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  1. overhaul* Sorry, I was scrolling through all these nice posts and it bugged me :/
  2. This issue has been satisfactorily resolved and is now closed. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  3. @borg- we are aware of this issue. And let us all thank @thankforpie for such constructive and invigorating additions. @MerkinsMagic you failed to upload the replay commands.txt
  4. Yes, I think ValihrAnt commentating all the pro matches would make this league both enjoyable and attractive.
  5. You spent Christmas and Easter holidays combined writing this?
  6. Long-press power off button, pull cable, off router, off networking, Alt-F4, throw computer out window. And simulating computer crash
  7. Moderation Data: Currently only 1v1 quit list, displaying: offender reporter prosecution level moddata.pdf Next update due: 2019/06/08 Offence Reporting A sure-fire way to get your concerns read and addressed! Be sure to post with not only a modicum of dignity and self-esteem, but also a profound respect and understanding of others and their limits. Do not imperiously demand immediate solutions. Currently only supporting 1 vs. 1 Rated Game offence reports.
  8. The issue was satisfactorily resolved. This thread is closed.
  9. I doubt we are able to support: clickable links countdown timers
  10. Convince me. the goals of the project why it should be advertised what is the motivating force behind it what is the origin of the idea what is your vision of the future concerning the relationship of 0 A.D. and this event what are your expectations and hopes for the future of this event It doesn't matter that I can answer half of the questions myself, I am interested in your reply. And some practical questions like: how much space would you need what would be written whether or not this would entail links being displayed that do not lead to sites controlled by Wildfire Games whether you expect more of us if we accede to this request I'll probably come up with it myself if your idea doesn't fit the panel look.
  11. It's not about a thread here, it's that you would create a new one each and every week. Better create a collective SPG thread with all replays in it.
  12. When I suggested more hype I didn't mean this
  13. I'm not sure this would necessitate the elevated language skills /exalted phraseology I tend to utilize, although if you choose to advertise this as a Community Event it could be added to the Lobby Panel Event section.
  14. This issue is being resolved via Private Messenger.
  15. One wasn't a 1 vs. 1, the other was posted a year ago. The relevant reports on this thread have been documented.
  16. If you inspect the provided screenshots, you will see no such available game.
  17. Dear user, your concern has been noted. However, we must inform you that our current policy does not allow for such an action. Arguably, players should have the right to change their own nickname. However, this would entail obfuscation of identity which could be harmful in several cases including: rated game challenges, recognition of users of dubious reputation, tracking of player statistics. It is for the above reason that we do not permit nickname modification, please be understanding. It may happen in the future that players will have an unmodifiable and unique account name with a modifiable alias (both visible to the public). Nevertheless this feature will not be added soon and till then we maintain our stance in the matter. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  18. The second post is not relevant to moderation authorities since it takes place in game setup. As for the first, one could argue that it is a breach of protocol. However, due to correct spacing it may be observed that "demeaning the worth of others" has not actually taken place. 1."fpre pus sy" - spaced, not defamatory 2."join fpre sucks" - does not possess toxic properties as it only invites people to join a certain game, it does not state that "fpre sucks" 3. "fpre suc ks" - see 1 4. "fpre su ks" - altered word structure, this arguably wouldn't even be profanity if written as one word 5. "he s a looser" - does confirm to ToU "do not demean the worth of others.." since "looser" is not derogatory and just means "more loose". thus this can be taken and interpreted in a positive way to see that fpre is a relaxed and easygoing person. if the typed word would have been "loser", it might be a different story 6. Last but not least, the observed situation was noted by a player using the fgod-mod GUI mod interface, a third-party unofficial and questionable mod which is known to modify GUI interfaces to a high extent (as may be seen on the evidence). Thus, the integrity of the report may be dubious and not processable by conventional methods. The above report has been processed, the verdict is not guilty. Thank you for your patience and co-operation.
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