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  1. Pretty much, yeah. It's a lot more decorative version of the Imperial Gallic, but I think they call it "Italic" because they've only found it in Italy. Maybe someone else can correct me on that.
  2. Looks nice, thanks! Can I request an Imperial Italic helmet like this for DE's Praetorian Guard and Evocatus with and without the crests (just reuse the Gallic crests)? Up to you though.
  3. If nearly everyone agrees that the mod is a large improvement (I niggle with some of it, but still think it's an improvement. Not as big of an improvement as Delenda Est of course ), then I don't understand the need with such an extensive process which will only serve to push back A24 even further. It's not like it couldn't be further improved in A25 or revamped in B1 (lol, which is where all this balancing stuff should be done, but apparently I'm the only one who cares about this). Point is, even this large improvement is not set in stone even after merging. It can still be further iterated moving forward.
  4. Would it be difficult to add a flag to the renderer where certain actors are pre-rendered in the black map area of the map? It can be a flag in the actor itself, similar to the castshadow flag. What this would do is stop cliff objects (among other things) from "popping" into existence as the player gains line of sight/vision of the object. This kind of flag would be good for some select objects, like cliffs, large structures like Wonders, bridge sections, etc. Currently, you only gain vision of an object once the root origin of the model or actor is visible. This creates visual glitches in the way you see objects. I think everyone has seen this happen consciously or subconsciously. Would it be worth it to fix this? I think it would. It's one of those polish things that make the engine feel complete.
  5. I would say a separate actor.
  6. Can I request some transverse crests for the Imperial Centurion helmet?
  7. I'll see what I can make tonight with A24. Your request should be fairly simple. The starting conditions will be nearly identical, so as to conform to your current tutorial script as best I can.
  8. This right here would be great. Also, would you like me to redesign the tutorial map for A24, @Angen? The current one is ugly and A24 will have some really nice assets I can use to make a very nice map. I can make it have the same berries, trees, mines, units, etc. as the current one, but look soooo much nicer.
  9. +1 armor level is not the same as +10% gather speed. +1 armor level can mean +9% armor, +10% armor, or +6.7% armor depending on the units this tech is applying to.
  10. @Stan` https://wildfiregames.com/forum/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=39251
  11. Well, it's y'alls game so do what you want. Lol. DELENDA EST solves the problem by removing soldiers gathering altogether, so it's a non-issue.
  12. The thing is, the techs go by levels, not percentage. That's why both are displayed in the tooltip. And additional level applied to different units is not the same percentage change.
  13. I suppose it just depends on what is deemed to be the cleaner approach.
  14. I don't think a multiplier would work; It would give inconsistent results when a consistent shuttle speed for all infantry/foot gatherers is what we want. It would just need to be a standard stat, like the walk speed stat.
  15. @Alexandermb: Check out the feet of the swordsman relaxed walk. They look pigeon toed. It's the only one I've caught like that so far though.
  16. I feel like at that point if you're microing that hard, then you get all the win and carpal tunnel you deserve. lol
  17. It would be neat to have some renders with crests too, like this one.
  18. So, here are a bunch from some of your best renders. For most I made bronze, iron, gold, and silver variations. The colors for some are exaggerated to make the difference between Gold and Bronze and Iron and Silver. Phrygian images provided for example. helmet_icons.zip
  19. Hmmm, maybe, but these are for tiny UI icons, so I doubt the scratches would do anything except add noise to the image.
  20. Each level decreases damage received by 10%. If armor is at level 1 (10%), then a 10 hack attack will cause 9 damage. Adding 1 more level of armor to level 2 will reduce this damage taken by 10%, or 0.9 hack. To do this, the armor is not increased by a base 10%, to 20%, but to 19%.
  21. Like the distinction between the Suebians and Goths in the other thread, the Odrysians would represent the "early" Thracians, while the Dacians would represent the "later" Thracians. These are broad interpretations of course.
  22. The jogging skirmishers look just fine in DE.... Please God, add this. Amen.
  23. This completely ruins the whole point of having armor levels. I voted to maintain the current method: 1 Hack (10%)
  24. Dogma must be maintained at all costs. Removal of the Britons is necessary.
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