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  1. Hello, thankyou, suggestions

    I also find default agressive stance annoying, agressive soldiers are kind of suicidal often following units to the enemy's CC I had the same feelings when I used to play AOE 2.
  2. wowgetoffyourcellphone's gameplay design

    I think we are messing too much with wowget's proposal with so many different ideas in the same topic. It's hard because we can't discuss any aspects by its own, they work together in the gameplay. But following these endless threads is really exhausting and time consuming we should find another way.
  3. Game against AI doesn't end if has siege weapon

    Thank you, @sanderd17. I'll change the settings
  4. I defeated an AI but didn't won (they had no influenced territory, buildings or units) until I've discovered an abandoned siege weapon in the middle of nowhere. I'm not 100% sure if it is a bug, but I think AI should surrender at that point. Thanks!
  5. Alpha 22 name suggestions

    Oh, no Vacuna please...it means vaccine in spanish and also means "related to cows"
  6. wowgetoffyourcellphone's gameplay design

    "(note that this is only regular army movement. Now imagine another player or even 2-3 with their units clashing into yours. HF trying to get an overview and apply micro to assign unit counters)" You are starting to convince me. What I usually do in those cases is to group my army by unit types with ctrl + number. It's impossible to micromanage each unit, so it doesn't differ too much on having battalions. "If you insist on using a 20 year old, outdated system I can't help you. Especially since you already state yourself that you want to avoid unnecessary complexity." This isn't useful. We also use programming languages which have 20 year old and there is no problem with that. Lots of recent games have not battalions, or is Starcraft 2 a 20 year old game? or is it Supreme Commander? About unnecessary complexity is what makes me concerned about battalions. It would simplify some parts of the combat but it is not all necessarily good. Pros of individual units: You can micromanaging to kill more powerful enemies You can dodge projectiles easier You can do better use of your units (divide them to gather different resources or construct) You can micromanage to obstaculize your enemies movement. The game is prepared to work this way already. In general, you have more control about your resources (train just the units you need, use just the units you need for each task...) Doubts about Battalions: What will happen with my formation when I try to harass some women in the woods (e_e)? Will I have a full battalion of scouting cavalry? It won't make them slower if faces obstacles like trees? As many soldiers are "workers" I wouldn't be able to split them in different tasks. So "manpower" will be wasted (not a doubt, I think it's a con) Women will be grouped also? Merchants? The formation will be rigid as a rectangle? Could I customize the formation? They will adapt to the circumstances? (for example to surrounding an overwhelmed enemy unit) I think battalions may work but many things have to be redesigned.
  7. wowgetoffyourcellphone's gameplay design

    I absolutely agree with that part. I don't see the point of veterancy in most of my 0ad games (although I didn't play too much). Don't take me wrong, I like the concept of veterancy but for my game which is spaming spearmen and so, it's useless. I don't care for a single soldier, also I find micromanagement hard for keeping they alive. Selecting hurt units after a battle one by one, send them back, heal them and returning them to the front in most cases doesn't worth the effort and time for me. But I'm concerned of turning into a battalion system. Maybe it's because I don't have much experience with battalions except for Total War and I really think 0ad may be a great game with or without battalions. But I have AoE gameplay very linked to a splitted units system and battalions make me wonder how it will work mixed up with many other functionalities (veterancy, replacement of deads, gathering resources). I just don't see that system in the currently 0ad. I don't say battalion system is bad for 0ad, I'm just not convinced (just an opinion)
  8. Suggestions for 0 A.D.

    Oh, sorry if it's duplicated it's hard to follow all the suggestions being so many topics in the forum (I think it's a nightmare for developers reading all the suggestions) Sorry I didn't understand the part of training buildings
  9. Who speaks spanish

    Y más que seremos cuando traiga a mis amigos a 0ad
  10. Hello, I want to change the default folder in which replays are saved. I didn't see anything in the options inside the game menu about it. I think there is no option to do that but... maybe modifying some configuration file? I use a gnu/linux system if that helps. I have several disks and the default folder is in the SSD I rather like to save replays in other HDD in which I have plenty of free space. Thanks!
  11. Suggestions for 0 A.D.

    Hmm... didn't see it. I'll try harder Another suggestion: Show queued actions on your units when holding shift pressed. Show you can see the path your units are going to follow (it would be great it you also can see how much time is going to take for the unit to get to every point) Supreme Commander example: example
  12. Who speaks spanish

    Hola, otro hispano-hablante. Me gustaría una comunidad de gente de habla hispana pero no sé si somos suficientes. Saludos desde Alicante, España
  13. wowgetoffyourcellphone's gameplay design

    I suggest a new topic to arguing the pros and cons of a battalion system. Because I really don't see the point of using that. I think it restricts player freedom to controlling their troops and reduces the possibilities micromanaging battles. Also, with soldier citizen system you couldn't split to gather different resources. On the other side, I just see that it would be nice looking for battles and implement some features as in Total War games (charges, moral, flanks, etc). I personally see lots of troubles and little advantages for battalions.
  14. Suggestions for 0 A.D.

    I don't know if it's the right place but I'd love to have some idle icons (for idle women, idle barracks, idle CC). Also I miss an option to mute the game when it's minimized. Thanks.
  15. Hello, everyone! I've just discovered this amazing game a couple of days before. I want to thank and congratulate you for all the work done here. Also, I want to thank all enthusiasts and people of the community who are not developers but contribute with testing, suggestion and support. Now, I would like to share with you some of my impressions: First of all, I'd say this is the most beautiful libre and driven community game I ever saw. It drove me years back in time when I used to play Age of Mythology. However I didn't felt some comfortable with some mechanics like "soldier citizen" gathering resources, capturing buildings and more. I don't say they are bad, I'm just not used to it. So I wanted to share this impressions and I found in the forum some posts of @DarcReaver from around 2015 saying that the gameplay was broken because of the lack of design and it summarizes some of the feelings I had in my firsts games. I just didn't feel like the game mechanics were cohesive (it's just my impressions, I'm not criticizing your work). Then I saw this topic about game design and it made me feel relieved because you are willing to do a good design and to argument to each other the pros and cons of including features as battalions and so. So, I personally believe in community driven projects and I think you have in your hands something with invaluable potential. I hope we'll enjoy one of the best RTS ever made in few years. I would like to ask if Pyrogenesis engine might be used to make other games in the future. My favorite RTS is Supreme Commander and would like to dream with a future clone of it. Finally, I have some suggestions (little ones and huge) so I guess I'll public other topics. Really, thank you all. This is one of my dreams when I was a little boy.