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  1. Hey, was just thinking about reducing lag so much. And basically lag is created by 3 factors. 1. distance (IRL) between host and players, greater distance and or more dns lookups is more latency. 2. the processing power of the host's pc, because the game is hosted on his pc, it has to do double the processing work, and double the network usage. 3. i am not entirely sure how the game works to send, receive and process data from the host, but it seems that, whenever data is send from the host to the players, it waits for the players to send the host a confirmation that it received the data. (I believe this is what causes they game and or units to stutter (lag). Solution 1. allow the use of external server. how? a small program that will act as a server, and modify the game to be able to connect to it using an ip address. This will mostly solve the processing problems, I believe some people are willing to host servers for the game, I know I am willing to use 1 of my servers as a game server for 0AD. Besides the processing problem it will also solve a lot of network issues, as servers in datacenters usually have faster internet and are more reliable, and known to other ISP's dns servers. don't get me wrong, do not remove the self hosting feature, this suggestion is merely an extension to the existing system. 2. if i am right about number 3 i mentioned before, eliminating the need for player confirmation to the host will greatly improve performance. The host doesn't need to know if the player received the data. It should be just push and go, send something like a hash every request, and if the player sends new data to the host verify that hash to check if the player is in sync, if it's not react fast and send the entire game data to the player with a high importance level, this will cause the player to update his game, therefore also eliminating any out of sync errors forever. Also switching some of the gameĀ“s processing to the player's pc, instead the host, will greatly reduce network usage, thus removing more lag. some small calculations is already an improvement.
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    Hey, to answer your question, I do have ideas for the website, but my highest suggestion would be to start a website made by the web developers them selfs which doesnt even have to take long or a lot of effort. How the current website op 0 A.D. works and looks I can replicate from scratch in less than 2 months at minimum hours/week. And to be honest I'd gladly accept that challange to create a full website with login and account management system incorporated. Perhaps even a ranking system for the in-game rating system, an advanced game manual which can be totally editted and new content added by people with 0% web development knowledge using some kind of "mod or admin panel". I'd gladly work on that. My suggestions for the website are: Login / Registration Account management Account Profile Friends / Ignore list Private messaging / chatting with people from friends list Rank page for in-game ratings A page to view all buildings and units stats in detail, and a 3d model of how it looks like. And what more to add to a game's website ! :-D I'd be gladly of survice and start right this minute ! I don't mind doing it alone even if it takes time. I want to make this website from "simple site though" to "Amazing advanced and great website with good performance and nice detailed pages !"
  3. Position: Web Developer Do you understand that Wildfire Games is a non-commercial project, work for 0 A.D. is volunteer, and work is done for free? Yes Ofcourse! Do you agree to distribute all your work for Wildfire Games under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license? Yes Name: Piotr Gajdowski (Nickname: Pierre) Email: p.a.gajdowski@gmail.com Location: Netherlands Availability: That would depend largely on how much I have to work on my real job, but it would be in the range of about 15 to 40 hours Age: 20 (May 16 1994) Occupation: Full-time job at a restaurant Skills and Experience: I have about 8 years experience in web development, my personal favors lie in creating my own code instead of having to rely on an existing framework or library's, I like this because you can make it exactly like you want it to and need it to be. I have knowledge in different programming languages: - HTML(5) - Rated 1 to 10: 9.5 - CSS(3) - Rated 1 to 10: 9.5 - JavaScript - Rated 1 to 10: 7 - jQuery (JavaScript library/extension) - Rated 1 to 10: 7 - (My)SQL - Rated 1 to 10: 9 - PHP(5+) - Rated: 9.8 - Java - Rated: 4 (I do not use this language anymore, I used to 3 years ago when programming a private server for another game, I might have forgotten it a bit but if need it won't take long to get a hang of it again) - C++ - Rated: 1 (I made 2 times a simple application for Ubuntu (Linux) in C++ not too advanced, haven't yet explored anything further in C++) - and some other things: XML, JSON, AJAX Motivation: My motivation to help grow this game as much as possible is because I personally always hated pay games, I didn't like them for multiple reasons. Reasons like; - People who pay got a huge advantage in the game and makes the game unbalanced - Most of the time when you buy something in-game like an item for real-life money, it's usually not worth the 50 euros. I happend to play some MMORPG's and you had armour in there which you could "enchant" (increase stats) and you needed stones for that which you also could buy for real-life money in the game's shop, but it had a certain success rate, and mostly you ended up failing and you wasted 50 euros for literally nothing. I always liked open source and free to use software/games, I also use Ubuntu (Linux) as my Operating System because I like it that you are not limited to anything, you can do whatever you want, edit whatever you want, and use as much as you want. Once I found out about 0 A.D. I was actually shocked that such a nice and good games is free to play without limitations, and made by the players themselfs! I instantly wanted to join this amazing community. Personality: I am someone that wants to make other people happy and making it possible to let them have fun even if they don't have anything to offer (for example money to pay for a game or console), people sometimes say to me why do you do that? why do you help in your free time for nothing? So I respond with, I do gain something from it and that's the feeling I have inside when I can make someone else smile. Short Essay: I seek nothing but fun, knowledge and the possibility to make other people have fun and make them happy . I found out about Wildfire Games through 0 A.D. which I downloaded after googling most recent strategy games for Linux. Interests and Hobbies: Programming (mostly web-related), Drawing Manga's and Anime's, making mechanical/electrical devices or circuit boards and experimenting and that's about it . Staff: Not so far I am aware off, but I certainly want to get to know them! Community: I only use Google+ to keep track of the things that interest me. Favorite Game: I don't play any games other than 0 A.D. so that's automatically my favorite game. I used to play World of Warcraft back in my younger years, which I liked, but now it has changed too much. I also played Aion for about 1.5 years which I liked more than World of Warcraft, but this game was based on in-game payments, buying items etc, so the game is extremely unbalanced. Work Examples: I currently do not have much examples. - Login system, account profile integration for : http://tijdvoorfoto.nl/fotografie.htm Integration of own-made login system and account profile for an existing website for my mother, she used a certain web designer software which didn't support PHP and she doesn't know anything about programming. I couldn't change the file's extensions because every time she exported her updated work it get's automatically exported to .html so I had to do a little work around with javascript, jquery and ajax. - Own project (Big) I can't show this at the moment because I recently moved to my new home, and I am re-installing everything so I need to set-up my server at home. It's in the early stages, not much features I'm currently working on the back-end system, including login and account registration and account management systems. - Portfolio website for a friend of mine (architect) This project has recently started and currently only has Database management system in it One thing to note: I am someone that pretty much always makes his own code, I do not use any frameworks or software other than Netbeans IDE for programming, I always start from scratch with everything so I can have it exactly like it is supposed to be and want it to be. No unnecessary code that doesn't get used and likely only draggs down the performance. I always like to make a website as dynamically, interactive and live as possible with the best performance and the lowest amount of bandwidth possibly used and giving the user the best experience possible. I hope this explains it pretty much all, if you have any questions feel free to ask! Kind Regards, Piotr Gajdowski PS: I also send an contact form about this the other day to the webmaster through 0 A.D. website, because I couldn't find anything regarding to web development, only c++ programming, animators, testers etc etc.