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  1. The interesting metric I saw was over a "DBD" for anyone interested ...
  2. I found some interesting metrics in regards to build order optimization over the weekend, question in pertaining to 0ad (as most of the research papers reflect StarCraft to a large extent) is how to view a more common build order benchmark within the game, for example most SC/SC2 orders are grouped to strategies and you can find them all over labelled as such (one example): 7 Roach Rush / Expand / Lair6 Drone until 1010 Double Extractor Trick12 Overlord12 Spawning Pool11 Drone x516 Extractor (Put 3 Drones inside immediately upon completion)15 Drone16 Queen (Inject Hatchery as soon as she pops out)18 Overlord18 Drone x220 Roach Warren19 Overlord19 Roach x733 Drone34 Overlord34 Hatchery (Expand)33 Drone x336 Lair36 Extractor Can something similar be extracted from commands.txt or are there current tools outside of the game which do this? Or are there plans to maybe adding these metric types to the new charts section? Does anyone else here study this type of field/research?
  3. While researching IDA* I came across this small project ...
  4. I was originally thinking of this game mode as a challenge to some reinforcement learning algorithms and to examine what the build order was w/ a static map (in other words the layout and the resource locations were always the same). I came across another project similar to what I wanted to create ... ... it is the bare minimum for figuring such a task but of course they based it on the Starcraft conception of a smaller resource pool (there are only 2 in Starcraft right?) ... I think if the map changes and maps are random there can never really be a benchmark. Also (and I think many can agree) is that 300 isn't always 300 strong. So I think looking at not just time but time and strength would be good measurement.
  5. What I would like is to bind a hot-key to a fullscreen version of the mini map - mainly for research. Seems like it should be possible to do w/ this patch no?
  6. What does this mean if it says Average Bonus Range @ -6 meters?
  7. I am going to take some time and answer some of your questions for sure but in the meantime I think some best/worst are also based on which maps you are playing, for example I find the Iberians fire ship to be highly effective in destroying ports easily. What I am trying to figure out when doing random civs are what the best defensive strategies are vs. siege in each civ. That is a question I would ask a pro player. Keep up the good videos they are very informative and helpful.
  8. For those following this thread ...
  9. I guess what I am interested in is if you can reach it faster w/ one particular civ over another and what that ratio % is. I feel like I am getting faster at it but have not timed it so that would be nice to see. I wish something like that was a build to be a bit more portable (0ad engine + 1 random map + 1 civ) @ smaller download (for research). Post back here any progress.
  10. This would be an interesting game mode, the fastest to 300, it seems like the path to getting there gives a good benchmark for AI and ML learning. Any thoughts?
  11. Well I meant something outside of / besides the chat message ...
  12. Is there a way to easily determine what stage/phase an ally is in? Is this something that could be (proposed to be) added to the Diplomacy screen @ some point? Or is there a current way to view this?
  13. I used to think this way but there are some elements I focus on ... 1. Random maps - identifying chokepoints and working around (and with) them 2. Establishing a solid market and trade / barters / tributes 3. The right alliances (when the map is revealed) 4. Some naval strategy (blockades) 5. Early siege defenses (and counters)
  14. Interesting thanks, how would you go about looking at older releases to see how this worked? Is there a spot for previous alphas? Can't remember how to do this via SVN tags.
  15. Right now you have to partition your trade by % of each resource you wish to trade, are there any plans to make it so that you could actually lock a trader to a particular resource type? I would imagine you could do this somehow by just extending the current trader / merchant ship to say "Metal Trader" or "Wood Trader", etc. A few times I had a case where I wanted my longer routes to do metal but I didn't want to allocate it to 100%. Does this make sense or has this been discussed under the Market before?