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  1. jorpran

    Who speaks spanish

    jaja gracias, yo no tenia ni idea de la existencia de esto
  2. jorpran

    Who speaks spanish

    yo también hablo español, y la verdad voy algo perdido en todo esto, ya que soy nuevo. Me parece una idea genial y me vendría muy bien!
  3. jorpran

    Unknown Error creating Multiplayer acount

    OK thanks you so much. Do u know how to play on LAN? i am new here sorry...
  4. Hi!! I have 2 computers at home with the game installed in both. I registered one Multiplayer account in my computer without any problems, but when my brother tried to register his new account in his computer, he can't do it and a "Unknown Error" appear. Someone know why this happens? We want to play together online and we can't do it. Thanks and sorry for my english.
  5. jorpran

    Register Issue

    ufff okay, lets wait. thanks for all
  6. jorpran

    How to put the game in Spanish (iOS)

    okay, thanks for the help
  7. Hii, I play on a iMac and when I change the language in to Spanish, it doesn´t change, it stays in English. Could someone help me please?
  8. jorpran

    Register Issue

    Do you know how many time we should wait please? thanks