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  1. Not to be a downer but 0ad is really not a good AI development platform. The current AI interface in 0ad is basically a horrible hack designed specifically to support petra, and petra is a nightmare of spaghetti code. If you're just looking to get into AI I'd suggest looking into Zero-K instead. It's much, much more friendly for AI dev and even has a very competitive AI dev community. I'm also kind of curious as to what you mean by "distribution functions". That's not an approach that I'm familiar with.
  2. ReShade actually has a depth-based SMAA which would be a great reference for building a depth/normals based one, so I may end up doing that sooner than expected.
  3. I didn't know that was a thing. If we could split grass into individual leaf pairs it would look a lot better in a lot of ways, since the current strip grass creates ugly strip shadows. This could be pretty epic. I'll see what I can do. The current patch doesn't need that much work. An issue I'm running into repeatedly now though is that the graphics options panel simply doesn't provide enough space to display all the options. I'm going to have to merge the water reflections and refractions options into one just to be able to fit the GLSL option back in, and then there still won't be room for the AA or texture filtering options. What's this presentation/conference about anyway?
  4. >Why no AA I was working towards that months ago then the project came to a screeching halt because something something EUSSR totalitarian thought police laws. >Texture filtering That's not something I've given much thought to but it shouldn't be all that difficult to implement. I think it's just a minor draw option so it should be possible to enable it centrally. >Grass There is grass, but applying it to maps is a pain. There are some problems with grass, some artistic in nature and some due to performance. Eventually we'll have an openGL 3.3 option with drawinstanced which should take care of the majority of gfx performance issues. The art thing is actually more of a pain because if you place grass on the side of a hill part of it will be floating off the ground which just looks awful. Getting even grass coverage is another challenge, but fixing that requires first fixing the floating grass issue, because it makes shadows (and low angle cinematic shots) look bad and grass looks really bad without shadows.
  5. eh? I have no idea when I'm going to be able to get any work done again. I honestly want to do a more sophisticated AA using depth and normals to detect edges more precisely and for less cost than MSAA. I dunno about ReShade I'll have to check that out to see how that works.
  6. aeonios

    RANDOM MAP: Dune - Desert

    AO is a pain, and possibly expensive. There are filterable versions that are promising, but still a pain. I might play around with that eventually but the extended feature freeze has pretty much forced my work to a halt.
  7. aeonios

    RANDOM MAP: Dune - Desert

    Sure, right next to the skeletons of the people who left them there. Random treasures are a weak way to balance a map though. You can't expect random treasures to supply the tens of thousands of wood that each player needs in order to compete reasonably.
  8. aeonios

    RANDOM MAP: Dune - Desert

    Sand dune maps are so cool but so impractical from a gameplay standpoint. That said I'm not a huge fan of the orange sand, and it's a bit boring both from a texture standpoint and in terms of terrain. I think there should be random open/lowland areas that aren't covered in dunes. Maybe even oases. That would make it more interesting and also create an opportunity to add trees and things to the map to make it less resource poor. This too, although that's really easy to do.
  9. aeonios

    [QUESTION] How to Scale Animated Actors?

    Scaling for 3D models has to be done around a reference point. Since models aren't spheres they may have odd types of symmetry so a naive scaling algorithm is certain to fail. I'd suggest using a program specifically designed for working with 3D models to do the scaling with, like wings3D or blender. Those programs have better facilities for managing scaling to make it easier and to allow you to see what you're doing.
  10. aeonios

    Can we agree on this?

    This sounds like a stance issue rather than an issue with unit ai. Also, not having units attack aggressive animals automatically would mean they'd always be stuck fighting lions and things 1v1 even if they have a bunch of friends nearby that should be helping them. That wouldn't be very smart. Probably stances should be split into range and behavior so that both can be controlled better. Also allowing users to set default stance settings for each unit would be good too.
  11. aeonios

    Some little mistakes

    Technically there was no Japan during that time period. The Japanese islands were at that time mostly inhabited by the ainu, who were progressively displaced by immigrants from mainland Asia. None of those people identified as being "Japanese" in any sense. Japan didn't even become a thing until almost 1600 AD. There wasn't really a Korea either, it was like 4 independent states back then without any sort of central cultural identity. They were distinct from China but they were not Korean. China did exist back then. The great emperor Qin Shi Huang united China in 220 BC. While his imperial line was extremely short and ended in 206 BC with only one heir making it to the throne, the imperial system he created lasted until 1912 with varying degrees of stability. Both the Qin dynasty and the Han dynasty occurred within the general time span of 0ad and would be appropriate to include, although the Han dynasty lasted much longer and is probably more characteristic of imperial China in general.
  12. aeonios

    Additional lighting in engine

    That's not actually true. Most of the foliage uses transparency not only for soft edges but also to blend with terrain and other foliage behind. I messed around with foliage a bit and found that the bleed-through effect was much more prominent than the soft-edge effect (which doesn't seem to be used particularly well at all). Fixing all of the art to use alpha test would take a lot of work and the results might be questionable. Particles can be fast but you have to use drawinstanced and geometry shaders, which are GL3.
  13. aeonios

    Pacing in 0 A.D.

    That's a common misconception. What the romans defeated was not the fully equipped and well trained Macedonian phalanx under Alexander the Great, but rather a pathetic shadow of it that was barely maintained by corrupt and failing remnants of the empire he founded. If Rome had faced off directly vs Alexander then Alexander would have stomped them into the dirt, quite easily. Rome also had a well trained, well equipped professional military for the majority of its existence as a republic and then later as an empire. Rome also did beat down a lot of lesser states during its reign but it didn't always win against the larger military powers of its day. Rome's military power during its peak came from good coordination between archers and infantrymen among other things, not because they had superior strength or technology or anything. It was just a plain old well trained, well equipped military with competent generals. That said I don't think a sidearm mechanic would be appropriate from a balance standpoint. I've been working on an AoK-style balance mod but the work is pretty slow. A lot of game mechanics either had to be modified or thrown out entirely to make it work well and it's going to be a lot of work to beef up unit rosters sufficiently to get good diversity and balance.
  14. aeonios

    Additional lighting in engine

    Eh, if you want more than a couple of lights then you do. I don't know if it absolutely needs openGL3.x but it does need to do some fancy data structure access in order to know which lights it needs to draw and to access the data for those lights. I don't know how all of that works unfortunately, and it seems to be more complicated to code than deferred rendering is. Sure, except that they won't be lit by dynamic lights at all, which would look really bad given the amount of transparency used in 0ad. Trees, bushes, even things like shields would stand out like a sore thumb. Everything under water as well. Forward+ would allow everything to be lit dynamically, deferred would not. That is pretty cool. Lightning looks kinda bad without dynamic shadows though.
  15. Not with that fractal placer thing. Trust me I tried and it was only disappointing and frustrating. It might be possible to generate better mountains and things but it'd be difficult and expensive and way beyond my expertise at least.