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  1. Often new packages will first go through Debian Unstable and Debian Testing before they make it to Debian Stable. This means that the packages in Debian Stable will often be a bit older. I think many people using Debian as their daily OS therefore run Testing (and some even Unstable). The stability of Debian Stable is very useful on servers, where you don't want to have things break (even minor things). On Testing / Unstable you'll occasionally have things break, but mostly minor things. That said, if you don't want that and want your system to be as stable as possible (trading having the most recent packages for stability + being better tested) run Stable.
  2. I don't think it is available on Debian Stretch, unfortunately (this is one of the down sides of running Debian stable, and similar distros: very stable, but you'll find it difficult to get the most recent packages). What you could try (if you don't mind the potential loss of "stability" that comes with it) is updating to Debian testing. Another option (but I haven't used Debian in a long time, so am not sure) is trying to use the Ubuntu PPA on Debian, but I would expect this to be a lot more difficult / not work at all (I don't know how this would work with dependencies).
  3. Strange that it suddenly stopped working, as this issue should only depend on the values provided by the CPU and it seems very unlikely that those would suddenly change. At least we should take care to somewhere before next release throw this code out, as it doesn't really serve a purpose.
  4. You could still play in game only with the mouse, by clicking and dragging inside the minimap (which is much more effective than bringing the mouse to the edges of the screen), but outright removing it might indeed not be a good idea.
  5. IMO we could remove movement by hitting a screen edge entirely as it seems unlikely that it is often used (and it is redundant if there are already multiple different ways to move: dragging in minimap, wasd, arrow keys).
  6. You're also welcome in #0ad-dev on quakenet if you have any questions about the engine.
  7. The issue is actually somewhat strange, as both your AMD and Intel hardware should be supported. I'm thinking that it is likely that you don't have any specific driver installed for the Intel hardware and Windows is using some fallback driver with only OpenGL 1.1 support. EDIT: actually, have you tried installing the correct Intel driver? Something like this could work: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/24971/Intel-HD-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-7-8-64-bit?product=52231
  8. The reason why the game is getting a higher framerate in the menu is because the game (simulation) will be paused while the menu is open in single-player mode. This means that the game can use all your CPU resources to render the game. We use the SpiderMonkey engine (the same JS engine that firefox uses), and the majority of the game logic is written in JS (the user interface, the AI, ...). It is used because using C++ is more time consuming and difficult. If you want to contribute to art, it is a good idea to check out the art forums. EDIT: regarding multi-threading, multi-threading the pathfinder is being worked on by @wraitii
  9. It's strange, as it seems the cpu detection detects you have a CPU with Hyper-Threading, although your cpu doesn't.
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