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  1. Hello I just started poking around this game (barely played it due to lack of time) but i like the initiative of it's open source model and I think its shaping into a really complex and cool game so I would like to contribute in the little free time I have with at least the translation in my mother tongue Romanian. I opened this thread because all the other ones regarding this matter seem to quickly deviate from the subject for some weird reason. The translation appears to have already started and it's at about 33% (current date: 7-08-2016). Excellent! I plan to finish this only I would like to not do it alone if possible. Now what I would like is to know if there are others who are still working on it? If so I would just like to establish some basic rules for the text layout. 1. Capitalization of words in the middle of the sentence (ex. "Boosts War Elephant attack and speed +20% within his vision.") I know this is for emphasizing the name of the unit in this case but just looks unprofessional. It should simply say "Boosts war elephant attack and speed +20% within his vision." (or another example "Mercenary Patron Aura" should just be "Mercenary patron aura"). I know you see this all the time on the internet and in games, but thats because thats where it flourished (you will almost never see this in a newspaper or a book) if the name of the unit is to be emphasized (which it should, it would be nicer to make them a different colour to do that). This becomes even more important in romanian because it would just be plain wrong to write it like that. (I know this is a game as well but I see a lot of effort put in it so might as well go the extra mile with the text too). 2.Use the formal form of the verbs (Scrieți "Așteptați" nu "Așteaptă") the player is technically a general (SHOW SOME RESPECT SOLDIER!!) 3.Use diacritics! (ă, â, î, ș, ț) not optional! 4.On transifex use the "Add suggestion" button and then add that to the string. This will make subsequent translation of similar strings much faster for you or others. 5.Stay consistent in the translation. If its "Conquest Aura" and "Patriot Aura" don't translate to " 'Aura de cucerire' și pe cealaltă in 'Aura patriotului' (tehnic nici nu ar fi corect pentru ca asta s-ar traduce in engleza ca " Aura of the patriot") dar ințelegeți voi și a doua sa fie tot 'Aura de patriot'". 6.Correct me and others. If there are things that are wrong or you have a better idea place it in the comments and let us all know! "Acest post a fost tradus de zone studio oradea" An ending joke for the romanians out there .