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  1. Fusion Manatee

    Pop. Cap Bug

    Ya, it was probably just an older version. This so far hasn't happened again.
  2. Fusion Manatee

    Pop. Cap Bug

    I attempted to load the save before that but my FPS just tanked the moment I loaded in. I was also greeted with the same stuff on the pictures above....
  3. Fusion Manatee

    Pop. Cap Bug

    So I have run into a problem where my pop cap seemed to be bugged out. As I was training soldiers and citizens, I reached the pop cap I had at the time. Instead of just moving my build team over to build another house, I got the Home Garden upgrade instead because I thought it would be better in the long run. While it did supposedly increase my pop cap, I was still left unable to train more people because 'I had no space'. So, assuming it was just a normal bug, I looked past it and decided that I should build a new house in hopes to increase it normally. While that too increased what it said my cap was, I was again left with apparently no space, even though there is at least 20 more units until I caped out again. I tried saving where I was and logging back in and my screen was filled with the red messages seen below. (Assuming the image appears below this text). I am not sure what to do or what I did wrong so if there is a solution, please tell me. If I was unclear, please tell me that too. Thank You.