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  1. @AtlasMapper Yes, of course I'll work on european species with pleasure too In fact I checked the trac task list, and most of what is needed is for Asia and Africa at this moment...
  2. Thanks! I think I'll continue on Micket's models https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/17409-auroch/&do=findComment&comment=302248 (the thread where I textured auroch)
  3. I think it is quite good modeling Micket. Maybe I would adjust the feet a bit, they look too straight. What's the matter about them? modeling? In fact the lion's mane seems flat as if it walked against the wind
  4. Little update with seams removed. After that, level and color adjust (and maybe add detail under his hands and feet)
  5. Hi there! So I take part in this texturing, here is my WIP for now: You can see on the left the texture in its HD version and a 3d preview of it. The 3 screenshots on the right are the final size texture. Now I have to blend the different images and balance the color and darkness of it!
  6. Okay thanks, I think I'll adjust it a little more before delivering... Edit : textures delivered! auroch_cow_bull_textures.zip
  7. Hello! So what is the process to submit my textures please? I think I'm ready to start the work for other Micket models
  8. I agree with above comments, it looks very classy!
  9. Thanks for the color variation suggestion Wijitmaker , I thought about multitexture before, but this way is efficient too (it's not player color, but object color). So I kept those colours variations for the male auroch : <group> <variant name="chocolate"> <colour>98 83 78</colour> </variant> <variant name="roan"> <colour>242 219 164</colour> </variant> <variant name="liver"> <colour>172 117 98</colour> </variant> </group> It's quite subtle once in game (compared to cow which a
  10. Thanks for the precious advice Micket! I won't have to retake all of, just remove the alpha on this part, it's effectively not noticeable at all with the classic top view. Don't worry for the map resolution, I've checked the wiki before starting , and that's why this preview is made with 512px² diffuse; I'll resize it to 128x128 in game.
  11. Thanks for the references Micket Here is a WIP for the auroch bull! Of course at this time there are still seams, I'll clean it after. And I think about adding opacity at the end of the tail, but maybe it won't be noticeable on a 128² texture... And also some highlights to show its musculature.
  12. I take the texturing task, with the following reference for the colors (male and female)
  13. Welcome le french guy sur le forum 0ad ! (je suppose )
  14. Thanks for those introduction links, I'll explore all of that!
  15. Ok, thanks for the suggestion
  16. Hello Lion.Kanzen, sure I can: (my software : 3dsmax, zbrush, photoshop, xnormal) All of this is from personal concept design, except the 5th ("temple") which was a game studio test (which I failed, but it was a good exercise ), and the 8th which textures are of course extracted from google map satellite view, but the sides are photos shot by me.
  17. Hello, is this thread still alive ? Maybe I could help with my 3d skills.
  18. Hi all! I'm glad to take part in this forum, I like the Age of Empire game and its sequels (my secret talent is modeling ).
  19. Yes, all of your work looks nice, I guess the last scene could be Pompei?
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