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  1. Thought I would have seen Rise of the East or a few other mods available in the new release, assuming there is much work to be done or they just haven't been packaged up yet? Can one assume that some others (like http://www.moddb.com/games/0-ad/mods) will make it into mod.io soon as well? I feel like I am missing a whole entire thread of when this client was discussed to be pushed into the game.
  2. Great job the release, ~20 games in and feels amazing w/ the detail (and really like the nomad idea). BTW HackerNews discussion here @ https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17108843 Is there a page detailing what is involved in publishing to mod.io? (sorry catching up)
  3. jonbaer

    Gameplay features A24

    Trade tariffs Sometimes the stronger markets (playing 2vs2) will always win out but it shows a key factor in planning. If you were able to set something akin to what is going on today you can slowly squeeze out allies, some good strategic gameplay. I don't know what you would adjust outside of markets/docks, but just an idea for a more economic game.
  4. Nothing game related, just a really great Quora post thought some of you might enjoy ... https://www.quora.com/Which-was-more-technologically-advanced-the-Roman-Empire-or-Han-China/answer/Hoang-Nghiem-严黄
  5. jonbaer

    Territory markings missing on OSX

    @stanislas69 I would like to do something akin to what they have been doing with the Starcraft 2 API (https://github.com/deepmind/pysc2) to where basically you can externally grab game state in an external program and run RL algorithms on it (somewhat like what Hannibal was doing earlier), but I feel it would be much less complex as a small Pyrogenesis based environment so it wouldn't be the full entire 0AD map. Only 2 civs, 1 map, strict mode, etc. Hopefully I will get a weekend free to Dockerize a container + post it up (https://www.github.com/0ad4ai)
  6. jonbaer

    Territory markings missing on OSX

    Actually let's just forget this whole thread, I just upgraded to High Sierra (10.13) and encountered a nice slew of other errors. Will do entire wipe and library build tomorrow + post back, also the CUDA was updated to 9.0 as well so hoping the markers make a return on a successful build. I am trying to fork a copy of 0AD to produce a "lighter" version to be used for reinforcement learning so I need to pitch a working copy soon :-\
  7. jonbaer

    Territory markings missing on OSX

    Forget SVN ... it takes way too long to view logs and diffs. git clone https://github.com/0ad/0ad.git @feneur and @stanislas69 what are your development setups like? (I am finding it hard to believe there wouldn't be another OSX dev on 0ad)
  8. jonbaer

    Territory markings missing on OSX

    Nothing on OSX has to be purchased, in fact it's pretty straight forward I think. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions#OSX The problem w/ testing something like render bugs is that you won't really know they happened w/o seeing them for yourself, so just because something built OK it doesn't mean everything visually is right. I am planning on moving to a Linux machine full time soon. These OS updates break nearly everything (homebrew, .dotfiles, etc) on every release and not worth the development headache. Post back if you have any issues.
  9. jonbaer

    Territory markings missing on OSX

    If I go back on the builds I eventually end up running into what looks like a Spidermonkey related issue, even if I trash the library and rebuild I end up getting this ... Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64: "void ScriptInterface::ToJSVal<long>(JSContext*, JS::MutableHandle<JS::Value>, long const&)", referenced from: bool ScriptInterface::SetProperty<long>(JS::Handle<JS::Value>, char const*, long const&, bool, bool) in libengine.a(Replay.o) ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64 Usually what I end up doing is git pull <revision> then ./clean-workspaces, ./build-workspaces, make clean, make build. I have already tried multiple CUDA drivers, so I am stumped. I would seriously not be surprised if this was something due to an Xcode related issue of some type. I have gone back to playing the release build instead since it's a bit hard to play w/o territory markers.
  10. jonbaer

    Territory markings missing on OSX

    I don't think there are any nightly builds for OSX (I could be wrong) ... just to confirm I threw away my SVN copy and grabbed a GIT copy, built OSX libraries, updated workspaces, make -j3 and still no territory markings, then tried the Official Release DMG and there were marking (so it wasn't the CUDA update like I suspected). Would be great if someone w/ a Mac could build + confirm this as an issue before digging more.
  11. jonbaer

    Territory markings missing on OSX

    Yeah the territory boundary lines are not drawing on the terrain for some reason. I even enabled m_DebugOverlay = new TerritoryOverlay(*this); and I could see the are being computed, just the borders are not being drawn :-\ Feels like something is not being done on Init() for some reason. I would have a hard time thinking this is only an OSX issue though, does any SVN build on Windows/Linux who could verify?
  12. jonbaer

    Territory markings missing on OSX

    I went back quite a few revisions (originally I thought this was an issue w/ a CUDA upgrade I made) but they were missing even past -r 19500 so it would have to be an OSX issue if no one else has seen this yet. They did show up in -r 19000 so I will eventually isolate it :-)
  13. jonbaer

    Territory markings missing on OSX

    Still no luck, was going to try to trace back on these commits (would there be any other class responsible for drawing the territory?) ... https://github.com/0ad/0ad/search?o=desc&q=Territory&s=committer-date&type=Commits&utf8=✓
  14. jonbaer

    Territory markings missing on OSX

    I'm on OSX ... trying to look through the diffs but don't see anything that would have removed the markings. Should I just to just make clean + rebuild?
  15. SVN Revision: 20204 The territory markings seem to be missing (see attached). Unless this was moved to an option/setting(?)