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  1. its the same size of the unit, maybe is the horse too small
  2. i keept the archers bow in the left hand with the arrow, and the spears/swords in the right arm
  3. i think that too, but i guess is just the head small, also i think the belly is like the horse is not being feeded.
  4. some poses, and attacks are ready (on atlas) i haven't tested in game yet.
  5. didn't tried yet make again the specular/normal, even the basic texture has lost the alpha channel textures.
  6. Corral Will have around 4 horses, with different idle animations, one of the 4 will be small
  7. This is the appropiate place for the rider? and should it have 2 props for 2 riders? The shield is a prop point The shield is a prop point i saw a lot in nomad's cavalry or even catafraact's
  8. Edit: going to try from the begining, already exported a meshed skeleton At least i can use the mesh with textures
  9. Still same "Boned" bug, i will try later with a new skeleton to see if it is the armature
  10. something like this ocurred with the trebuchet, but i managed to fix it, but this isn't working. @stanislas69 if it won't work i'll start again with a new skeleton following the same pattern. New_horse_ 2.blend
  11. So there's like 16 animations ready, but the skeleton is the one failing. maybe i wrote the skeleton.xml file bad or is something else making it crash
  12. @stanislas69 you wrote skeletons file before ? this one is keep saying this
  13. Si, ellos hacen ese pequeño movimiento al impacto, es cuestión del caballo por instinto frenarse y evitar el impacto con la cara hacia el enemigo.
  14. The horses will have this little movement when the melee rider is attacking if i'm not wrong.
  15. i've made 2 walks animations for the horses for a more natural life style in the gaia horses > Gaia horses: Walk like the 1st video, slow peacefuly > Cavalry horses: Walk like the 2nd video, faster with the neck up
  16. i'm looking some, i saw AoE2, maybe will try look attila total war because the have beautiful horses, and some medieval/ancient era movies when the rider attack this are the first animations i've made for the horse
  17. I need a little help with some ideas for the horse animations, for now i have 7 animations But i need something when the rider is attacking, the horse shouldn't stay just idle like freezed, should i make a similar animation to the cavalry archers of AoE2 ?
  18. they will have one, but im not sure if i should use 2x2 decal with the square form, or make a new one with circle form (if its posible).
  19. Aqui en el archivo tiene dos materiales, usualmente eso me causa un error cuando lo exporto con dos materiales
  20. aquí leyendo un vistazo rápido vi esta captura, este modelo tiene 2 materiales vacíos, debe tener únicamente 1 o no debe tener, también para tener en cuenta: cuando dice "mesh is made out of triangles" es cuando el modelo tiene vertices/edges/caras inútiles por así decirlo, que no cumplen ninguna función, ya sea residuo de algo que se eliminó o algo que se desecho. "single set of polygons" es cuando el mesh posee varios materiales, o esta seleccionando varios elementos, hay que asegurarse de seleccionar solo el elemento que se va a exportar, si este elemento tiene varios ejes vacíos o como se les llama en 0 A.D. "Prop-points" se apreta (Ctrl +) y se asegura de tener todos los ejes con parentesco o subordinados al mesh principal.
  21. this is how the nomads are going by now
  22. with some of the props placed not all yet, still missing the horses, tools and maybe some saddle and as lion's says Ox skulls Screenshot whitout material and whitout missing specular/normal map
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