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  1. Ayol

    ===[COMMITTED]=== Spartan Structures

    Okay well those are the ones I want to save. Just a thought If the current Spartan Temple model really is going to be replaced, why not recycle it into the Athenian Temples designs, maybe add a few details...or not, whichever you all want to choose. That way the Athenians could then have two temples types, like how Carthage gets two. It's not really necessary to have two types of temples, but it may still be an option.
  2. Ayol

    ===[COMMITTED]=== Spartan Structures

    I'm just trying to clarify, there are two ground level braziers flanking the entrance to 0ad's Spartan Temples. Are those not accurate either?
  3. Ayol

    ===[COMMITTED]=== Spartan Structures

    Hello, when remaking the the spartan temple. Could you keep those two braziers out in the front that the current model has? It looks cool.
  4. Hello, LordGood I want to say thank you for doing this, and I like your buildings more than the current. They do still retain that yellow sort of color though. I'm not sure what you think about that, so I wanted to tell you about the materials the Greek and Egyptians used for for their buildings. Though you may already know some or all of this. I've read the Egyptians liked whitewashed limestone as finish for their temples or government buildings and of course the iconic pyramids; the Egyptians would sand off the weathered part of the rock to get to it's coveted white interior. Using that technique the pyramids themselves were (from a distance) said to look like perfect triangular mirrors. The Greeks loved another white stone in the form of marble: Often used for their temple complexes or just their "special" buildings, that in contrast from it's decorative but gaudy pastels made them visually striking to onlookers. My point being, its maybe not the perfect, but a pretty good storm for white colored buildings, at least when it comes to the important ones. With all of that aside, I really like your new buildings, it's good work. Just continue changing them!
  5. Hello again White Tree, I liked your response as a whole, and that was cool of you to mention 0ad's inner workings. However I think I needed to clarify my message to you. Your first paragraph above came off me as that I only want Greek architecture for the Ptolemaics. I don't know for sure if I'm right, but I just to clarify, I want there to be a blend between the Egyptian and Greek Macedonian cultures reflected the Ptolemaics Egyptians buildings. Right now (I think) the Ptolemaics are more geared more towards just the Egyptian style. Many people have already mentioned it, but I also really like the Seleucids. I think their architecture is not only attractive but unique, and different. I want the Ptolemaics to be just like that. Once again I hope didn't offend in any way. I value anyone's opinions on this thread.
  6. Hope this isn't breaking a rule about replying to old comments, or a dead thread. But when I read your comment just now I couldn't help myself, especially when considering you were once part of 0ad's staff. So my response to your concern is this: The 0ad game is set in a time period where the Greeks are very prominent. Why forgo historical accuracy just because the Greeks and their architecture are a "been there done that" kind of thing for 0ad's art team, and especially considering the kind of game 0ad is, which is one in ongoing development. Why not make a little more time for the Ptolemaic's. Thank you for your feedback, and I appreciate your opinion.
  7. Hello, This suggestion is directed towards 0ad's art team, (but specifically regarding the Ptolemaic Civilization). The Ptolemies in game building models I think reflect Egyptian culture and art very well, however; Ptolemaic Egypt still had heavy greek influence, and I don't think it's adequately reflected. I would look to Alexandria to clues. Or I would (if I was designing this myself), simply imagine a Greek/Egyptian hybrid culture, rather than making an Egyptian civilization and just telling people they're also Greek. I was told 0ad strives to be as accurate as it can whilst providing acceptable breaks from reality for the sake of gameplay (like farming during winter). I do not believe the changes I'm asking for would hurt either of those goals. I do however really like the game and all wildfire has been able to do with it. When windows 8 made Empires: Dawn of the Modern World incompatible, I thought I would never get to play a game like it again, but luckily through your work I can play something that mimics it almost exactly in graphics and is arguably better. But since 0ad is still in development, and so subject to change, I hope you can look at this suggestion with a fresh mind. So thank you, and I hope I didn't seem too critical.
  8. I don't understand, to the people who lived during those times and in those civilizations, it wasn't mythology. It was real to them. It was possible. And how do you know what direction the game is in? Has it been stated somewhere, could you show me a link if it has?
  9. Hello, The priest unit (or monk) would have access to supernatural powers that would cause natural disastors. I got this idea from another game very similar to 0ad. It was called "Empires: Dawn of the Modern World" In that game the "priests" were Vicars and Cardinals. And the monks...were just Monks, Buddhist probably. Anyway, they could could summon all kinds of things, like an earthquake, the Bubonic Plague, or even a (small) Volcano. The "natural disasters" weren't very large, didn't last too long, and they had a long cool down. But they did some hefty damage on whatever small potion of the map they affected. And as a bonus, all monks and priests (in Empires), could convert an enemy unit to your side, (unless the enemy unit or the monk is killed). A nod to religious conversion in general I'm sure. But in 0ad, things would be different to reflect the difference in each of the of the game's time period they're set in. For example: The Greek factions could summon a thunder storm, (representing Zeus and Poseidon). The Successors, Celts, and Muryan India, each would also have their own unique take on the supernatural. Just think about it for a bit. How many times throughout history has a threatening invading fleet, all of a sudden become lost to a hurricane, how many cities have been swallowed up by the sea, or reduced to ruble from an earthquake. All of these disasters weakening the city, or state, or country, ripening it for enemy invasion, or an uprising of whomever the affected may have subjugated. The whole point is to represent these occurrences in the game, shake stuff up if it gets too stale (or hard). And above all to add some fun, to make you in control of Mother Nature itself. Thanks for reading! And let me know what do you think. I'm open for suggestions, constructive criticism, anything pertaining to the suggestion really.