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  1. Version from 28.03.2020: (Lobby Warning fix and unselect on gamelist updates fix) fgod.exp.280320201820.pyromod for the crowd. Please do support 0ad by coding and contribution.
  2. jes as there wasnt much support for the mod but users i havent done something about it currently. also the applying of the feature of the 0ad team was very low. so its just an outdated and unsupported piece currently. so bad so far.
  3. if u start doing for good is all no problem
  4. hey u got a solution? or u attracting problems wher is ur honor
  5. @go2die ur right. just remember law of attraction. if u start focus on cheats u will get more cheats. u may better off with focus on game functionality in attraction
  6. i glow my mind why we start looking into cheats. its a bottomless pit i thought we would go up not down. its about honor
  7. Latest Activity: Version from 12.02.2020: (Player/Observer List InGame overlay fix) fgod.exp.1581540040.pyromod
  8. @badosu ur the drama queen really
  9. Only missing notifier setter on minimap now for sending to team (phab was patch? blue color or green or yellow? spam filter for sending or mute option on receiver side?)
  10. Version from 6.12.2019: fgod23experimental.pyromod (Player statistics overlay fix work for me)
  11. jc is always playing replays XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD is it replay? or wutXD
  12. will there be some haunebu? uboat?
  13. we can go 1v1 and if i dont let u win u know that something is wrong with u
  14. and if the joke is to hard for you but it in the info graphic any way and put borg- has screen problems or am i suppose to come into nobility level with my joke
  15. thanks to me that i hold my self back and didn't sign for the 1v1 tournament but why im not listed as such in the info graphic?
  16. can u translate that for me in portugese?
  17. at least per file translation threading must be possible no? read cores count and fill according number of worker threads with translations no?
  18. thought the same. i looked in some worker threads from current code to know how to implement and how they work. i wanted to start trying to thread the current archive builder code to thread the translations happening there to see if that can be threaded as first try that would result in a gain for that when building archives for mods and stuff. then i would try to apply to the transitions of the functions being called most often when building a frame in the game. current idea from me. so need to isolate by perf measuring code the functions that do the most work. then try to thread and make the data lock that is being worked on so we get a parallel work here.
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