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  1. Moved the celt_fishing_sail mesh prop to the prop folder where it belongs, also added celt merchant sail animated too like the fishing ship, planned to do the same for the rest of the sails later in a new topic. Fisherman_New.7z
  2. the buckets was already there and i added to every modified boat 3 fish scattered, maybe i could delete the bucket and add more fishes, and other deads maybe the net but as a inanimated item too.
  3. Persian added, finished the ships. Fisherman_New.7z
  4. Now ptol is ready too. Fisherman_New.7z Next to come Pers/Maur they have enough space for a fisherman.
  5. isn't animated yet, i want to make it but it may need mouth texture in any case it won't take long to do it.
  6. This guy needs to be deleted and fix the template for the use the hellenes actor instead of the athenian. Fisherman_New.7z RIP headless athenian guy (?-2018) Edit: added little fish to the boat and a better bucket with prop points for fish. (animated jumping)
  7. Finally could get something i did like 6 fishing net tests, (and still isn't perfect) only cart hellenes etc fisherman for now, (idk why the athenians use another actor even when they are likely the same rowing_boat + hellenes actor). Fisherman_New.7z
  8. 2 idle choices, walking and troting are now more leg-center death is 20% slower Camel_New.7z
  9. welcome to blender, now you can't never leave it (if you learn to handle it)
  10. i think it will be better an special helmet for the cav, every place i move it show a little clipping idk if its the head mesh enrique's left on the animations blender file, in any case if the animation don't show clipping on other helmets i guess i bet for a slightly bigger cap. Also, @Sundiata Horse UV.blend heres a blend file so you can work on textures, just drag and drop the texture on the left window
  11. tell me the files exactly to recreate them on blender and see where they clip
  12. for now its better on texture, adding as a prop will mean it will clip or another solution could be export another horse mesh with neck prop point (similar to head) and see how behaves with the animations, same as the chest/side decorations, could be texture or could be added similar to the horse armors enrique did using the same skeleton and variants.
  13. Here is following the same angle of the golden circle, remember the textures i used are just placeholders, replace them with the ones that are going to be used. sele_horse_crest.7z texture used: scaled to 256x512, (can work with other sizes i guess).
  14. @stanislas69 horse prop, the texture names are in blank. kushite_horse_crest.7z
  15. i think is just making alpha the red zone if that's what you mean, otherwise that ride is nice if can be reached by player colour.
  16. there are some armors coming for the horse made by enrique and others by me. Noticed now it could be able to use player colour. here are the files, the player colour texture is at the 2D hands.sele_horse_crest.7z
  17. i would too, but sadly there are some zones wich are alphas and those will become visible as player colours, so if the feathers are going to be player colour i will need to cut exactly the feathers edge so it will be a little less low poly.
  18. Had to downgrade the texture to a 256x512 size for the game recognize it yet, isn't any difference sele_horse_crest.7z
  19. Should the mask be a separated mesh from the crest?
  20. i might have an idea for the middle guy, i have this idea before but never tried the cape's are based on the same armature of the body, but they are just a plane cloth in the back, maybe making the proper mesh with the proper bone influences it could be done a full body cape, or cape-scarf like, but i'm not sure if it could use the actual cape textures so maybe it will need a new one.
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