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  1. The Gohma techtree will need more allowed 'trainer units' due to its egg > larva > gohma mechanic, what file in the gui allows one to set that again? I remember seeing the variable earlier, but due to the overhaul of the gui in 0.23 I'm not sure it's still in the same place.
  2. Hello all, been a while, I'm still working on HC along with Neph and Exodarion, currently attempting to resolve two gui-related issues with the structure tree present in HC's current patreon build. Firstly, the Kokiri structure tree will not load - we suspect this is probably related to the unusual build style of the Kokiri, with the focus on the three upgradable groves, and indeed there mayu be no way to resolve it, but here is the specific error message displayed WARNING: JavaScript warning: gui/reference/structree/structree.js line 146 reference to undefined property g_ParsedData.units[prod] ERROR: JavaScript error: gui/reference/common/helper.js line 111 TypeError: template is undefined getPhaseOfTemplate@gui/reference/common/helper.js:111:6 selectCiv@gui/reference/structree/structree.js:146:16 __eventhandler42 (selectionchange)@civSelection selectionchange:0:1 Secondly, nearly all the structure trees for factions will not load when accessed from within a match by clicking the faction icon on the top bar. Attempting to do so opens a messed-up menu with the following error string on repeat. Some have reported switching to another faction in the dropdown menu will display that faction's structure tree correctly, and the Gerudo appear to load correctly, but are the only faction that does not result in this messed up string of errors. WARNING: JavaScript warning: gui/reference/common/helper.js line 112 reference to undefined property g_ParsedData.phaseList[0] WARNING: The "phase_town" technology is not researchable in any structure buildable by the hylian civilisation, but is required by something that this civ can research, train or build! WARNING: The "phase_city" technology is not researchable in any structure buildable by the hylian civilisation, but is required by something that this civ can research, train or build! WARNING: Unrecognised phase (phase_village) WARNING: JavaScript warning: gui/reference/common/helper.js line 100 reference to undefined property g_ParsedData.phaseList[0] WARNING: Unrecognised phase (phase_village) WARNING: Unrecognised phase (phase_village) WARNING: Unrecognised phase (phase_village) WARNING: Unrecognised phase (phase_village) WARNING: JavaScript warning: gui/reference/structree/structree.js line 189 reference to undefined property buildList[phase] ERROR: JavaScript error: gui/reference/structree/structree.js line 189 TypeError: buildList[phase] is undefined selectCiv@gui/reference/structree/structree.js:189:3 __eventhandler285 (selectionchange)@civSelection selectionchange:0:1 init@gui/reference/structree/structree.js:47:37 openStrucTree@gui/session/menu.js:1128:1 __eventhandler209 (press)@civIconOverlay press:0:1 ERROR: GUI page 'page_structree.xml': Failed to call init() function
  3. I've been attempting to add a number of Legend of Zelda languages as custom fonts to the engine by following these tutorials: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Font_Builder2 https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Adding_font_support And seem to have succeeded in installing and configuring Python and the associated files correctly, but am not sure how to activate "fontbuilder.py" Attempts to run "python fontbuilder.py" in the command prompt display an error, while manually running the script seems to do nothing. I've attempted a test run of the script and no font files appeared in the output directory. I'm not sure if the script needs to go somewhere in either the 0 AD files or Python directory or I messed up a previous step. on the note of the script, when I do manage to get it working, are these the correct sections in which to input new fonts? # For extra glyph support, add your preferred font to the font array Sans = (["AncientHylian.otf","GerudoTypography.ttf"], FontLoader.FT_LOAD_DEFAULT) Sans_Bold = (["AncientHylian.otf","GerudoTypography.ttf"], FontLoader.FT_LOAD_DEFAULT) Sans_Italic = (["AncientHylian.otf","GerudoTypography.ttf"], FontLoader.FT_LOAD_DEFAULT) SansMono = (["AncientHylian.otf","GerudoTypography.ttf"], FontLoader.FT_LOAD_DEFAULT) Serif = (["AncientHylian.otf","GerudoTypography.ttf"], FontLoader.FT_LOAD_NO_HINTING) Serif_Bold = (["AncientHylian.otf","GerudoTypography.ttf"], FontLoader.FT_LOAD_NO_HINTING) # Define the size differences used to render different fallback fonts # I.e. when adding a fallback font has smaller glyphs than the original, you can bump it dsizes = {'HanaMinA.ttf': 2} # make the glyphs for the (chinese font 2 pts bigger) fonts = ( ("mono-10", SansMono, 10, filled), ("mono-stroke-10", SansMono, 10, stroked2), ("sans-9", Sans, 9, filled), ("sans-10", Sans, 10, filled), ("sans-12", Sans, 12, filled), ("sans-13", Sans, 13, filled), ("sans-14", Sans, 14, filled), ("sans-16", Sans, 16, filled), ("sans-bold-12", Sans_Bold, 12, filled), ("sans-bold-13", Sans_Bold, 13, filled), ("sans-bold-14", Sans_Bold, 14, filled), ("sans-bold-16", Sans_Bold, 16, filled), ("sans-bold-18", Sans_Bold, 18, filled), ("sans-bold-20", Sans_Bold, 20, filled), ("sans-bold-22", Sans_Bold, 22, filled), ("sans-bold-24", Sans_Bold, 24, filled), ("sans-stroke-12", Sans, 12, stroked2), ("sans-bold-stroke-12", Sans_Bold, 12, stroked3), ("sans-stroke-13", Sans, 13, stroked2), ("sans-bold-stroke-13", Sans_Bold, 13, stroked3), ("sans-stroke-14", Sans, 14, stroked2), ("sans-bold-stroke-14", Sans_Bold, 14, stroked3), ("sans-stroke-16", Sans, 16, stroked2), ) for (name, (fontnames, loadopts), size, style) in fonts: print "%s..." % name generate_font("../../../binaries/data/mods/Hyrule/fonts/%s" % name, fontnames, loadopts, size, style, dsizes)
  4. Hi Sirpope, I tried adding your altered civ_choices.js, it does seem to unlock techs for AI in some capacity, but may also unlock unique hero units for a player who is the same faction as said AI: for example, when playing as the Kingdom of Hyrule, with the hero Kazakk, versus an AI Kingdom of Hyrule of medium difficulty, I was able to train "Champion Knight", the Hero Link's unique unit as well as Kazakk's "Goldenclad Elite." Additionally, the AI began experiencing numerous error logs as I sent and attack force after it, which are attached, I can't make any sense of them not knowing anything about how Petra works. interestinglog.html
  5. Hello, I'm one of the on-off two members of "Hyrule Conquest Team," we haven't had much to do as with the engine switch neph is able to do most of its without needing any additional help, so I've been keeping myself busy trying to understand the 0 AD engine and help fix errors and bugs to the best of my ability. I've noticed, at least in my game, the temporary hero selection screen has stopped working in single-player, with the attached error message. If anyone has any idea as to what problem with that GUI file is please let me know. And thanks for all the help with Hyrule Conquest, it's nice to meet you all @Lion.Kanzen That armor is being used for the Lanayru Zora faction, these Zora Neph is working on, the Dominion Zora, have a much fancier gold/sapphire aesthetic
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