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  1. There's a chance it'll get merged into the repo, so it's up to you. I don't have the link at the moment.
  2. Indeed. I think both 'mountainous' and 'watery' maps should bump up to the next size up (behind the scenes). This would help to balance out buildable land area among the maps.
  3. As random maps aren't nearly as good looking as skirmish maps, I don't hardly think that is a solution for @Sundiata's issue.
  4. The colors are for gameplay purposes. EA's colors are too muted. I agree, you're probably right. I could just remove the solid color variations.
  5. I just think those market stalls with the solid color canvas should be re-mapped.
  6. If they were placed as mere actors, then they can be selected with Alt-drag as you say. But if they were placed as entities, then you may be SOL. They are special entities and are unselectable in Atlas for some reason (this needs fixed). You could open the map's XML file and remove it there though. I use Notepad++
  7. Try making a new folder here: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\0 A.D. alpha\binaries\data\mods\public\maps\scenarios And put the scenario files there and see if they load.
  8. Honestly, except for the Romans (and Persians of course), I'd rather keep factions as 1 complete faction. With the heroes I am finding a lot of flexibility, thanks to the new ProductionQueue swapping feature recently implemented in the core game, in depicting their lives and times. I could foresee a Perseus or Philip V hero that swaps out Hypaspists for Royal Peltast phalangites. Ptolemy I Soter swaps the Egyptian phalangite to Macedonian phalangite (already implemented). About Perioikoi phalangites, it's advantageous from a gameplay POV to have some kind of citizen-soldier trained from the Syssition (aka Spartan barracks). And it's a nice 1 to 1 swap to swap Perioikoi hoplites to Perioikoi phalangites. We can rename them to something else of course though (they don't have to be called Perioikoi phalangites).
  9. Hmm, maybe. I honestly increased his speed so he can keep up with the Helot skirmisher and slinger. Here are some other hero cards:
  10. This needs implemented. I've been running this patch for the past 10 days and it works beautifully. It even allows for up to 5 resources to show up in the Market's barter panel. It's the only way some mods can give all buildings to a unit to construct.
  11. Oh, I know why.... I am running the UI patch that allows for more buildings (up to 40 instead of 24). That patch really should be merged with the main game @Stan` @Freagarach @Angen.
  12. I cant reproduce. Try updating the mod again? Or delete ur cache.
  13. It's difficult to learn a new program at the moment since I have 50 other things with the mod I am working on. Being 1 guy, I have dozens of technologies to create, hero cards to make, balancing to do, lots of historical research (I read up on every hero as I'm creating their cards, essentially 'discovering' their design as I go, though some of them I am already well-verse on), so it is very awesome that we now have you to make nice portraits for the heroes. For sure, I'll download Make Human eventually. It looks pretty cool. As far as Amanirenas goes, she should look pretty much middle Sudanese ( @Sundiata help me out here with references?) and have those facial features for that max awesomeness. I ask Sundiata for help, since like most countries Sudan has a lot of ethnic diversity and gradation and I wouldn't want to get it wrong. I'm looking at images of Sudanese women and I'm not sure what Amanirenas' face should look like. With Cleopatra, we are quite sure what she looked like. She was ethnic Greek. She likely wore makeup. Had a prominent nose (though that may just be artistic convention for rulers). She was attractive enough to lure very powerful men to her chamber and kingdom, but not a supermodel. She was on the younger side when she was seducing Caesar and Antony and never reached the age of 40. She was learned and followed Egyptian customs. Amanirenas I imagine to be quite robust in stature. Not ugly for sure, but not a supermodel either. She can be depicted in middle age, as she had a grown son help her fight the Romans. She has 1 bad eye, so we can depict her with an eye patch or maybe with a milky white eye. Regal and powerful--iconography of Amanirenas shows her chopping off a bunch of people's heads. lol
  14. These are all looking great! I have a pretty good template Photoshop file for these too, so I can swap in any new updated portraits whenever you finish them.
  15. lol, indeed. And that's what makes me think these can be realistic and accurate. Without knowing anything about him, just his image here makes me imagine Florianus could either be some Emperor's doofus son who stumbled onto the throne, or a grizzled army veteran who rose through the ranks.
  16. Not bad. Can she be heavier and the helmet sit a little lower on her head? Does MakeHuman have ethnic facial features settings? African/European/East Asian/ et al? Also, some kind of decorative gorget around her throat would be good, like these:
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