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  1. Indeed, and you can't talk about stats but ignore costs and availability.
  2. One of the crabs should be seen in the background pulling one of its claws off throwing it onto the ground.
  3. Also, for art, I think I'll need some help from modelers. For instance, I think there should be 2 different Macedonian factions used in the scenarios: one for building settlements, etc.basically modded standard Macedonians civ; and another one representing the Army on the march. This custom Macedonian Army faction would have no territory effects, Alexander's tent for the "civic center", a "General's Tent" for training Parmenion, Hephaistion, et al., some cavalry corrals (like the Xiongnu ones in Terra Magna), Soldiers' Tents, etc. and would be used a lot in the more combat-focused scenarios.
  4. I think the only way to make this work would be to work with some of you other modders to implement battalions. There will need to be some scenarios where they are just large battles and battalions will be needed. * *If the core game implemented battalions there could be a "Pitched Battles" game mode on battle field maps.
  5. I don't understand. So, basically are they just porting AOEIIHD over to Linux or what?
  6. Who would be interested in a new mod based solely around Alexander the Great? Gameplay-wise, my idea would be to use Delenda Est as a base, but then disable civs and maps that aren't relevant. I'd create a series of scenarios where the player plays as Alexander and his Macedonians as they rise to power and conquer Asia. Key historical characters can even make an appearance, such as Hephaistion, Parmenion, Craterus, Cleitus, et al. There can be two mods, even. Glory of Alexander follows his rise and conquests, while Legacy of Alexander focuses on the Diadochi, or "Successor", factions. Glory of Alexander Scenario 1: Chaeronea. Young Alexander and his father Philip face the Athenians and Thebans. Both Alexander and Philip must survive and all members of the enemy Sacred Band must be eliminated. Scenario 2: Philip has been murdered and Alexander takes his place as king. Thebes takes this chance to revolt against Macedonian rule. Besiege the town of Thebes and make an example out of them. etc etc
  7. Indeed, I just tried the newest version and the game is blurry af. @nani You need a graphics option to disable it.
  8. Install Delenda Est is my suggestion.
  9. Just another barracks to build doesn't interest me, to be honest. But others may disagree!
  10. Thanks. I tried downloading the entire repository with Git Desktop but there were a bunch of errors. Is this a known issue? Also, looks like base templates need to fix the attack component. <Damage> has been introduced.
  11. Yeah, exactly. I'm already starting to add "Native" merc camps on many maps. A "Native" merc camp allows you to train units local to that map location. "Faction" merc camps are those that let you train mercs specific to your faction.
  12. I don't think any cavalry should counter elephants, but overall this is a big improvement over the current public mod. Not as awesome as Delenda Est, but awesome nonetheless. IMHO the Skiritai need a rework, but I'm not sure if that's a whole other subject.
  13. I guess what I'm saying is, let's please add those things asap. Lol.
  14. Yeah. I'm thinking every hero starts with a few standard bonuses or auras in Village Phase. You know, citizens within their aura work faster, things like that. But each phase-up brings a new aura or bonus for that particular hero or type of hero. Take Alexander for example: Phase 1: Generic hero bonuses, such as a gathering bonus aura and the standard "Garrisoned Defense" aura. Phase 2: Gains an "Anabasis" bonus that makes soldiers train faster. Phase 3: Can be upgraded to his mounted version that has a Cavalry attack and speed bonus aura, "Hammer and Anvil." Phase 4: "Imperialism" aura either makes soldiers capture enemy Civic Centers faster or gives a territory bonus to Civic Centers (his current bonus in Delenda Est).
  15. Similar to Hyrule Conquest, the big plan would be to have the player get a hero at the start of the match and they would choose which one. This is the hero they get the entire match. The hero would then appear at the Civic Center with the other starting units after choosing him/her. Inititially, the hero is in his or her standard infantry mode, with only basic administrative benefits (like gathering boosts, etc.), making most heroes nearly identical stats-wise at the start. They're still very strong units, but every player gets one, so it's more or less balanced. Moving to Phase III allows the player to upgrade them to a mount. This is when Alexander gets his horse or Chandragupta Maurya gets his elephant or Boadicea gets her chariot. This is when any military buffs and auras are unlocked. Does anyone like this?
  16. Speaking of cliffs, it would be great to have more cliff objects similar to BigTiger's but using your positioning method and full geometry (front, sides, back for max variation as you've done with the other, smaller cliff objects).
  17. They have really bad normal maps. Probably created the only way I know how, with the nvidia photoshop plugin or something similar. The best normals would be baked in Blender or 3DSM.
  18. Right, but many of the terrains in 0 A.D. are indeed 1024x1024.
  19. I think the smallest terrain resolution is currently 512x512
  20. Can you make the tabs persistent? Meaning that the UI remembers which tab was open for that unit/building?
  21. There needs to be in the tooltips the fact that units consume resources. Apparently it;'s not done with a negative resource trickle, else that would show up in the tooltips. When I attacked a sheep with my male citizens, all the male citizens ran away? Why was that? May I suggest that you combine Citizen and Slave genders like Delenda Est does? Or maybe you want this to be extra slow and more city builder-y. In which case, I think the gender roles should be more stark and more clearly defined, if you know what I mean. Else, it would be better to combine the male and female citizens into one citizen template and the male and female slaves into one slave template. I like the building tabs! But since you have pages of buildings with the tabs, you don't need the UI icons to be so small in the UI. Also, suggestion: Civic - Economic - Military - Defense, maybe in that order and named thusly. I'll make more comments if you deem these helpful.
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