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  1. Today, we are proud to announce the first design team dedicated to 0 A.D. Scion Development is a collection of ambitious developers and game enthusiasts who have come together to develop third-party content for Wildfire Games' real-time strategy title. Our group of talented, tight-knit designers donate their free time to development with a common goal in mind: to contribute to the 0 A.D. community and further the limits of the game. After extensive construction of the team's logistic aspects, we are thrilled to announce our debut project, The Rise of the East, introducing a brand new faction to the game: China. As a team, our mission is to deliver quality modifications and scenarios to the game community, all while adhering to a policy of high expectations and strong work ethics. Through our dedication to development, we hope to become an integral part the 0 A.D. community. The Team Rob Kimball is a texture artist from Solana Beach, CA. Mikhail Filimonov is a marketing representative and scenario designer from the Bay Area, CA. Robert Schultz is a 3D modeler from New Jersey. Matthijs de Rijk is a 3D modeler from the Netherlands. Joining the Team At the moment we are open to any person willing to contribute to the team, particularly those with artistic abilities or those who possess some form of experience with Atlas. Obviously, anyone wishing to join must have a genuine passion for mod development and must be able to actively contribute to the team on a regular basis. If you think if you have the mindset, and more importantly the skills to become a part of our team, fill out and post an application in our forums. The form and job descriptions may be found in this thread. Rise of the East The Rise of the East is a modification that strives to bring China as a civilization into the game, meticulously researched to be as historically accurate as possible. In addition to the civilization, we plan to implement a full campaign, featuring recreations of famous historical moments, new random maps, and more. As development progresses, we will periodically update the fans with the latest news, and release promotional media although it will take some time before the entire modification is finished. To commemorate our debut, we've released a small unit pack to give the fans a preview of what is to come, which can be downloaded below. Follow us on our official Twitter for the latest updates and news. Also, be sure to stop by our forum and introduce yourself to the community and the rest of the team. We'd love to hear from you! Downloads Below, you can find a small demo of our progress so far. We've included three infantry units from our Chinese faction in this demo release: Dāo Fú Shǒu (刀斧手, infantry swordsman), Cháng Máo Bīng (长矛兵, infantry spearman) and Nú Shǒu (弩手, infantry archer). We've also released the Bīng Yíng (兵营, military center) so you'll have a building from which to train your three new units. Download Rise of the East Demo Release : Infantry (0.1)
  2. 0 A.D. Rise of the East Mod

    +1 Coincidentally thought to check up today, the progress here is incredible. You all deserve a massive congrats! Great work.
  3. 0 A.D. Community Map What is this? The Community Map is a scenario project crowdsourced from the 0 A.D. community. It is intended to show off everyone's design talents and let the community collaborate. It is based on a concept that used to exist in the AoMH community. To get an idea of how this works, here's a Photobucket album of a past community map: http://s797.beta.pho...een314.jpg.html Alright, I wanna do it! To sign up, post your email address below (or PM it to me, you know, for spam prevention) and I'll add your username to the list of Future Designers below. When you're number one on that list, I'll email the most recent version to you. This will ensure that no one is doing duplicate work. Rules: Please contribute in one of the areas designated. You don't have to go in any particular order, but try to paint inside the lines. If you are doing an area that is adjacent to a finished block, try to connect it in some way to the areas before it. You can delete a few trees, change the edges of the terrain, and other such small things to make your area blend in with the surrounding areas, just make sure you don't significantly change or do anything to damage other peoples' work. If you cause significant damage to another person's work and can't fix it, you will have to re-download the version of the map that I sent you and start over. When you blend areas, make sure there is a proper transition. Don't have a desert immediately cut off at the edge of a mountain or have an ocean suddenly end with a forest. Don't change the size of the map. Feel free to change player colors, although be careful about how it will affect other people's work. Save your map as "eyecandymap[YOURNAME].pmp" - this way I can keep track of each version of the map easily. When your turn has arrived, you will have 7 days to work on the map (although it is highly recommended that you finish it sooner if you can, so we can move along faster). I will email you when you have one day left, to remind you that your time is almost up. When you are done and/or when you have run out of time, send the map to me. There will be no time extensions. If you have not finished with what you were making by the time your turn ends, clearly mark the area your finished creation will take up, and send the map to me so I can send it on. You can then sign up again so you can finish your part later. You can sign up again as many times as you like, but only after you have finished your turn that you are currently signed up for. It doesn't have to be much, but if you really think "I'm too busy right now, skip me", then I'll move you one place down on the list and send it to the new number one. When you're done or when your time is up, you have to send the map back to me, and I will send it to the new number one on the list. If you send it to me and there is something inappropriate or against the rules on it I will ask you to change it or in the case that it is inappropriate your version will be deleted and you will no longer be able to participate. My email is kimball.r@meESPN.com without the name of the sports news network in italics. I'll update the full map screenshot each time someone makes a contribution. That's basically it! Have fun, and post/PM your email address so we can get this thing started. Current Screenshot Future Designers plumo Aurium quantumstate Lion.Kanzen If you have any comments or questions, just post them in this thread. I'll be sure to respond.
  4. Project Wiki

    Not sure whether this was ever shared with the team before, but we had a fairly robust documentation platform in place for this project. http://wiki.sciondevelopment.com/ The domain expires in February, but if you think you guys can get some usage out of this, I can afford to renew the name and continue maintaining the site. If you're interested, feel free to adapt the content to your current needs; it sounds like the project has come a long way.
  5. Project Wiki

    Oh I see - I added the ability to add downloads, articles and media. Let me know if there's anything else I can do on my end. All I ask is you preserve the integrity of our PR efforts. We worked hard to make sure the profile was unique and stylish, and that the news posts were easy to read and grabbed people's attention. Happy to answer any questions you might have.
  6. Project Wiki

    Sorry about the mixup, the permission says "Add and Edit mods". I'll have to look into it more today after work.
  7. Project Wiki

    Due to the uncertainty here, I've enabled niektb to modify the mods under that group.
  8. Project Wiki

    Sent the invite to Scion's group - I'll make you an admin once you accept the invitation.
  9. Project Wiki

    I tried passing the ModDB page on to someone but I was never provided their ModDB username. I'll try to check back here for replies, but just in case, could someone email me the current project maintainer's ModDB username?
  10. Han stuff concept sketches for fun!

    Don't sell yourself short, that sketch is fantastic!
  11. 0 A.D. Rise of the East Mod

    That link was to an older version that didn't work with one of the new alphas. Try this link instead: http://www.moddb.com/mods/rote/downloads/infantry-release-demo Although to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure whether those files are sufficiently up to date either.
  12. Crowdsourcing Attempt

    I think the biggest part of this was basically having a button that changes ownership of the unit such that once it's launched, you no longer have control over it.
  13. Crowdsourcing Attempt

    We were actually considering developing special functionality for the fire ship, which would certainly require a bit of programming know-how. Here's some discussion on a couple possible routes we were brainstorming:
  14. Crowdsourcing Attempt

    Hey guys, Admittedly, this is the first time I've logged into this forum in months, and I wasn't even aware that the project had its own subforum until a few minutes ago. It's very cool to see how much interest there still is in the development of this faction, and we've always been appreciative of WFG's ability to restrain themselves from getting frustrated and just creating their own Chinese faction. As of today, I'm accepting applications from anyone who is willing to participate in development. Send me an email using the mail link in my signature with a brief description of what you're able to contribute and what your availability will be like in the next couple of months. Artists, sound designers, programmers, writers and historians are all welcome, or perhaps you have an idea for a position I didn't even know we needed. Whatever the case may be, we need to build a group of people who are dedicated to turning this project into a reality, and we need you to make it happen.
  15. I don't mean to get too off track here (it seems like we're going in the direction of religion implementation), but I was sifting through the features cut from part 1 and something caught my eye. We should seriously reconsider the implementation of triggers in Atlas. They're the backbone of scenario design and open up a world of possibilities for designers.
  16. Featured Contributor: Pureon

    Throw in one of his videos too. Broad range of creativity with this one.
  17. The Great Community Map - 1.0

    This might get disorganized really quickly, but I'm not sure who to send it to next. The last three people I've sent it to have asked to be skipped. So...first person to upload their edited version of the map gets to be next! Community Map.zip
  18. Currently, the Chinese are the only faction we're working on.
  19. Hey guys, We're really excited that you're all so eager to play as the Chinese. Just to reiterate, we have insisted that the mod remain independent of the "official" game, but it's for reasons you already know so I'll be brief. The mod seems relatively complete because the building set is almost comprehensive. What we still lack is unit textures and technical functionality for the navy. We've designed some very particular and unique concepts that require slightly more complicated implementation (for example, our fire ship doesn't behave much like a normal ship at all - more on that in the future). Also, we intend to wait a bit longer to see if a trigger system ever comes to fruition - we believe that a full-featured story-based campaign could be the best way to envelop players into our Eastern world, and if there's any intention of WFG to pursue inclusion of triggers in the final release, we think it's worth the wait. If you guys have any other questions, I'm happy to answer them. Our biggest deficit in contributors right now is in 2D art (i.e. textures), so if you think you've got a knack for it and find you have some spare time, feel free to drop us a line. We'd be happy to have you.
  20. The Great Community Map - 1.0

    Last I checked, Aurium was next on the list but I neglected to bump past him when he didn't get back to me. plumo, unless you're ready to give it a go, I'll pass it on to quantumstate.
  21. Trac and SVN

    Either Git or go with Assembla. With Assembla you can set up Trac and SVN so only people with certain permissions are able to commit (although anyone can view your source with a free account).
  22. 0 A.D. Rise of the East Mod

    Ludo: Yeah, I tend not to update the ModDB page very often. The soundtrack is a work in progress (and currently consists of one track), but it will be downloadable in the future. Speaking of which, we are looking for a concept artist to paint some album art (among other things). idanwin: Thanks for the heads up. I hadn't noticed that. I have been working on a new version of the site passively for a while, and since there's not actually any content on the current homepage, I may as well just have it redirect to the forums.
  23. 0 A.D. Rise of the East Mod

    Email me some samples of your 2D work and we'll talk. Link below.
  24. Moddb and a Logo Contest

    You should avoid starting a ModDB page until you actually do have ingame content. Not because ModDB will frown upon it, but because the community might write it off if they see a mod page with just a logo. For the same reason that AoKH/AoMH require you to have completed at least 10% of a project before posting a showcase about it - proof of concept.