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  1. Alpha 22 0AD Map Editor Atlas crash

    it works now! thank you so much
  2. Alpha 22 0AD Map Editor Atlas crash

    I dont have any mods
  3. Alpha 22 0AD Map Editor Atlas crash

    ok, heres the other thing I forgot to mention, even when I reinstall 0ad, it does not work. this only affects the map editor, not the game
  4. Alpha 22 0AD Map Editor Atlas crash

    on older versions of 0ad yes.
  5. Alpha 22 0AD Map Editor Atlas crash

    Assertion failed: "0 && (L"Invalid map XML data")" Location: MapReader.cpp:776 (CXMLReader::ReadEnvironment) that is what it showed.
  6. hi, I am having a problem with 0ad alpha 22 venustas, the map editor atlas, crashes when I open it, I am on windows 10, and it is just is not working at all, thanks in advance, lukamas
  7. ===[COMMITTED]== Order move indicator[Visual]

    oh, I love this idea, it can navigate the player around certain maps they are on, if thats what it is for.
  8. Hi, Im lukamas

    Ok so I was on Flickr, and how exactly do I find what license is on the image? And Can we do animals for 0ad that are off the list, basically creatures we want to add or contribute.
  9. Hi, Im lukamas

    but what websites can be used for example, Im kinda new to this.
  10. Hello, I am an avid animal modeller and texture artist... Its a pleasure to be here on the 0ad forums. I would be willing to create content for 0ad, But I have a question I read about the texture license thing on certain images not usable for texturing because of copyright, Is Flickr or Wikipedia a good site for textures? And I use blender to model my animals, so If you guys have an animal that wants to be made for 0ad, please let me know. And I cant wait to work with you guys on this amazing project. I think its worth the try to start making Content for this game. My name is Lukamas, and I cant wait to get to know the other developers, and start working on 0ad. And Make some mods.