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  1. How many Novo Mesto type helmets were found and where exactly. Ive red this article but its not very clear. https://www.academia.edu/5463297/The_Power_of_3_-_Some_Observations_On_Eastern_Celtic_Helmets (Mihaljević, Dizdar 2007) Besides the most popular one it seems there is at least another finding with more bland shapes. Anyone know the sites for this one and the others? .
  2. Ill continue the topic of the Eastern celtic helmets on the ..celtic helmets thread
  3. nah the iron one. It seems like that exact subsubvariant lol of Port/Siemenchow must to have existed. it has some very nice shape. I ll have to asked more the EB II about this helmet and better images for it
  4. I see that as a simplified Siemechow type isnt it ? actually I like the general shape more than the original finding
  5. did alexandermb already done some eatsern celtic helmets variants (derived from the Port type) like the ones found in Slovenia, Croatia or even in Poland ? Its so cool to see Thracian and Illyrian influences on them. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlQjrbUx8uljhn--3BO3tu49wtDG?e=m73wVe https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlQjrbUx8uljhwS9bNdm9E063r6b?e=iGMLvE https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlQjrbUx8uljhwP10fKJ2yKOOqHn?e=fRuZ0j https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlQjrbUx8uljhwJ-pHESeRgBn20T?e=5jA8YH
  6. I think Ive red some studies that some late seleucid helmets worn by thorakitai and thureophoroi and even by phalangites in late hellenistic period (that I and many other considered just a usual variation of the thraco-attic) are also the result of the galatians influence:
  7. I wondered if the origin of the hellenistic Konos type helmets could be again traced to the celtic designs like many other other weaponry and armoury. That would be ridiculous.
  8. I think the late popular hellenistic Ascalon and /or Sidon type designs could use at least one more variant to do it justice that could use as starting point this existing interesting Thraco-attic variant with some modifications on the neck guard and brim. The russians guy from Natus ob Imperium mod pretty nailed the design Im hinting at: some wargaming.net stuff etc
  9. Could there be the celts again to spawn a very popular helmet design like the hellenistic Konos ?
  10. Normal as in good old polygon modeling ? I would love to see the wireframe of this one to get a minimal idea of the geometry
  11. how exaclty did this one? looks very clean
  12. I think the Pyrus helmet illustration was inspired by these eastern hellenistic busts attached bellow. I dont know what Pyrhus has to do with them. On the presumably Pontic helmet: where did you find that second coin and why you hinted it might be Pontic ?
  13. I sent you a personal message. In general Im gathering some nice resources to starts doing my own models. That chalchidian seem very well done and accurate.
  14. I cant seem to find those variants on his artstation and either here on the forums on the Hellenic helmets topic. Only the attached ones which are somewhat older era.
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