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  1. Top one looks pretty Hellenic. Middle one looks Hellenistic. Bottom one looks Hallenistic/Thracian.
  2. A new one. A few are close, but no cigar. Plus it would be great to make a terrain of the same texture.
  3. I always thought if someone did a Triumvirate faction, this could be the Wonder.
  4. If we had battalions, the Immortals, aka Anusiya, battalion could have a feature where they have soldiers get replaced for free, even during combat, at some specified rate (other battalions have to be idle and within range of a barracks to receive replacements). Along with a weapon switching ability (from spear to bow). Weapon switching would be a lot easier to manage if you only have 30 battalions instead of 300 individual soldiers. Persian Archer battalions could have the Shield Wall formation where they setup rows of spara shields for extra defense. But regarding Spartiates, in DE the Spartan player starts with 1 Spartiate as their special starting unit. Then you can train more in Town Phase (but limited), and then an unlimited number later. They're super strong when fully upgraded. If we had battalions I'd change this a little bit. Maybe give them an Ephor ("Magistrate") special starting unit or something, then allow them to train 1 battalion of Spartiates in Town Phase, 5 in City Phase, and 10 in Empire phase. They'd have the Phalanx/Locked Shields formation. Individual soldiers within the battalion would switch to sword if attacked from behind (pike battalions would act similarly).
  5. All supposition. But we have extant accounts of skirmishing only occurring in the first phase of the battle and then the ranged units retiring once the heavy infantry had engaged. Running around and collecting arrows and refurbishing their comrades is a decent supposition, but we have no real evidence of that and we in fact have evidence that the archers and skirmishers we pretty much useless once the "real clash" had begun. Examples of skirmishes and ranged units mauling heavy infantry (Lechaeum, Sphacteria) seemed to be rare (unless it was some kind of ambush). Yep. Need battalions.
  6. I dunno. I seem to like it. The Hyrule one is really good, but cartoony. Maybe you can reuse the animations and just adjust the model.
  7. I think the old deer icon sticks out like a sore thumb. The solution I think would be to make better deer models from which to make an icon. Gotta prioritize though. lol Granted, but you never see it at full resolution in-game, not even in the library viewer. Sweet!
  8. Right, but he's just saying that ranged units had inherent weaknesesses (like ammo) that they don't in the game, so we have to compensate for this (not necessarily add logistics to the game).
  9. Rhodian slingers hired out as mercenaries for many civs, including the Greek states, Hellenistic and Successor states, fought for themselves, and for Republican Rome.
  10. Perhaps not "provincial", but this is the Republic-era Basilica Sempronia, which was later demolished by Caesar to build his Basilica Julia (which is what the current, more "Imperial" looking Civic Center is based on).
  11. Originally, Champions were supposed to have special abilities, like weapon switching and stuff like that. In DE, not sure about core game, Spartiates have a 10% attack bonus vs. non-Greek units. Also, 2 Spartiates can be upgraded to Olympian Champion status, costing Glory and Metal. Mauryan Maiden Archers can switch between arrows, fire arrows (both cost a small amount of wood), and sword (a small amount of metal).
  12. Despite still seeing this I can still see the new vision working as advertised. Very nice. Though, it's disconcerting that I can't see atop mesas and such.
  13. Yeah, the current one is great for the Imperial Romans. Something a little earlier or more provincial looking would work better for the Republican Romans.
  14. Re: Greek Dock I use the current one with the Zea ship sheds as a Shipyard for military ships, and use the Seleucid dock as the economic dock. So, something like the Seleucid dock would work well for the Greek dock (please keep the assets for the current one).
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