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  1. Eventually for other people find the link to my post at ubuntu.fr http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?id=2008040 +
  2. Hello, I just tested the game it works very well, With the deleted line, I was even able to create two At ubuntu.fr, during the analysis work carried out, They may have another solution, or detected another problem. There would be a different ip address when installing the games than today. So worry about me. I would like to inform you of the continuation here Thank you for your help and that of ublender at ubuntu.fr Nb I have to point out that the gambling music continued while the bet was stopped at the end of the game, and when I had left the game. My computer is pretty weak, it's true. I first did a 1vs1 game that was very good, then a game at 4 with a lot of slowdown during the attacks, I've already read some info on the furum there. The next game in 3 players maximum should lighten my small processor. Sorry orthorgraphe translate with google
  3. With the help of furun 0ad and furub ubuntu fr, I got to delete the line in local.cfg: Room = "arena21"; Default MUC room to join I then tried to join lobby and visibly it works, Thank you all
  4. Thanks for the solution, I see with ubuntu.fr to apply it, I will come back here to say that the solution is good
  5. hello, Thank you for your advice and patience;) I'm not easy with computers. I went on the wiki page, and I do not see how to check arena 15 or 21. On the wiki it details for windows, os, and linux, I'm on ubuntu, Would you be able to explain how to do it, please thanks again
  6. Hello, I'm new here on 0AD, I have a problem with the lobby that I can not reach, the lobby page registered <system> service unavailable I have of course activated port udp 20595 on my ubuntu firewall and on the bbox (internet modem), I installed 0ad via command line on the ubuntu terminal with the ppa line, normally everything is ok Does anyone have any idea of blocking on the lobby page? Nb I can illustrated as needed by screenschot Thank you for your patience, fantasin470 from Belgium -sorry spelling I translate with google
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