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  1. Striped Hyena model edit
  2. I actually did some work on it today. and it came out really nice, I know I should have shown this in blender, but I was already in atlas with a good preview!
  3. Showcasing the hyena edited model in the map editor, but I get this error, how do I fix this?
  4. thanks Stan, I will showcase what I got in a little bit, at the moment solving some issues with previewing in the map editor, I will get right on it for showcasing as soon as I can get it working for preview
  5. since the assets are open source cc-by-sa, I managed to help on wraitii's spotted hyena model, and made some new animations besides the walk, I made a run gallop cycle, attack animation, laugh\growl animation, idle animation, and a death animation, just thought it would be helpful to improve upon the existing hyena that has already been made instead of a hyena off of the wolf model. if you guys want me to, I can remodel the hyena from a reference image, either works for me, but the spotted hyena is coming along very well!
  6. ok, but where in the code would it reference something like that, I am not a coder so I am not sure, I only do XML actors, etc. I know some Javascript, I just do not know where in the code to put something like this.
  7. What do I tweak in UnitAI in order to make the predators attack other animals besides attacking the player?
  8. I probaby will not make the Brown Hyena yet because they are in South Africa and the Kalahari and I don't know of any maps in the game already that would be for the Brown Hyena that are South African based, but the Aardwolf maybe because there is a Serengeti map in the map editor already, so they might be good there, but I will focus on the Spotted Hyena and Striped Hyena in terms of species that would be alright for the maps ingame.
  9. Ok, well Spotted Hyenas are a savanna animal so sure, if you guys are alright with adding them, then awesome!
  10. Ok, so Spotted Hyenas are not in the roster but Striped Hyenas are?
  11. Thanks, I will keep you up to date with the models I make for this game, and I will edit the hyena, definitely going to possibly take a better look at the proportions and edit them, also I will fix the texture incase of stretching, the animations work good in blender as far as I know, I will let you guys know what happens with the hyena.
  12. I made a spotted hyena out of the gray wolf, if you guys need a remodel, just a contribution, I know hyenas are not dogs, and their own species related more to cats, but I made this because It found it easy to mesh one off a canine model, let me know what you guys think
  13. while waiting for samulis to help me out, I found a hyena laugh very commonly used in games, movies, and tv shows, this is a classic hyena laugh from a spotted hyena spotted_hyena.wav
  14. yeah I know, I can edit the anatomy on the wolf to make it look like a hyena, and I was wondering if CC BY is compatible with CC-BY-SA or not.
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