phase cavals) I don't have to panic at all I don't mind lower ratio farming rates for the benefit of defense, skirmishers gather slower but they walk faster so food gains are tolerable and I can compensate their low rates with a farm or two more. Miele walk slow and storage has to be tight to the resource I guess I now defend most of the 1st phase raids, still, have problems when good players come back with the vengeance. ( 5 rams and elite cavalry) I am still clumsy in 2nd phase. soldiers bump into each other when defending I forget to assign them defensive roles in the heat of the game, I get overwhelmed with larger pop etc.. ill work on it when I perfect the first stage. I still have two more questions about the first phase; 1. If you look at my farmers at 7, 1/3 I don't understand why they take foods to the cc if the farm is closer to the farmstead? Is there any way to fix that or is just the way it is? 2. when I hit the panic button, why some remote citizens within the border of the village but kind of far ignore the silver panic alert? I truly appreciate your help!
  8. ddb_brutus

    how to improve?

    thank you SirPope and Grugnas. Ill focus on low resources, citizen male farmers and allocate more to wood gathers. I knew mixed farms produced more but didn't think it made the difference. i need to figure out the definition of "mixed" is it at least one woman on the field or one woman on a granary? 1500+ players raid me right after my town phase chimes. I think I am getting the point. faster build, male citizen, and blacksmith first. Is the blue circle around the females 10m inspire range? thank you!
  9. ddb_brutus

    how to improve?

    Thank you Hanibal and Stanislas, I appreciate your help. I think I am getting there, I work on my build right now. I kinda go 3 farms 1Barack 2 farms 1 Barack until hit pop 100 and hit "town" still wondering what to build first in town phase. I go with the market first if low on one resource or I go with temple and towers if two gang up on me and raid me relentlessly. Some say I dig in too much. I don't like to expand too fast unless resources force me. I have no use for cavalry and is hard to cover vast space and defend using Castles Palisades, Range and Miele footsoldiers. I just don't like to have space that is not covered by building fire. I am getting better fast though. If i build another town i like to be almost in the range of next town towers. I recorded yesterdays build: if someone has time to fast forward id appreciate any comments: I improved since I use time counter now. Some farms are not completely utilized but I am kinda getting the eye for it. houses are overbuilt but like to build it that way because they usually gang up on the weakest enemy first one so kinda like to look bigger than I am and I cheap way to look bigger. also, keep attackers busy destroying nonsense if I have to run and build against the wall.
  10. ddb_brutus

    how to improve?

    I played plenty with Petra. I beat Petra on every level. real players smart. they build fast and intimidate my build with cav. I guess I need a better mouse and keyboard shortcuts to execute faster. I like Spartans simple strategy and choices if i get to develop and can use natural barriers, but I lose if oppo comes right after me early in the game, on wide open and if there are no natural barriers to fortify my build. Seleucid is a good civ but if attack early and don't follow it through I get punished. that's my problems right now, any advice appreciated.
  11. ddb_brutus

    player leaves the game

    it was a rated game and the dude got bitter. not fair.