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  1. I made the mistake of opening links on and it turns out that the build instructions lead there too, only that it redirects you to VS 2017.
  2. A few weeks ago Visual Studio 2017 went from Release Candidate to being an official version. I'm using it for my course. Moments ago I switched on my desktop PC and I planned to install both VS 2013 and VS 2017 - a nice bonus is that I managed to get my SDL project to build on my laptop (using Visual Studio) so why not install VS on the desktop PC too I downloaded VS 2013 with "update 5". When I try to run the exe it says "Update 5 does not apply, or is blocked by another condition on your computer". There may be a way around this but I didn't experience this the last time. It's a quest to find VS 2013 on a Microsoft website. Every time I look it up, I get lost! What would it take to move 0 AD from VS 2013 to VS 2017? Update: aha, I can get Visual Studio 2013 (Professional version) via my course. What do you guys do? Do you trust 3rd party websites to install VS 2013?
  3. There are so many World War II games on Steam, my friend's son seems to own several titles. As for me I bought 8 Bit Armies and its add-ons about 2 weeks ago. I recommend 8 Bit Armies and the Guardians Campaign. Buy the 8 Bit Hordes and 8 Bit Invaders expansions if you want to play something whacky and creative, I've already beat the Light-Bringer campaign in Hordes (read the latest posts on CNCNZ for more info on 8 Bit Armies and 8 Bit hordes). My AMD A-10 can run 8 Bit Armies pretty well but there is a slight drop when there's 100+ units in a battle so I turned down particle effects and shader detail.
  4. Cool, 'spidermonkey' in sources is the one. "spidermonkey: Mozilla's JavaScript engine written in C/C++. JavaScript is the game's scripting language of choice (game logic, AIs, random maps, etc)" I'm so stupid I thought that Spidermonkey was written in javascript, but it's written in C/C++ and it handles javascript but it isn't javascript itself LOL Update: what files are part of spidermonkey? Is it source\scriptinterface? Update 2: "ScriptEngine scriptEngine" that looks like the initialisation of Spidermonkey and it's in main.cpp Update 3: I searched the entire VS 'solution' for references to 'ScriptEngine' and 'scriptEngine' and couldn't find very many. It doesn't seem to lead me to anything that I was looking for.
  5. I'm not interested in specialised things like animation, graphics or ai. Where do I find the functions that are responsible for basic gameplay mechanics? I mean the functions that handle practical things, like unit creation/unit death, construction, and the in-game UI. What files should I look at? I can use ctrl + f in Visual Studio 2013 but it isn't very useful.
  6. Keep it as civilisations. It sounds 1,000,000x better!
  7. I started my course this week and I tried out the Bing Maps plugin for Visual Studio. Microsoft has a good video which explains what their engineers are working on. Personally I think that Bing Maps is terrible because when I search for a street name, it finds that street ... in America! Then I add [street name] Christchurch and it finds Christchurch in the UK. In the end I have to put "Christchurch New Zealand" on the end of each search. It seems that the Maps app in Windows 10 is the one you're supposed to use, not Microsoft is doing advanced things with maps but the most impressive project is Microsoft Cognitive Services. Also, for no reason: go into File Explorer if you're using Windows 10, type "datemodified:" into File Explorer's search box and a calendar appears. You can hold shift to select multiple months (to search in). Another thing: you can restart Windows Shell by using the Task Manager - select the File Explorer process (it's always running) then "end task" changes to "restart" - this means restart the Windows Shell (if you click it). If you have trouble with your Windows desktop environment, you need to restart the shell ... random stuff I've learned this week.
  8. darnit I'm an idiot - I've used Linux for 10 years and never knew how to grep files. I thought you're meant to use the 'find' command to find text in files (I believe that 'find' runs 'gawk' or 'awk'). I never knew grep was so useful!
  9. These videos are less "showy". There's no need to show off graphics and gameplay when demonstrating pathfinding See also, Retro Ahoy on Youtube and his video about Pacman's ghost ai
  10. Ya and if I search for a function, then gawk (find) is a good tool in Linux right? Is that what you guys use? If someone has a quick example please share
  11. What I mean is that the tutorials are found when you click "Single Player" and then choose from "Demo Maps". I read another post somewhere, suggesting that the tutorials should be found under "Learn To Play" - then tutorials are found first. I want to know what files to work on, and what knowledge is required to do this.
  12. I'm trying to build the source on OpenSUSE and I keep getting errors. I'll try to build and it'll say it's missing libminiupnpc-devel. Then I'll install libminiupnpc-devel and build again, then it'll say I'm missing libXcursor-devel. I'll install libXcursor-devel and then build again, and it'll say I need this-or-that other package. This is really stupid! The dependencies should have all been installed in the first command, but they're not. This is different to Fedora. Fedora was much easier. Update: one minute later I get it working. Okay good but there is a quirk here with what packages are installed on OpenSUSE versus other Linux.
  13. Linux or Windows doesn't matter much in my opinion. I first compiled 0ad on Linux, then on Windows, and now on Linux again (on a faster system). The problem with Windows is that Visual Studio is clunky old software, and to install Visual Studio 2013 (the only one that can build 0ad) you need to uninstall Visual Studio 2017 RC or Visual Studio 2015 if you have them. Microsoft insists that people only install Visual Studio versions in order (eg. 2013 -> 2015 -> 2017 RC). It's faster to install the Linux dependencies than it is to install Visual Studio, I will accept that.