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  1. If you gave me a valid point i would consider it but i only see the same excuse of every change; "no i dont like it i preffer the old way" "no thanks in my mod ill keep the old actor", "i dont care if its historically accurate or physically valid, i'll stick to the old way", as mentioned before i just see the same fear of changes in every topic, yet you have your own mod to tweak it as you wish with a lot of changes no matter what is added or deleted from EA, and just like angen did in his mod he tweaked a lot of actors adding more realism to the "CITIZEN-Soldier" feature wich is the key feature of the 0 A.D. and it is not my decision to make if it change or not i'll let community decide and see if they approves and not just follow the decision of only 1 besides i'll just add my point of view. If the variant is called relaxed and the state should be relaxed i dont really know why it should be in ready state just like slingers just that i havent found any good concept for a good relaxed state for slingers. And infantry is quite easy to distinguish from distance despite their animation. Just need to shee their equipment and most importantly the GUI template name "Skirmisher" "Hoplite" "Swordsman". If they are citizen soldiers they should be relaxed and behave as humans, relaxed and pacefully not ready in the middle of a city. If the game were about guns and tanks what would you think about a guy holding a barret rifle in the middle of a plaza like if it were just about to kill someone but suddendly you order him to gather some wood, is that normal ? Is that the proper way of make the game "attractive"? is just like not having ready for combat state implenented. Imagine a hoplite walking to a persian sparabara with a "im gonna kill that pers scum with my pacefully walk carrying my shield next to me opening my whole chest to a possible arrow straight to the hearth" or even better "im gonna kill that tree as soon as i get there" *walking aggresively with a spear ready to cut that tree and and a hoplon*.
  2. Not really, actually some infantry have same idle ready despite being champion, axeman, maceman, spearman or swordsman. And if i manage to implement ready/relax variants with the help of @Freagarach that would be a whole game changer making the battles more immersives while having relaxed as default for all infantry and cavalry too.
  3. Nothing wrong, remember sometime in history they used mercenaries as their legionaries and that was one of the factors that caused the debacle of the empire.
  4. another idle intended for roman triari or if we implement animation variant based on stance (Pasive, aggresive, hold ground, defensive).
  5. @wowgetoffyourcellphone thoughts on this idle for ready?
  6. Proposal: Replace the idle of the javelinist with this for a more relaxed stance.
  7. After finishing i would like to add some parameters in the helmet making proceedment now that armature in "pose" mode helps to fit the helmets. Such as width, triangles position, baking options.
  8. Thanks! i followed some celic references for match the end of the foot. It was weird having just a pipe as a leg going straight with the foot.
  9. Yeah i may have an idea thought i have to develop it more (i just wake up) elephants often use their trunk to spread earth in their bodies so that could be the same motion with the trunk making a curve from left to right.
  10. How that would be? Maurya supp elephant seeding ?
  11. Saddly the walking speed is too fast. The walking animation looks so good at half speed and in 0.5 speed.
  12. Experimenting with walking and relax animations for remove the lightweight shield effect we have on the walking animations. All this with the intention of soften the walking animations and less jogging side to side. (Gifs would really help me to show my point but my internet is reeeeally slow this days). Walking: Looks similar to hoplite stance but with a more relaxed right arm and an straight shield arm for better sync with walking animation. Will replace the spearman standing too since it looks kinda stiff compared to hoplite soft stance; If ya'll agreed. In other talk: Archer attacking animation added for maurya elephant riders archers.
  13. Not really sure about that, TBH its quite simple and i can say even the maurya champion elephant looks way better and still lacks imperfections and details in the texture if i compare them. if you look it properly, not that im saying mine is better or actual one is worst, im looking in all the perspectives possible and it doesn't have too much details to be very atractive neither to be accurate. is just an armor following a kind of artistic "design" wich is metal with faked reflections wich being honestly in my opinion Ruins everything because it looks more like a spotted metal with overbrigthened zones. Comparing the two champions elephants: If i had to decide about wich armor design choose, i will go straight to the maurya elephant. Maurya armor is quite simple and honestly it looks waaaaay better than seleucid armored elephant: This squares looks like metal plaques yet only would require some waves like if it was knitted to be perfect: The cloth shadows are just perfect and the golden band i don't know if its metal or ift just a golden cloth but yet it still looks good whitout having reflected bake: The only pieces i could say they are quite good are: Thought this spots ruins the detail: The scales of the band's dosn't even match none of the 3 colors of the scales: This border cutted in the neck, reaaaaaallly looks baddly: Look how it change his tone baddly just from the side's straight to the back: This band should continue and not just end back in the tail: The tone of the scales change from orange to some kind of yellow-Green overly desaturated: Look this white stripes like if it was a 256x256 texture: im not removing it, neither disabling it but seriously this doesn't have any attractive in my humble opinion nor add something accurate now that we found that they used inverted scales. I can also say that my last bake does have imperfections too, yet im very limited to situations of resources using this laptop to make a huge totally accurate design. i reach 200k tris and done i start to stutter, related to subdivide modifier wich is the one who makes the meshes looks better for bake (Bug know in all blender community they are working in a new subdivide modifier), i can't say the guy who did this didn't faced this issue in that time, yet i belive in the actual standards it could be better. Honestly, i belive you are more afraid of changes and got too much attached to the actual concept or "design" just like "fake reflections" and texture quality.
  14. Attacking for archers added. In other talk: Looking this scene from HBO Rome had the idea of adding marching for rome as formations, yet i will have to reduce the speed of the formation.
  15. With a 2D version of the guy i can carve that into the helmet.
  16. one of those african bicycle's and check please.
  17. @Stan` does that mean i should remove the actual texture for historical accuracy or leave it as fancyness? Indeed, more references. I belive we have enough references to say they should go in, at least for champion spearman and leave athenian with bronze ones.
  18. For avoid the constantly doubt about swords. Hint: Implement ammo just like @Angen did, give every unit some ammo (Even meele) Give secondary attack for every unit using GetBestAttackAgainst IIRC just like he did also, Ran out of javelins? Got your sword. Ran out of Pilum? Use Your Gladius. Use ammo for spears as "durability" of the spear. Each attack consumes a charge of the spear, if spear ammo goes to 0 it "Breaks", so now the hoplite will have to rely on his faithfull kipos or xiphos. And implement some ammo refinishment aura to Blacksmith and maybe as an upgrade use something like aoe 3 fabrics. if you select this it would produce only food/wood/metal. so this building isn't just an useless Tech building. Wich also gave me an idea about libraries about their tech cost technology. This should be removed and add an aura to the building to make this building surronding buildings tech cost less, And replace storehouse techs from being global and just once, to an upgrade of the storehouse giving an aura around to nearby gathering entities, lets be honest, a soldier wouldn't carry a pickaxe, an axe, a shovel each time he goes to fight unless hes a republican legionary. The idea is to make the buildings more buildable as a city and not just as a base.
  19. Archer's riders animation 50% done: idle: Done Attack: Missing. Move: Done. Death: Missing. Front rider still have some concepts. For turret rider i can add a frontal attack thought it is very possible it won't reach the target due to high attack range of elephant (this should be reduced seriously). And also im thinking on delete the shield from the turret rider for avoid clipping thus this can be ignored, but i would like to have an attacking turret rider instead of an useless statue above elephant. I wish to implement another elephant meele attack. maybe an stomp yet i need a concept of how it would be and the range should be 40 frames long.
  20. Adding hair to missing helmets: Added a crested boeotian variant following a reference.
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