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  1. Then I think the people involved really need to discuss, make those decisions, and stick to them. The game is in a playable state, but gets a lot of bad word of mouth because it's "never ending alpha," and "lack of development direction." Even if it's goals to take it from alpha to beta vs alpha to release, the game is better that word of mouth suggests because of that alpha tag, and no clear expectations of when it will go away.
  2. Even just a comprehensive list on the website somewhere, or in your bug tracker/roadmap.
  3. So I've looked about the forum, and the roadmap at trac.wildfiregames.com. What I haven't (beyond a very old thread in project governance that had no discussion) is a list of things wfg wants finished before moving out of alpha stage. I think perhaps that would be a good thing to make public, especially since its rather playable in it's current state.
  4. So I pulled this from github today. The mod works, but spams me with error messages during the game. It looks like I've got the files in the wrong place. Ubuntu 18.04 0ad 0.23 Any ideas?
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