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  1. @Lion.Kanzen Bit over kill, I'd be on the floor after the first punch.
  2. Video games are for nerds, I don't think you'll fit in around here bud. Sorry
  3. If anyone is planning on buying the game soon, here's a 10% discount code they sent me that I won't be using: EA-10PD-4684-31819 Only works if you buy it direct from them here: http://www.slitherine.com/products/product.asp?gid=675
  4. Thanks for the reply @stanislas69 I will have a look for some sources on what they might have looked like, got a couple books on the subject that might be good. The website says that 0AD spans from 500BC to 500AD, the temple proposal would have to fit within that timeframe yeah?
  5. Not sure if this is the correct thread to be asking, but I've noticed that the temple for the Gauls and the Britons is the same un-temple like model (to my eye at least). Is this because of a lack of sources on what they might have looked like or am I missing something? (edit: Also, how strict are you guys being about separating pictish/gaelic influences out of the Briton faction? I notice the Fortress is referred to as a 'Broch', which to my understanding is a term that comes from further north than what's considered Briton.)
  6. Don't know if any of you guys are that interested in this game anymore but I've been playing it a bit and I don't really get it, it's not added anything interesting at all. Would definitely not pay for this unless it was a mobile game.
  7. Perhaps A could be Available Population and B could be Population Cap? In my experience 'pop cap' is the most commonly used phrase for B, so I think it may as well stay that way. It's not creative but I think it avoids confusion.
  8. @wowgetoffyourcellphoneThanks, I'll see if I can figure that out.
  9. Thanks for the advice @niektb I might give that a go soon, although I am hoping to get this map completed before starting anything else as most of my attempts at things like this end up never being completed because I start something else and forget about it... @wowgetoffyourcellphone Do you mean change the entire map to look autumnal? Is there a faster way of replacing large quantities of entities that I am unaware of?
  10. @Sundiata, helpful screenshots thanks. Although I think it was my laziness that's got in the way of using a more diverse terrain texture palette, I probably should have started with a smaller map to get better at this. It will probably take another few hours to get the all terrain up to the standard in your screenshots but I'll give it a go.
  11. Thank you @MishFTW, but I have some changes I want to make which I should get to in the next day or two which will make playing the map a little better. I've also noticed it seems to lag more severely than usual but I'm not sure whether that's just that when I was testing it with 7 AIs or the map is too complex. Going to find out soon as I've got some people who are up for testing it multiplayer without AI.
  12. Thanks for the advice @Sundiata, I'll try to make the shore a little more realistic. Any tips for making textures more realistic?
  13. This map is my first serious attempt at making a map for 0 A.D. and after spending some time on it I still feel like it is missing something. So I am here looking for some criticism, tips or whatever to try and make it a better looking map/improve gameplay. The map is loosely based of a height map made from the Firth of Fourth (Linne Foirthe in Gaelic) in Scotland: The map is not accurate in any way though and neither is the scenario in which the north of the firth is inhabited by 4 celtic players (2 gaullic 2 briton) and the south is occupied by 3 Romans and one Iberian (will probably change this...). Screen Shots (the AI has already began placing some buildings in some of these shots): Actual map files: FirthandFourthMap.zip Slightly updated version: FirthandFourth2.zip
  14. Never mind, figured something out. Thanks for the links.
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