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  1. Yes, of course. I think it's a VMWare bug so this issue can be closed. If I find a solution I'll let you know.
  2. Issue is not fixed with the new mesa. Even tried a dist-upgrade and an Ubuntu 16.10 under VM. Both didn't work. I'll try the new package of mesa then :-( Thanks for your clues and hints!
  3. OK, will try as proposed. Just was suspicious as it was the 6th instalation under VMWare and 5 went perfectly fine.
  4. And btw: Thanks so far for what you've created. What a great game!
  5. Tried for about 5 minutes. Movement and sound are fine, you even notice map revelations when moving units around. Are there not supported display modes? As package I used stretch/main contrib from a standard mirror...
  6. When starting the game (VMWare -> Debian 9 -> 4GB Ram, 4 CPU), map appears like shown in 0ad_colorless.jpg Have installed it many times, always worked fine, accept sometimes water was missing. Now the whole map is faulty. Don't know what I can change to set this straight. Logfiles attached for fun reading (nothing in there).
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